The Peerless Master Chapter 98 - This Girl Is Not Human


On the mountain road under the night, a roar of the engine broke the silent night sky.

A closer look shows that two off-road vehicles seemed as if they were flying, one red and one white, like two arrows, unstoppably breaking the night ahead.

Chen Feng, catch up with him! Xiao Lin's voice seemed extremely excited. In this car, her inner wild side was fully exposed in front of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned, staring at the white Mercedes Benz ahead. The BMW x5 he drove tightly bit the tail of the white Mercedes off-road ahead, and the two cars were only five or six meters apart.

Pass him, Chen Feng, just like that, pass him! Xiao Lin shouted excitedly with her small fist.

Chen Feng's eyes narrowed and his right foot slammed the throttle.

The speed of the BMW x5 instantly sped up. It was such a quick speed that Chen Feng's car gradually moved closer to the Mercedes Benz.

Three meters...

one meter...

Chen Feng looked at the Mercedes-Benz in front and noticed they still did not move.

Fifty centimeters...

Thirty centimeters...

Until then, Chen Feng's eyes finally dignified. In front of him, this Mercedes-Benz owner, as if he didn't know or didn't see or he wasn't afraid of a collision at all had just ignored Chen Feng's threat and still stayed in the middle of the mountain road.

Five centimeters...

Three centimeters...

One centimeter...

However, the Mercedes-Benz is still driving in the middle of the mountain.

Is he an idiot, to refuse to move! Xiao Lin looked at the Mercedes-Benz with disbelief. Although she does not know how much distance there is between the two cars, she can conclude that the two cars must be very close by visual observation!

Seeing that the vehicle in front did not give way, Chen Feng almost had the urge to step on the accelerator and hit him head-on. However, with Xiao Lin next to him, Chen Feng had no choice but to slow the speed.

Suddenly, the two cars were separated by a distance of two or three meters.

A horn sound came, and Chen Feng could conclude that it was the Mercedes-Benz that was making the horn sound.

Chen Feng, you are being despised. Xiao Lin's girl suddenly became quiet and looked at Chen Feng with a smile.

Chen Feng kept silent, just quietly driving the car, looking for all opportunities to overtake.


Seeing the figure of the Mercedes drifting across the mountain road, an idea suddenly appeared in Chen Feng's mind.

In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, some large and sharp turns on this mountain road are often widened, so that when one vehicle occupies the other vehicle, there is space to avoid it.

On such a turn, no matter how you occupy the road, I have at least some space to overtake! Chen Feng's eyes flashed with a brilliant light.


Chen Feng, it seems you can't overtake him no matter what! Xiao Lin said with a smile on her face, her eyes full of smiles.

No? Chen Feng suddenly smiled and squinted at Xiao Lin, How do you know I can't? Chen Feng suddenly had a flash of light between his eyes, Now!


The sound of the engine increased again, and Chen Feng had already seen the opportunity.


The front Mercedes-Benz drifted again, and its entire body obliquely occupied almost a half of the lane.

The road ahead was brightly lit. The young man sitting in the Mercedes-Benz off-road cab raised a smile.

The end is almost coming, as long as he passes this corner, there will be no chance for the car behind!


A fiery BMW x5 rushed diagonally from his side like a ghost.

Is this guy planning on dying! A female voice beside the young man could not help but shout!

This is a widened turn, but the end of the widening of the curve is now a big rock rolling down from the top of the mountain. It will be fatal to hit it at such a speed.

It's too late! Said the young driver who was also anxious, but said helplessly.

The speed of the car now exceeds 160 mpj. At this speed, even if he stopped immediately to make way, the BMW x5 cannot escape the stone.

Chen Feng, be careful! Xiao Lin covered her mouth in horror. Seeing that her car is about to hit the big rock in front, Xiao Lin seems to have seen her ending.

Grasp the armrest! Chen Feng didn't panic, but exuded a crazy light.


The tires of the BMW x5, which were originally drifting, immediately made a harsh friction with the ground.

In the sound of friction, Xiao Lin suddenly felt that her body was tilted, and her whole body was involuntarily thrown heavily on the door of the passenger seat.

Under Chen Feng turning the steering wheel, under the influence of this torque, the original drifting BMW car was like a stunt lens in the computer. The left body turned up, supported by two tires on the right, and continued to charge.

As soon as Chen Feng stepped on the accelerator, the BMW x5 roared wildly...

The slipping rocks just passed the BMW x5's tilted chassis, dangerously passing by, without any contact!

Fuck, a human can't do this. The youth can't help but swear. The woman sitting beside him nodded consciously, her eyes full of approval!

To do this, how outstanding must the driver of the BMW x5 be. In the situation just now, if the car is not high enough to stand sideways to avoid the stone, the result is still the same. But if the car is too tall sideways, it will roll over at the speed just now, and the consequences will be more miserable than hitting a rock.

The tires on the left side of the BMW x5 crashed to the ground. Under the powerful horsepower, it instantly surpassed the Mercedes-Benz and rushed forward.

What, am I not dreaming? Xiao Lin at this time still had a sense of excitement at first, just staring blankly at the flat road ahead and muttering to herself.


The BMW x5 driven by Chen Feng did not give the Mercedes-Benz any chance to counterattack, the first to rush into the brightly lit place in the finish line.