The Peerless Master Chapter 91 - Heart Demon

Ah, what is this? Lili exclaimed suddenly: It's so uncomfortable...

The evil aura emanating from this shadow made her uncomfortable. It came from the discomfort of the soul. It seemed as if her soul was being severely struck by a big hammer for a few times and a feeling of dizziness struck Lili.

Chen Feng stepped out and came to Lili's side.

Reaching out and grasping Lili's small hand, he started pouring his Qi into Lili's body.

Suddenly, Lili's sense of dizziness disappeared without a trace. However, Lili still stared in horror at the shadow.

After the shadow came out of Hao Tianlong's body, there was no movement, but it was suspended in the air quietly, as if it was asleep.

Mr. Chen, what is this? Mr. Situ was puzzled, and asked Chen Feng.

Heart Demon, Chen Feng is naturally too familiar with it. It was because of his Heart Demon that caused him to fail his tribulation, which caused his death. If his soul were not fortunate to merge with Chen Feng, it might have long disappeared in the passage of time.

Scatter for me! Chen Feng took a deep breath and a flame suddenly appeared between his fingers, it was the Geopsychic Fire

The flame glowed red light faintly, and even Mr. Situ who was standing a little further felt a scorching heat.

Go! Under Chen Feng's control, the red flame flew slowly toward the shadow in the air.


Just when the flame just touched the shadow, the shadow abruptly opened its eyes.

Feeling scared after a while. He lowered his head and never dared to glance again.

But Lili beside Chen Feng and Zhang Ruonan on the ground seemed to be unaffected. However, Chen Feng clearly discovered that Lili's small face suddenly turned red at that moment.

Is this little girl thinking of something bad? Chen Feng thought to himself.

As for Zhang Ruonan, due to the scars on her face and blood, Chen Feng did not find anything wrong with her expression

Seeing Chen Feng looking at her, Zhang Ruonan's face suddenly burst into inferiority, and her head was buried in her arms.

At this time, she has so many scars and has been disfigured.



As if very afraid of the Geopsychic Fire, the shadow kept running in the air, trying to avoid the Geopsychic Fire.

However, Chen Feng will not let it escape easily.

With a bang, theGeopsychic Fire suddenly burst under the control of Chen Feng and turned into countless flames. It then scattered around the shadow, and completely sealed its escape route.

Such flame control is impossible for others without intensive study for decades. However, Chen Feng in the previous life was Dan Zu, an old ancestor who played with fire. To accomplish this, it was really easy.

Seeing all the retreats being intercepted by the flames, the shadow screamed, and its eyes were full of fear.

Countless Geopsychic flames, like a fire net, squeezed violently and moved toward the shadow.


As if a red iron block was thrown into cold water, there was a sizzle everywhere on the shadows body.



It struggled and screamed in the fire net... but it couldn't break through the fire net.

You shouldn't be allowed to exist in this world. Staying here will only harm others. It's better to disappear. Chen Feng snapped his fingers.

Boom! The fire net exhaled endlessly, engulfing the shadow completely.

A last squeak from the shadow, as if it wanted to leave something in the world so it can be remembered.

Finally, the shadow turned into green smoke and completely disappeared in this world.

Oh, I know what you are thinking. Chen Feng looked at Lili's face and chuckled lightly, Heart demons have no life, they are just an energy body that is formed from human obsession and evil thoughts. If it stays in the world, it will only harm people.

Lili wrinkled her cute little nose and there was confusion on her face: I can't believe such a magical thing exists in this world. After that, Lili raised her eyebrows very aggressively, pointing at Chen Feng and saying, Be honest, You are obviously very powerful so you should also be rich so why do you want to share an apartment with us? What is your purpose!

Uh. Chen Feng looked at Lili who changed her attitude faster than turning the book speechlessly. Then, there was a burst of laughter on Chen Feng's face, Haha, since I saw two big beauties living alone, how can I bear to not come to accompany you.

Humph, you really are a big pervert! Lili shook her head and didn't look at Chen Feng, as if it wasn't Chen Feng who rescued her just now.

Chen Feng didn't care too much since Lili's weird personality was not strange. Bypassing Lili, he came to Zhang Ruonan.

Haha, we meet again. Chen Feng looked at Zhang Ruonan with a smirk and couldn't help but say, Why do you get hurt every time we meet?

A strong sense of inferiority made her not have the courage to face Chen Feng, even though this was the second time she met this man.

All women are very concerned about their appearance. A beautiful appearance makes women more confident when facing others. Zhang Ruonan is also a woman, and a very beautiful woman, but today's countless wounds caused her to be disfigured. The huge contrast has caused her psychological defense to gradually collapse.

However, Chen Feng still looked at Zhang Ruonan unscrupulously, with no intention of looking away.

Please, don't look... Finally, under Chen Feng's eyes, Zhang Ruonan finally collapsed. Regardless of the pain, she vigorously covered her face with both hands and sobbed, I will be ugly in the future.

At this moment, the strong Zhang Ruonan was sobbing like a helpless little girl.

Chen Feng didn't answer, but gently opened Zhang Ruonan's little hand and looked at her seriously, I'm just observing your injury and am thinking about how to help you remove your scar.

After hearing the words, Zhang Ruonan's eyes suddenly lit up.