The Peerless Master Chapter 9 - Chen Feng's Refusal

As Chen Feng walked out of the kitchen while holding a pot of soup, he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

The two women, Lili and Mu Wan'er had already begun to devour the food without a care for their image

Especially Lili, her mouth was stuffed full of food as she chewed. The most exaggerated thing is that she has completely stopped using her chopsticks and started to eat using her hands.

It seemed that there is too much food in her mouth, causing Lili to wrinkle her brow and tried to swallow but is unable to. That cute look caused Chen Feng to not help but smile.

Hey! Lili took a look at Chen Feng and was stunned. She hurriedly swallowed her food and the mouthful of food that could not be swallowed was swallowed by her miraculously.

However, Lili's expression turned ugly, some food got stuck in her throat. Looking at Lili's appearance, Chen Feng hurriedly took a bowl of soup and handed it to Lili. The latter took the soup and didn't care whether it was hot or not as she poured it into her mouth.


Under the influence of the soup, the food that she choked on was swallowed, causing her to take a sigh of relief.

It's so delicious. Mu Wan'er was eating in a relatively refined manner. Chen Feng, what do you do? I didn't think that your cooking would be so delicious

I am a migrant worker awaiting to be employed. Chen Feng smiled at the two and told the truth.

Only ghosts will believe in you. After listening to Chen Feng's words, Lili snorted and then, after she realized that Chen Feng looked at them weirdly, her face turned fierce, What are you looking at, haven't you seen a beautiful girl before?

Chen Feng smiled helplessly, why does no one believe in the truth. Suddenly, Chen Feng felt a gust of wind in front of him. He looked up and saw a white bowl that had already been placed in front of his face. He saw Lili looking at him with a smile, Chen Feng, give this Aunt another bowl of soup!

A black line suddenly appeared on Chen Feng's face


Ah, so full! Lili sat patted her belly. Chen Feng was a little surprised. Seeing that Lili has eaten a lot, how has her stomach not become big?

Lili suddenly turned her face and slammed her hands into the chair and said loudly, Haha, this Aunt announce as of today that from now on, all the meals will be cooked by you Looking at Chen Feng who was about to say something, she said evilly, No rejection is allowed and your refusal will be invalid.

Chen Feng looked at Lili with an innocent look, I didn't want to refuse though?

Then what are you thinking about? Lili patted Chen Feng's shoulder and said in a big sister's tone.

Oh, I was thinking about our bet from earlier. Aren't you going to become mine tonight? Chen Feng's eyes brightened as he smirked.

You are going to die, rogue! Lili's face turned pale as she screamed, ran into her room, slammed it and locked it. Afterwards, there was silence.

Ha ha. Chen Feng laughed smugly. To be able to make this witch react like that, it was really cool

You guys... Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng with helplessness. What a pair of ridiculous people


After cleaning up, Mu Wan'er watched TV in the living room alone. Lili stayed in the room all the time and there was no movement inside.

Chen Feng also returned to his room. Today, although it was only his first day of getting along with these two women, Chen Feng felt very happy. He and Lili bickered and quarreled but he had a lot of fun.

Sitting cross-legged on his bed, Chen Feng's mind was clear.

Although my body has yet to reach the true purity and cleanliness, I can already enter the first step in cultivation.

In Chen Feng's mind, a complete set of cultivation techniques emerged in his mind.

Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens, In his last life, Chen Feng found a rare book and although the grade of the cultivation technique is unknown, he was able to cultivate to the peak Nascent Soul Stage. However, in the end, because of his unsatisfactory state of mind, he died under his tribulation.

This world, I will cultivate my heart. I wonder how far can this Dragon Breaks through the Heavens let me reach then? Chen Feng is full of determination. In this world, he must break through the shackles of fate.

The Spiritual Qi in the air was slowly being absorbed by Chen Feng and then, along his meridians, it flowed into his Dantian in a mysterious way. Gradually, there was a trace of movement in his Dantian. From his past experience, he has done something that would take others several years or even decades to do in just under a day

The first stage of cultivation, the Qi Gathering Stage, I reached it. In an instant, Chen Feng had a kind of enlightenment in his heart.

Next, it is a process of accumulation, constantly absorbing the Spiritual Qi between the heavens and earth and strengthening the True Qi in his Dantian.

After a while, Chen Feng opened his eyes. The surrounding Spiritual Qi is very thin and it would take a certain amount of time to recover so there is no point in continuing to cultivate

It's time to stop Chen Feng got out of bed and stretched his muscles. Then, he walked out of his room to go to the toilet.

Cultivators still have to eat, drink, and sleep. Only when they have formed their Golden Core can they cultivate nonstop.

The toilet door was slightly hidden and the inside was dark.


Chen Feng turned on the light switch, open the toilet door and went in

Hey. Chen Feng looked at the person in front of him and was shocked, You've come to the bathroom too, this is really a coincidence.

Lili went to the toilet without turning on the lights today because a man suddenly lived in the house. She thought to himself, even if the man wanted to peek, he wouldn't see anything without turning on the lights. As a result, when she was about to pull down her underwear, the toilet light suddenly turned on and the man walked in without hesitation.

The sudden accident made her stunned and she even forgot to pull up her underwear.

Chen Feng looked at Lili awkwardly. What was this woman trembling for? Under the bright light, the thin and transparent nightdress could not cover her seductive figure. Her faint silhouette and delicate figure, all were clearly displayed in front of Chen Feng.

Besides, is this woman an exhibitionist? Why didn't you even pull up your underwear?


The swallowing noise broke this momentary silence

Ah! Lili finally responded but she didn't lift up her panties and instead, she closed her eyes and screamed.

Hey, hey, don't shout! Chen Feng's eyes were quick and he immediately covered her mouth with his hands Uhh.. don't shout, I didn't mean it.

Woo Woo Lili felt her mouth being covered by Chen Feng. She struggled and suddenly slipped and fell back. In a hurry, Lili grabbed something before her back hit the wall

F*ck! It hurts Chen Feng gritted his teeth, his hair had just been grabbed by this woman, causing him to fall to the wall with her

The two hit the wall together but Chen Feng only felt that Lili's body was soft and it didn't hurt at all.

Uh, what. Chen Feng widened his eyes and then said, You... you pulled my hair while you fell.

Lili looked at Chen Feng and a crystalline teardrop rolled down. Suddenly, she smiled abruptly and said, Isn't it just a gamble? Come on, I promise you in the afternoon that I will be yours tonight. After that, her eyes stared blankly.

Do you really want to? Chen Feng's eyes flashed a smile and his hand slowly touched Lili's face.

Looking at the big hands, Lili was filled with despair, Sure enough, you're a big hooligan

However, the next moment, the man's hand gently wiped the tears on her face, then walked out of the toilet without looking back.

Sorry, I'm not ready yet The man left this sentence when he went out.