The Peerless Master Chapter 92 - Storage Bag(1)


The door of the granary slammed open, and a group of heavily armed police rushed in and quickly dispersed.

It turned out that Situ Qiang heard that the gunfire in the granary had suddenly stopped but no one came out so he sent a group of armed police troops in.

Not long after, these armed police forces discovered Chen Feng and his party and the situation was immediately reported to Situ Qiang.

Within a minute, Situ Qiang rushed in. In fact, he had long wanted to rush in personally but as the Director of public security, he had to shoulder the responsibility of the commander in chief so how could he leave at will?

At this time, Situ Qiang had been stunned by the broken limbs along the way. Although he had seen many corpses throughout his career, he was still shocked. The scene in front of him was like hell and it made him tremble.

His eyes were already full of tears as many of the corpses were his men...

At this moment, Situ Qiang recovered from his grief and saw Chen Feng so he couldn't help but ask, Mr. Chen, why are you here? He ordered a lockdown so no one could come near here so how could Chen Feng come here without them knowing?

Chen Feng didn't speak and only pointed to the sky.

Situ Qiang looked up and saw a small patch of tiles on the tall roof of the granary.

Oh. Situ Qiang suddenly realized that he once again had a new understanding of Chen Feng's power. To be able to jump to such a high roof, how much strength does he need in order to do it?

Son, thanks to Mr. Chen this time, otherwise, all of us have already been dead. Mr. Situ said solemnly. Thinking of the scene just now, he was still full of fear.

Thank you Mr. Chen. Situ Qiang bowed deeply to Chen Feng.

Hao Tianlong's coat is very wide so when fighting just now, this yellow bag was wrapped in his clothes and was not discovered by Chen Feng.

At this moment, when these armed police officers examined the bodies, Hao Tianlong's coat was pulled a little, and the yellow bag was also exposed.

Chen Feng stepped forward and grabbed the yellow bag.

What are you doing, this is all evidence... A police officer on the side immediately stepped forward and scolded and wanted to take back the bag in Chen Feng's hands.

Situ Qiang hurried to remind the officer.

With Situ Qiang's reminder, the policeman would naturally not be entangled anymore and he straightened his hat awkwardly, and then stood aside without saying a word.

Situ Qiang couldn't understand why Chen Feng wanted it. He pondered for a moment and finally said: According to the procedure, this is to be brought back to the office for sealing. However, this bag is unknown and requires expert identification. Since Mr. Chen knows what this is, then I ask Mr. Chen to appraise it. When it is identified, it does not have to be taken back to the bareau Situ Qiang said and looked at the police officer just now.

The police officer seemed to hear nothing and stood silently.

Situ Qiang looked at him with appreciation and expressed great satisfaction.

Chen Feng nodded, knowing that Situ Qiang made an excuse for himself. Saying that it was Chen Feng's appraisal means that he was handing over the bag to Chen Feng in disguise. As for the results, isn't it all up to Chen Feng?

As for Hao Tianlong's sword, Chen Feng also wanted it. At first glance, the sword was cast using precious materials. If Chen Feng can recast it, it is possible to create a divine weapon. However, this is a murder weapon, and naturally it cannot be faked.

Subsequently, under the direction of Situ Qiang, the police at the scene performed their duties and started their jobs.


In the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a girl with a wound was lying silently on the hospital bed, looking at the man in front of her with anticipation.

Under Chen Feng's short hair, his deep eyes flashed a ray of light.

Undress. Chen Feng said softly.

Ah? Zhang Ruonan was stunned for a while and then her face was flushed. However, because of her scars all over her face, it did not seem obvious.

Yeah, the wound on your face can be healed without taking off your clothes, but what about the wounds on your body? Chen Feng said as a matter of fact.

Okay, I'll take it off. Then, she tried hard to sit up from the bed. However, before she could move, a sudden pain made her face pale, causing her to grimace in pain.

I... I can't move. Zhang Ruonan said weakly with pain.

Then... shall I help you? Chen Feng looked at Zhang Ruonan and said eagerly.

Because of Situ Qiang, Zhang Ruonan is in the intensive care unit. The door of the intensive care unit is not like the door of an ordinary ward. Unlike the intensive care unit, ordinary wards have a piece of glass in the middle so you can see the scene in the room at a glance.

The door at this time was already locked by Chen Feng. At the moment, in this quiet ward, there are only Chen Feng and Zhang Ruonan.

At this moment, Chen Feng gently embraced Zhang Ruonan's shoulders and lifted her from the hospital bed. In this way, Zhang Ruonan leaned completely on Chen Feng's chest.

Carefully holding Zhang Ruonan's body, Chen Feng had touched the hem of her dress with one hand.

Then... should I take it off? Chen Feng asked lightly, but the light in his eyes made Zhang Ruonan shy.

Yeah. Zhang Ruonan responded gently, as if she was a kitten.

After receiving a reply, Chen Feng was no longer polite. When he raised his hand, he pulled up the corner of Zhang Ruonan's t-shirt. Suddenly, a large piece of white flesh and skin flew into sight.

The only flaw is that on this smooth, milk-like skin, a scary wound was on it and the flesh is turned outwards.

Without stopping, Chen Feng pulled up the other end of the t-shirt, but there was no wound on this side. Chen Feng's hand accidentally ran across Zhang Ruonan's skin, causing him to feel a sudden smoothness.

A blood-filled t-shirt was thrown lightly on the ground by Chen Feng and a slim body appeared in front of Chen Feng.