The Peerless Master Chapter 95 - Buying The Restaurant

There was already some chill in the early autumn morning.

Chen Feng woke up from the repair chain.

Ning Yuan period, I finally stabilized my realm. Feeling the strength in his body, Chen Feng let out a breath.

Cultivation is a step by step process, and every step you cross is like crossing into a new world.

Chen Feng closed his eyes and let his perception out.

The technique of perception The unique ability of a Ning Yuan stage expert. It's just that Chen Feng's range is much larger than those of ordinary Ning Yuan Stage experts.

After entering the Ning Yuan stage, cultivators can vaguely feel some situations around more than ten meters. This perception ability will gradually become larger and clearer with the increase of their cultivation. However, for Chen Feng, even though he just broke through, he can clearly perceive the distance of 20 to 30 meters around him and it's all due to the Dragon Breaks Through the Heavens cultivation technique.

A clear ring of bells sounded and in Chen Feng's pocket, his mobile phone was buzzing and shaking.

At first glance, the name Xiao Lin appeared on the screen.

Hello. Chen Feng picked up the phone and said softly.

Chen Feng! There was a coquettish voice on the phone that shocked Chen Feng's ears. Do you even want that restaurant? The boss called me since you haven't paid the deposit yet. It's been five days. Where are you!

Xiao Lin was very angry. In the morning, she was having a sweet dream but she was abruptly woken up because the boss of the restaurant called her and asked for the deposit. Xiao Lin, who had been disturbed by a good dream, naturally spread her anger on Chen Feng's head.

Uh... Chen Feng didn't respond a bit. The contrast between last night and this morning was too great.

You come to the restaurant right now. Within half an hour, if I don't see you, you will die! Xiao Lin finished speaking and hung up the phone with a snap, before Chen Feng could speak.

This girl's temper is just like Lili's. Chen Feng muttered to himself, stood up, opened the door of the mortuary, and went out.

No one will come over in the morgue for a few days. It doesn't matter if there is nobody to watch it.

Just as he was about to walk out of the hospital door, Chen Feng saw Lili talking happily on the phone.

Ah. Chen Feng froze a little, feeling a little curious about who Lili is talking to.

Suddenly, Lily hung up the phone and ran towards a middle-aged woman.

Mom! Lili threw herself into a middle-aged woman's arms.

This middle-aged woman is Lili's mother, He Xinlan.

Lili acted spoiled and said, Mom, I'm alright. The doctor said it was just a sprained joint, it doesn't matter.

He Xinlan looked at Lili firmly, No, I must ask you to quit your job this time. It's too dangerous for a girl to be a policewoman.

Mom... Lili looked sadly at her mom: I like to be a policewoman.

Absolutely not. This is also your dad's decision! He Xinlan ignored Lili's coquetry.

Your dad.... He Xinlan's face was full of helplessness, Your dad is a busy person recently. He is busy with the martial arts day and night, and he will not go home for three days.

He Xinlan waved his hand with a big wave, Don't mention your dad. Can you be discharged soon? Mom will go with you to go through the discharge procedures. Li's little hand went to the hospital.

Before leaving, Lili gave Chen Feng a helpless look and with a complex expression.

Chen Feng touched his nose. Lili's mother also seems to be a very assertive person, no wonder Lili will not let him stay in the shared apartment. If her mother saw a man living in the place where her daughter lived, it is unknown what would happen.

When he came to the restaurant, Chen Feng saw Xiao Lin standing in front of the restaurant and waiting.

Today, Xiao Lin is wearing a fashionable pink shirt and a skirt at the bottom, showing her youthful vitality. In particular, her fluttering long hair made pedestrians passing by look back and from time to time, a few men bumped into each other as they looked at her.

However, at this time, Xiao Lin looked blankly and was looking around.

Have you arrived long ago? Chen Feng walked to Xiao Lin and said a little nervously.

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin apologetically, Sorry

This is the peak hour and people are everywhere on the road. Chen Feng can't run with his full strength due to such a large crowd so he can only obediently make the bus come.

This time, he was late for more than 10 minutes.

it seems that I have to learn how to drive a car, and when I buy a car, I won't be so passive. Chen Feng had a plan in mind.

Entering the restaurant, the boss immediately greeted him and he was very enthusiastic.

The deposit was originally due five days ago but the two rich people didn't come until today. If he didn't know Xiao Lin's background, he would definitely think he was being tricked.

Today, these two rich people are finally ushered in and they can never be let go.

Directly explaining his intention, the boss proposed to go through the transfer procedure immediately. Under Xiao Lin's network, the transfer procedure was quickly processed. Chen Feng paid the money and became the owner of this restaurant with honor.

Perhaps it was because Chen Feng was wearing similar clothes to them and there were no new strict rules. The staff quickly agreed with the new boss.

Next, Chen Feng put forward the conditions for everyone in the restaurant and that he will raise their salary, hoping that they can continue to work in the restaurant. This move has won everyone's gratitude. After all, no one can live without money.

Finally, Chen Feng contacted the decoration company, renovated the restaurant, and was scheduled to reopen on October 1.

After finishing these, it is already supper time. Xiao Lin slowly opened her eyes and woke up on the sofa in Chen Feng's office. The previous boss knew how to enjoy his life. The sofa in this office is very high-class and comfortable to sleep in.

Yes, I slept well! Xiao Lin stretched out comfortably and shouted, The sleep was so comfortable!

Chen Feng 's eyes turned hot when he saw Xiao Lin slightly stretched up, causing her smooth belly to be completely exposed, especially the white skin and small belly button.

Huh? What are you thinking about? Xiao Lin asked Chen Feng, looking at Chen Feng's somewhat colorful look.

I'm thinking... Chen Feng said jokingly, Should we continue what happened yesterday?

However, what greeted Chen Feng was by a flying pillow.