The Peerless Master Chapter 96 - Mountain Drive

What? you want to learn how to drive? Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng with a look of surprise.

Yes! Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin, full of seriousness.

Oh, yes, you are a millionaire anyway, it's time to buy a car. Xiao Lin nodded suddenly. Although she doesn't know how much money Chen Feng has, the 5 million from her grandfather's birthday party last time is enough to make him a rich man.

Teach me to drive. Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin weakly, for fear that Xiao Lin would not agree.

Looking at Chen Feng's appearance, Xiao Lin chuckled, Idiot, take me to dinner later and this sister will teach you!

Xiao Lin's smile was like a blooming rose, and it was gorgeous and unparalleled, which made Chen Feng look dumbfounded.

Since the restaurant had just been transferred and was still open today, Chen Feng and Xiao Lin also had dinner in his own restaurant.

If He Shan and his sister comes here, I believe that with their craftsmanship, this restaurant business will definitely become more popular. Chen Feng thought secretly.


On the mountain road, Chen Feng was holding the steering wheel excitedly, staring attentively at the road ahead.

At night in the city of Hangzhou, the cars are coming and going and it was not easy for newbies. Therefore, Xiao Lin did not dare to let Chen Feng drive in the city, but drove the car to a mountain road before she dared to let Chen Feng touch the steering wheel.

In the past, Chen Feng had always eager to learn how to drive. Even if his soul was merged with Dan Zu, this eagerness was reduced.

Following Xiao Lin's instructions, stepping on the clutch, shifting gears, and starting, the car finally started slowly.

Chen Feng was full of excitement and couldn't help stepping on the accelerator.


The engine roared, and the car suddenly went forward.

Hey! Brake! Xiao Lin watched the car crashing straight up against the mountain wall and anxiously shouted.

Chen Feng heard that and he hurriedly raised his foot and slammed on the brakes, only to find that the car was moving faster.

Fool, you used the throttle as a brake! Xiao Lin shouted anxiously, reaching for the steering wheel.

However, the steering wheel was gripped by Chen Feng so tightly that Xiao Lin couldn't move at all.

Hello, turn the steering wheel to the left, idiot, you're about to hit... Seeing that the front of the car was about to hit the mountain wall, Xiao Lin was really anxious, her body bowed in the co-driver's cab, and her whole body moved to the steering wheel, trying to turn the steering wheel.


The BMW crossed a beautiful range in front of the mountain wall, and the car made a turn when it was scratching the mountain wall and it suddenly crossed the middle of the road.

However, it was bitter for Xiao Lin, who had already bowed her body. Under the effect of inertia, Xiao Lin's body could no longer stand steadily and fell directly on Chen Feng.

Stupid, do you want to kill me? Xiao Lin shouted angrily as she held onto Chen Feng.

However, she suddenly felt Chen Feng's breathing.

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin speechlessly, then pointed weakly to Xiao Lin's right hand.

Following Chen Feng's hand, Xiao Lin's eyes turned to her right hand.

In an instant, she blushed.

Her right hand was between Chen Feng's legs and Xiao Lin clearly felt that there was a strong heat under her right hand., Moreover, at this moment, Xiao Lin felt a thick thing bouncing under her right hand.

Rogue! Xiao Lin yelled and bounced up like a prawn, and sat back in the passenger's cab.

Well, are we still practicing? Chen Feng touched his nose and asked weakly.

Practice, why not practice! Xiao Lin said with a straight face, as if nothing had happened just now.

Along the way, Xiao Lin's red BMW was swaying along the mountain road, along with Xiao Lin's countless screams.

However, as Chen Feng took longer to master the steering wheel, Xiao Lin found that he was already able to easily master the car.

Stepping on the clutch, shifting the gear, throttle... Chen Feng can do all actions very skillfully.

Hehe... Chen Feng just wanted to say something, and a fierce engine sound came from behind him.


A bright black car rushed past the BMW driven by Chen Feng in an instant.

Then, one after another, more cars passed Chen Feng and rushed towards the distance of the mountain road.

The Drag Racing Association! Xiao Lin stared at the shadows of those luxury sports cars in disgust, scolding somewhat disdainfully.

This b*tch! Xiao Lin was suddenly angered and her temper flared up. To be honest, which second generation young Masters doesn't have a temper? Moreover, what they can't stand is being despised by others!

Chen Feng, surpass them! Xiao Lin yelled angrily at Chen Feng.

Surpass them? Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin in a speechless manner, But I've only started driving for more than an hour only. Are you sure I should do this?

Less nonsense, if I was in the driver's seat, I would overtake her myself. Xiao Lin scolded fiercely, That damn woman, dare to despise me, see how this old lady will deal with her! Xiao Lin turned her head and glared at Chen Feng, Didnt you want to continue yesterday's affairs? Pass them and this old lady will promise you!


Xiao Lin's car is a BMW x5, and its horsepower is not low. Because of Chen Feng's slamming on the pedal, the speed soared and in an instant and the car's speedometer has broken through a hundred.

On a flat road, at a speed of 100 mph, it doesn't seem very fast but on this narrow mountain road, 100 mph is absolutely very fast.


The BMW x5 drifted magnificently and passed a big bend of almost 360 degrees.

Under the strong inertia, Xiao Lin grabbed the armrest on the roof of the car to stabilize her body.

I watched it on TV. Chen Feng smiled faintly.


It was another gorgeous drift and the BMW x5 driven by Chen Feng crossed another big corner and whistled away towards the night.

Okay, rush, surpass them, Chen Feng! In the distance, a burst of cheers came from Xiao Lin.