The Peerless Master Chapter 90 - Death

You are courting death! At the critical moment, a cold voice blew up in Hao Tianlong's ear.

The moment the sword touched Lili's neck, Lili's body abruptly receded a few meters away.


The sword whistled as it was about to cut Lili's neck but unfortunately, it only cut through the air.

Who are you? Hao Tianlong twitched in the corner of his eyes, staring in amazement at the person behind Lili.

Chen... Mr. Chen... Mr. Situ looked at the figure and suddenly relaxed. When this person comes, he and others are safe.

It's you! Zhang Ruonan, lying weakly on the ground was also surprised when she saw the person.

Turning her head slightly, Lili's face was suddenly filled with smiles.

Chen Feng, you are finally here. This aunt thought she would never see you again... Two tears shed silently in Lili's smile. She lightly beat Chen Feng's chest and choked.

Fortunately, you obediently kept my talisman on your body. Otherwise, you really won't see me again. Chen Feng gently wiped off the tears on Lili's face, and couldn't help laughing.

Humph, why would I listen to you. This aunt just forgot to throw it away. Lili was teased by Chen Feng's words and immediately resumed her previous attitude: This yellow talisman, please give me three more later alright?

Thinking of the talisman, Lili's pale face was flushed. She originally didn't believe this thing, thinking that this yellow talisman was just something a scammer would use in order to earn some extra money. However, for no apparent reason, she was reluctant to throw away the talisman Chen Feng her, and kept it in the inner pocket of her police uniform.

Okay, don't say three, I'll give you thirty if you want. Chen Feng watched Lili return to her usual appearance, and he was relieved.

His hand gently touched Lili's white neck, where a thin line of blood seemed extremely dazzling.

Lili was injured. The sword had cut a little Lili's neck. Fortunately, Chen Feng came in time, and Lili suffered only a minor injury.

However, whether or not it was a light injury, Lili was injured.

Unknown why. He was upset when he saw Lili was injured.

Chen Feng's heart suddenly stirred a fierce killing intention!

Hao Tianlong, come here and die! Chen Feng looked at Hao Tianlong and his voice full of coldness.

To this day, Lili still does not understand that Chen Feng is a master of. However, the impression that Hao Tianlong gave her was so powerful that she could not help reminding Chen Feng when he wanted to step forward.

Chen Feng patted Lili's little hand gently, appeasing Lili's worry.

Boy, don't be too arrogant. Seeing that you are talented, I will let you go. Leave, otherwise, you will be another talent that is killed by this sword... Hao Tianlong warned scornfully, but his heart was extremely dignified. Chen Feng looks young and he barely has an aura around him. However, can ordinary people save this policewoman under his sword?

There is only one possibility, this man is stronger than him!

Hao Tianlong, you have been mischievous for a long time, and have long attracted the outrage of people and gods. Since I am here today, you won't be able to leave. Chen Feng's words were not heavy, but everyone felt his determination.

Haha, what a joke. I, Hao Tianlong, have been in this world for so many years already so who do you think you are trying to scare? Hao Tianlong's words were crazy and his eyes became blood red, Since you are here, I will let you taste my sword

Hao Tianlong held the sword in his hand and boundless aura locked onto Chen Feng, like a hungry wolf waiting for the right time to attack the enemy so it can kill its enemy in one fell swoop.

As if Chen Feng didn't see Hao Tianlong's movements, he just lifted his foot and walked towards Hao Tianlong.

Kill! At the moment Chen Feng lifted his feet, Hao Tianlong seemed to have grasped Chen Feng's fatal flaws, yelled, and the sword in his hand rushed towards Chen Feng at an extremely fast speed.


The sword was so fast that it made the sound of cutting through air as it cut towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at the oncoming sword as if he didn't care and a smile was even evoked at the corner of his mouth as he continued to lightly step forward.

Zhang Ruolin also squeezed her fist nervously, looking at Chen Feng solemnly.

Only Mr. Situ stood side by side calmly, without any tension. He has seen Chen Feng kill an expert at the True Yuan period so how can Hao Tianlong, who is only at the ninth layer of True Qi, hurt Chen Feng?

Sure enough, as expected, the moment the sword was close at hand, Chen Feng's lifted his right hand

Two fingers stuck out abruptly and gently pinched towards the sword!

Hao Tianlong looked at Chen Feng mockingly. This is a sword that is able to cut bullets, how can someone's hand block it?

Die! Hao Tianlong yelled loudly and the strength in his hand increased again.

The speed of the sword was accelerated again, cutting towards Chen Feng.


There is no sound of flesh being cut, only a crisp metallic whistle that is long lasting!

How is that possible? Everyone held their breath, staring at Chen Feng's fingers and froze.

Everyone saw that the incomparable sword stayed quietly between Chen Feng's fingers.

Hao Tianlong was full of horror, and he tried to take his sword back desperately, but his sword seemed to take root in the fingers of Chen Feng. No matter how hard he tried, it remained motionless.

Chen Feng smiled lightly, but his smile was full of killing intent, This trick is called a Lingxiyi Fingers Now, you can die Then, Chen Feng pointed out.


A large whole was suddenly formed on Hao Tianlong's chest.

No!!!! Hao Tianlong shouted unwillingly, but could not change his ending, and ultimately died in the hands of Chen Feng.

As soon as Hao Tianlong fell to the ground, a black gas spewed from his forehead, turning into a black demon shadow, suspended in front of everyone.

The instant the shadow appeared, the surrounding temperature dropped instantaneously.