The Peerless Master Chapter 94 - Breakthrough To The Ning Yuan Stage

In the mortuary, a crimson flame was shining brightly in the air.

If someone accidentally walks by from the outside at this moment, they will surely think that a ghost fire has occurred and they would have been scared. Fortunately, few people walked around the hospital late at night, let alone passing the morgue.

If a cultivator at the moment sees the scene at this moment, he will be very surprised.

Essence of Alchemy, A boy who hasn't even reached the Ning Yuan stage is actually able to refine with the Essence of Alchemy. You know, even many old monsters who have been cultivating for thousands of years have no such skill.

The Essence of Alchemy requires alchemists to have sufficient control over the flames and incomparable familiarity with medicinal herbs. Chen Feng was Dan Zu and had all kinds of experience and state of mind. Naturally, he could easily achieve the Essence of Alchemy.

Refine! Chen Feng threw a bottle of True Yuan Pills into the air.

Immediately, a strong medicinal fragrance swept out and the True Yuan Pills had melted into a liquid long ago and gathered into a bluish-grey liquid in a red flame.

The Geopsychic Flame is indeed a flame dedicated to alchemy. In just a few moments, the impurities in the True Yuan Pill have been refined to a complete cleanness, leaving only a quintessence of medicinal power, constantly tumbling in the fire.

Next, Chen Feng put all kinds of medicinal herbs into the half-empty fire in order.

Alchemy is a meticulous work. The order of the medicinal materials and the flame should not be a little wrong. Otherwise, not only will the materials be lost, the furnace can also be destroyed and it might even cause a large explosion.


Now, time to increase the temperature! Chen Feng has refined the True Yuan Pill many times in his past life so the method of refining has long turned into an instinct.

Chen Feng's finger moved a little and a beam of fire shot again from his fingertips, blending into the crimson flame in the air.


Suddenly, the surrounding air twisted, and the temperature suddenly increased by dozens of degrees.

Soon, three blue fruits appeared in the palm of Chen Feng's hand.

At this time, the three Yuan Fruit had been thrown into the flame by Chen Feng.

Like the oil on the fire, the Geopsychic Flame burned even more violently.

The three blue fruits were melted like a piece of chocolate that was suddenly exposed to heat and dropped into the group of herbal essences drop by drop.

At the same time, the herbal essence suddenly changed. With the continuous instillation of blue fruits juice, the herbal essence suddenly became frozen, and a strange aura escaped from this group of essences.



Drop by drop, the blue fruits juice continued to drip into the herbal essence, making the strange aurs more intense.

Finally, all the liquids of the blue fruit are dripped and the herbal essence started to boil once again at this time.


A small explosion sounded the essence of herbal medicine exploded into blue particles.

An enticing fragrance emerges from these small particles, making people feel relaxed and happy.

Seven, I never thought that seven True Yuan Pills could be formed out of these materials. Chen Feng was very satisfied.

With a wave of his hand, the seven True Yuan Pill in the air shot into Chen Feng's palm faintly and he immediately put them into the bottle where the original True Yuan Pills were.

The jade bottle can store the Pills to the greatest extent to ensure that the quality of the Pill is not reduced.

The next step is to break through the shackles of the Qi Gathering stage and enter the Ning Yuan stage. Immediately after, Chen Feng sat down on the spot.

At this time, Chen Feng sat quietly sitting in the morgue, as if he were a wooden man.

After a while, Chen Feng's eyes suddenly opened.

At this time, in Chen Feng's eyes, there was no joy of getting a storage bag anymore and no excitement of successfully refining seven True Yuan Pills anymore, just endless calmness.

A blue True Yuan Pill was thrown into his mouth.

Suddenly, a wonderful force rose from his lower abdomen and immediately swept through his body.

Without the previous sense of stagnation, Chen Feng found that the barrier from the Qi Gathering Stage to the Ning Yuan Stage has been broken.

In other words, Chen Feng has already broken through the ninth level of the Qi Gathering Stage and entered the Ning Yuan stage.

Too easy!

Chen Feng's cultivation base was already at the peak of the Qi Gathering stage and with the help of True Yuan Pill, he will naturally break through easily..

Now, I have to stabilize the realm as soon as possible while the effects is still here. Chen Feng was clear in his heart that he should immediately focus on stabilizing his realm.

In the boundless night of Hangzhou city, a voluptuous girl is standing quietly at the exit of an alley.

Under the dim street light, her beautiful and unusual appearance had a fatal appeal.

At this time, it was late at night and there were few pedestrians on the road. Especially in this alley, there are few people.

The dim streetlights lighten up a silhouette and there was drunken man who was walking staggeringly.

Huh? Beauty! The drunken man saw the beauty in his dizzy eyes and his eyes lit up suddenly.

The drunkard had come to the woman's side, and the pair of alcoholic hands touched the woman's face without any care.

Beauty, have some fun with brother, this brother will definitely satisfy you. The drunkard's eyes full of smiles and his right hand that was placed on the woman's face could not help moving down, got into the woman's neckline, and already grabbed the woman's perky chest.

Suddenly a faint expression rose on the woman's face. She allowed the drunkard's hands to grope her unscrupulously. Then, she took the drunkard's collar and walked to the shadow in the alley.

Come on, let's go over there and play. The woman's voice was extremely charming.

Okay, okay! The drunken man's face was excited and he can't wait to follow the footsteps of the woman and his hands were still unscrupulously touching the woman.

In the hot kiss, the woman's lips moved to the drunkard's neck, and her little tongue licked gently.

Ahh The drunkard involuntarily moaned. It feels great.

Suddenly, the drunkard's eyes widened, his body involuntarily wanted to break free from the woman's arms.

But he was helpless to find that women's power is extremely great, no matter how he struggled, he can't break free.

His eyes went dark and he wanted to shout for help but he could no longer make a sound.

The drunk man's body fell straight to the ground without a sound. At his neck, two bloody holes stood out.

Giggle... A flash of madness flashed in the corner of the woman's eyes, and she laughed incomparably.