The Peerless Master Chapter 97 - Midnight Rush


The car's engine roared violently and Chen Feng was quickly driving on the dark mountain road.

The red BMW x5 is like a midnight ghost on the mountain road, flashing lightly at the turn, and at the next moment, it reappeared in the distance.

Wow, Chen Feng, I didn't expect that you're a genius. In just an hour or so, you are already really skilled in driving The words of praise from Xiao Lin's mouth popped out without any hesitation and Chen Feng was a little happy.

Anyone who is praised by a beauty like Xiao Lin would be proud.

Sure enough, a few hundred meters ahead, a red car tail light loomed like a night light.

Chen Feng knew that he was about to catch up with the drag racing team.

Speed up, speed up! Xiao Lin was full of excitement and shouted.

Alright! Chen Feng snorted and slammed on the throttle.

The roar of the engine suddenly exploded. The red BMW x5 sped up again.


Another beautiful drift, the BMW driven by Chen Feng has approached the vehicle in front.

The vehicle in front is a Porsche sports car with a lot of value and horsepower.

During the talk, the red BMW x5 was only a few tens of meters away from the Porsche sports car ahead.

The Porsche sports car in front clearly already saw the BMW x5 driven by Chen Feng and their speed suddenly increased and they gradually moved to the middle of the road, trying to prevent Chen Feng from overtaking them.

Dam, so mean! when Xiao Lin saw this, she was angry.

Chen Feng didn't care, and still pressed the throttle tightly and the vehicle still rushed forward at a very fast speed.

Two meters...

one meter...

Half a meter...


However, Chen Feng did not mean to slow down at all, and the distance between the two cars was still getting closer.

30 cm...


10 centimeters...


Chen Feng seized this opportunity and drove the BMW x5 car over the Porsche at once.

F*ck, are you in a hurry to reincarnate? A young man in the Porsche shouted angrily.

Chen Feng, who already has perception is naturally able to hear him. However, he wouldn't pay attention to his words. Suddenly, the distance between the two cars widened again. It's just that this time, Chen Feng is in front.

F*ck, such a beautiful drift. The young man behind the Porsche couldn't help but sigh and he slightly braked, slowing down a lot. In such a curve, he did not dare to cross the corner without losing speed. If he was not careful, he would throw a huge centrifugal force to the side of the cliff, and it would be too late to cry if his car was destroyed.

Even when the Porsche driver increased his speed again, there was no shadow of the BMW x5 at all.

Chen Feng, safety first! Xiao Lin reminded with some worry, but the depth of her eyes was full of excitement.

Next, the BMW x5 driven by Chen Feng surpassed several other cars, causing the drivers in the other cars to scold angrily.

Look, Chen Feng, the two cars in front are the fastest two. Every time they drag, they end up fighting for the first. Xiao Lin seems to be very familiar with some insiders of this racing party as she told Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not speak, but began to accelerate again. Within a few tens of seconds, the BMW x5 driven by Chen Feng was close to a distance of more than ten meters between the two cars in front.

One of the two cars in front is a Mercedes Benz off-road vehicle, and the other is a Ferrari.

At this moment, Mercedes Benz off-road vehicle was leading the Ferrari with a slight advantage of more than ten meters.

Chen Feng, speed up! Xiao Lin's eyes flickered sharply. She had already seen it clearly. The one who made a middle finger at her was the driver of the Ferrari.


If the road is flat, Chen Feng naturally has little confidence, and the performance of the BMW x5 is definitely not as good as that of the Ferrari. But on this mountain road, no matter how good the performance is, it can't be fully exerted. Ultimately, it depends on technology and courage.

There is another huge turn ahead.

The two cars in front made a soft noise at the same time and they also drifted around the corner.

However, when Chen Feng saw this, there was a sense of confidence in his lips. Looking at the cornering drift of these two cars, Chen Feng knew that the drivers of these two cars must not have fully mastered the trick of drifting.

Although Chen Feng just started learning to drive today, the consciousness of a cultivator made him more sensitive to these skills.


These five or six meters are clearly critical at this moment.

After drifting in this corner, Chen Feng's car has been directly behind the Ferrari's ass.

As long as there is another corner, it will be over! Xiao Lin said loudly.

Chen Feng glanced at Xiao Lin, who was particularly excited and smiled bitterly.

This is a changeable little witch! Chen Feng can only define her this way.

This section of the mountain road has very frequent bends. After a while, there is another big turn in front of Chen Feng.

It's now! Chen Feng's eyes flicked.


Haha, finally burst your chrysanthemum! Xiao Lin waved her small hands and said with a sigh of relief.

After she finished, she dropped the car window and reached out with her small hand, gesturing a middle finger at the Ferrari.

Humph! Chen Feng heard clearly, and behind the Ferrari car, there was a rage full of anger.

Next, it's you! Chen Feng murmured as he watched the Mercedes Benz not far ahead.

The BMW x5 roared again...