The Peerless Master Chapter 93 - Storage Bag(2)


The door of the intensive care unit opened and Chen Feng came out with a smile on his face.

Chen Feng, what about her... Lili hurriedly asked Chen Feng when she saw him come out.

During these days, she and Zhang Ruonan had gotten along well. Moreover, she was also saved by Zhan Ruonan a few times. She and Zhang Ruonan has a deep friendship so she is very concerned about Zhang Ruonan's injury.

Oh, you can see for yourself. Chen Feng's eyes flashed a smile, and then bypassed Lili and walked away.

Humph, being so mysterious... Lili scolded in a low voice but kept walking into the ward, looking towards Zhang Ruonan on the bed.

Are you a mummy, haha. I'm going to laugh to death. Lili wiped tears from the corner of her eyes and walked to Zhang Ruonan.

At this time, Zhang Ruonan was covered with bandages all over her body and only her eyes and mouth were exposed. She was really like a mummy, and it looked extremely funny.

Laughing and smiling, Lili seemed to have sensed her rudeness, hurriedly holding back her smile and pulled up Zhang Ruonan's hand and said softly. Sister, how does it feel?

Zhang Ruonan stared at Lili very suffocatingly, and said angrily, Do I look like I'm feeling well like this?

Uh. I mean, that Chen Feng's guy is mysterious. He might be able to heal your wounds without scars Lili explained.

I don't know. Chen Feng said that it will take three days before the bandage can be removed. Zhang Ruonan said hesitantly. However, I feel really comfortable after he applied this medicine to my body.

Apply the medicine to your body? Lili suddenly froze, That pervert applied medicine on you?

Yes..., Zhang Ruonan said lowly, her voice as quiet as a mosquito.

At this moment, Lili saw a pair of bloody clothes at the foot of the bed, especially the pink underwear. [TN: The mc got to see some fine booty]

This rogue... Some anger flashed in Lili's eyes.

In the mortuary, Ling Tingting stood quietly beside Chen Feng, her face filled with joy.

Thank you for taking revenge for me! Ling Tingting gently bent down and gave Chen Feng a solemn salute.

Well. Since your big hatred is dealt with, it is time for you to go. Staying in the world for a long time is not good for you. Chen Feng accepted her favor and persuaded her lightly.

Yes, Tingting dare not stay in the world anymore, and I will go to the netherworlds tonight . Yin Ling Tingting whispered, but she was full of regret: Master, Tingting has something to ask for.

Say it, if I can do it, I will fulfill your wish. Chen Feng looked at Ling Tingting and sighed. This is a girl at the prime of her life but she died tragically in another county.

I'm from Jiangxian County and I've been here for more than a year. I was killed this time and because my body is unrecognizable, my family doesn't know my situation yet. I ask master to send the news to my family and take my ashes back to my hometown for burial. Ling Tingting thought of those relatives and suddenly cried..

When Chen Feng heard it, he whispered, You are from Jiangxian County?

Ling Tingting was unclear why Chen Feng asked but she still nodded.

It seems that we do have some fate. Chen Feng paused and continued: I am also from Jiangxian County

In this case, I agree to your request. In the future, I will send your ashes back to your hometown. You can go with a peace of mind. After that, Chen Feng pointed out and a golden light was formed on Yin Tingting's eyebrows.

When you cross the Naihe Bridge, They will see this pattern and will naturally take care of you and let you be reborn into a good family. When Chen Feng said this, his eyes looked deep into the starry sky, seeming to remember something in the past.

Thank you. Ling Tingting was full of joy and kowtowed heavily. Then her body gradually faded, and she slowly fell into the earth.


At this moment, a golden light suddenly fell from the sky, and the roof seemed to be non-existent and there was no obstruction to this golden light at all.

Golden merit! Chen Feng closed his eyes happily, It seems that this secular world is a good place to accumulate merit.

It's finally gone, it's time to look at my loot. Chen Feng muttered to himself

As Chen Feng was speaking, he took out a yellow bag from his waist and suspended it in midair.

Unexpectedly, in this secular world, a mere True Qi expert can actually have a storage bag.

Storage bags are very useful, and like it's name, it's basically an extra storage. Storage bags are very popular in the cultivation realm. Almost all cultivation owns one. However, it is very rare in this secular world.

This storage bag is just the lowest kind, with only one cubic space inside. The moment Chen Feng took out the storage bag, he immediately put his blood on it so it can know that he is the owner.

Soon, the mouth of the storage bag was loose and items were ejected from the fist-sized storage bag one after another.

This... Chen Feng suddenly felt pleased when he saw some objects suspended in mid-air.


Chen Feng made a move and a jade bottle in the air suddenly flew slowly to Chen Feng's hand.

Unplugging the cork, a faint fragrance of medicine suddenly filled the air.

Chen Feng's hand made another move and a yellow ancient book flew into his hand.

Eh? Chen Feng opened the book and immediately understood the origin of the storage bag.

It was written on the last page of the book that the owner of the storage bag was originally a cultivator and he fled into the secular world because of his enemy's pursuit. Eventually, he was unable to withstand the erosion of the years and died.

Later, this storage bag was obtained by Hao Tianlong under the coincidence of chance. By relying on the cultivation technique and the sword, Hao Tianlong stepped on the path of killing but because of this, a heart demon was formed due to his indiscriminate killing of innocents.

For others, this cultivation technique is a peerless technique, but for Chen Feng it is just junk. Putting down the cultivation technique, Chen Feng looked at other things in mid-air.

There's actually materials for the True Yuan Pill. This is really great. Tonight, I will definitely refine it!

Chen Feng's voice seemed very lively and he stayed in the room for a long time.