The Peerless Master Chapter 99 - Leave A Hand


The red BMW x5 crossed the finish line aggressively.


Suddenly braking, Chen Feng stopped the car in this open area.

This place was supposed to be a factory, but it was abandoned long ago. As a result, these drag racing enthusiasts rebuilt it into a terminal.

Did they come late?

Yeah, who is this person in the car? Why haven't I seen it before?


For a time, there were a lot of discussions outside the car.

Who are you, why did you break in here for no reason! Someone asked Chen Feng with a wary face. In recent years, the police have been severely cracking them down.

Chen Feng looked at these people without a word since he really did come here without reason.


The co-pilot's door opened and Xiao Lin walked out.

Chen Feng, do you want to kill me? Xiao Lin leaned on the car, her voice a little sullen.

Huh, isn't this Miss Xiao? Someone in the crowd recognized Xiao Lin.

The people here are all people with some backgrounds in Hangzhou city, and naturally some have contacted Xiao Lin.

Who is the man there? Someone asked. They all know that the eldest lady of Xiao's family is a famous beauty, so who is this ordinary man?

Wow, it turned out to be Miss Xiao's boyfriend. No wonder he is so handsome. There are already a few nympho girls who stared at Chen Feng.

Although Chen Feng's clothes are ordinary and his appearance is not outstanding, there is a mysterious aura around him, which makes these nympho girls fascinated.


At this moment, the white Mercedes-Benz also rushed in and stopped not far from Chen Feng.

A short-haired man came down from the car, about 1.75 meters tall, wearing a casual t-shirt and a pair of fashionable jeans, looking sunny and handsome. Especially with a pair of white-rimmed glasses on his head, it made him look more elegant and gentle.

In the co-pilot, a tall woman came down. The exquisite figure, a low-cut vest and a pair of denim shorts all project a wild temptation.

Ignoring the crowd around, the young man smiled side by side with the woman and went to Chen Feng and Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin looked at the two people coming and had some surprises.

Chen Feng looked at the man in front of him and saw that his expression was not half hypocritical and he immediately looked at the man with a bit of respect. You should know that because of his clothes, those onlookers all looked at him disdainfully but this man, from seeing himself to now, did not look down on him at all.

Chen Feng reached out his right hand and gently held Jin Liang and said, Chen Feng.

Oh, Brother Chen Feng, your skills are really amazing. Under such circumstances, you can have such a quick response... Speaking of racing, the man's eyes suddenly lightened up and pulled Chen Feng in for a discussion.

Oh, Sister Xiao Lin, your man is really good, you have good eyes. Then, the woman who got out of the car with Jin Liang gently took Xiao Lin's little hand and laughed.

Hehehe, the little girl knows how to be shy. Wu Xin smiled gently, covering her lips.

Sister Wu Xin... Xiao Lin whispered, and then her eyes turned and she quickly changed the topic, Sister Wu Xin, haven't you gone to study in the UK, how come you're back already.

I haven't graduated yet. I just came back in order to do something. Wu Xin looked a little mysterious.

Xiao Lin was about to continue to ask but a Ferrari car rushed in extremely arrogantly.

After the Ferrari rushed into the end zone, it did not slow down at all, and rushed straight to where Chen Feng was.

Jin Liang, who was talking with Chen Feng, changed his face, and just about to avoid it and he secretly glanced at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn't have any fear at all, and even his face didn't change, as if this Ferrari was not directed at him.

Jin Liang had seen all this and his heart was full of admiration. Compared with Chen Feng, it was as if he had no courage at all. Unknown where he got his courage from, he stayed at the spot with Chen Feng.

Perhaps it was for fear of Jin Liang's existence. When the driver was only ten meters away from Chen Feng, the Ferrari finally sounded a harsh braking sound, and finally stopped suddenly at three or four meters in front of Chen Feng.

The doors on both sides opened, and a man and a woman came out. The man has yellow hair and his arms are covered with tattoos.

The woman's waterfall-like red hair was laid straight down, but it was a bit beautiful. However, the tight shirt on her chest and her mini skirt made her look extra exposed.

Yao Fang, what are you doing? Before the two of them walked to them, Jin Liang yelled angrily at the young man with yellow hair.

Boy, did you drive that car just now. Yao Fang's face was arrogant as he asked.

Boy, you dare to overtake Brother Yao's car, don't you want to live? The exposed woman followed Yao Fang's words and scolded Chen Feng.

Everyone with a discerning eye can see that this woman is pleasing this Yao Fang.

Huang Jie, what are you doing! Before waiting for Chen Feng to speak, Xiao Lin shouted at the exposed woman.

Who is your sister-in-law! Xiao Lin replied loudly, then pulled over Chen Feng and reminded in a low voice, Don't be impulsive for a while, the woman is Huang Guodong's sister, but she's easy to cope with. The man is the young leader of the Taizi Gang so be careful.

Yeah, so shameless. Stealing men in the face of so many people, how did the Xiao family educate you? Huang Jie's words were full of meanness and Xiao Lin burst into anger.

Huang Jie, keep your mouth shut. Wu Xin frowned and scolded.

Okay, you shut up! Yao Fang sneered and put Huang Jie in her arms, stopping her from continuing to speak.

Leave your own hand, and I will let you go! Yao Fang's eyes were fierce as he said arrogantly.