The Peerless Master Chapter 89 - You Are Courting Death

Eh? Looking at the light barrier that suddenly appeared on Lili, Hao Tianlong's eyes finally became serious.

Unexpectedly, there's an expert behind you. Hao Tianlong fiercely cut down again, the sword tore the air and chopped on Lili's body again.

Ah After all, Lili is just an ordinary person. When has she ever seen such a scene? Seeing that sword, Lili suddenly felt that she was going to be cut off by this sword!

However, something strange happened again, and she saw that a light barrier appeared again to resist the sword.


After being cut by the sword, the barrier trembled violently, as if it were a balloon filled with water and which fluctuated endlessly.

Hoo Lili sighed when she saw that she was fine.

Just then, Hao Tianlong's sword arrived again, and his strength doubled again.

The yellow talisman in Lili's hand suddenly trembled, and a huge amount of energy gathered again, turning into a light barrier, which surrounded Lili again.

It really is the credit for this thing! Lili no longer knew what language to use to describe her mood at this time. Chen Feng was the one who gave this to her and told her to keep it at all times.

For a moment, Chen Feng became more mysterious in Lili's heart.


This time, the barrier became more violent under the bombardment of the sword.

Hahaha, do you think this thing can protect you? It's just a talisman. When the energy is exhausted, it will naturally turn to ashes! Hao Tianlong also saw the appearance of the yellow talisman, and he felt proud for a while and laugh.

With a big laugh, Hao Tianlong's sword swept through again and like a tide, it caused the barrier to endlessly tremble.


Suddenly, a crack appeared on the barrier. This fissure spread at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and in a blink of an eye, it covered the entire barrier.


As if glass shattering, the light barrier broke into pieces and then dissipated in the air. The yellow talisman in Lili's hands turned into ashes and were scattered by the wind.

I'm going to die. Lili's heart was filled with despair. At this moment, every scene came to her mind: Her Mom and Dad, Grandpa, Wan'er... familiar people circled in her mind.

Wait... Why is he there?

Lili suddenly found that in her mind, the image of a sullen man was lingering.

Chen Feng, you big bad guy, where are you?

Lili suddenly found her heart full of resentment, this man made her suddenly reluctant to die like this!

However, it's too late... The sword has almost reached his forehead?


The sword passed Lili's scalp, and chopped off a few strands of hair, which slowly drifted in the wind.

Situ Long, you are so brave! Hao Tianlong looked coldly at the sudden appearance of the person who came and rescued Lili in a flash.

Mr. Situ is called Situ Long. When Hao Tianlong visited Situ Qiang, he met him a few times and he was considered to be acquainted.

Hao Tianlong, I didn't expect you to do such a beast. Today, this old man is going to help the world rid of it's evil. Mr. Situ was full of righteousness, but between his eyebrows was a deep killing intent.

Old man, be careful. He is at the ninth layer of True Qi! Zhang Ruonan fell to the ground and suddenly reminded, His sword is very sharp. Be careful!

He is only at the seventh layer of True Qi, if it was a normal situation, he is certainly not his opponent. However, he has a trump card.

Kill! Hao Tianlong waved his sword and turned it into countless shadows, covering his face and covering Mr. Situ.

Mr. Situ jumped to the side, clenched his fist and a set of exquisite boxing skills slowly punched towards Hao Tianlong.

At first glance, Mr. Situ's fist is extremely slow, but it is the first-come first-come-first-served basis, taking all the shadows of the sword one by one.

Perception was opened by him in endless suffering. It was the product of his mighty will, and he could see all the actions of the enemy.

Impossible! How could you dodge my sword? Hao Tianlong was surprised. How did you know the direction of my falling sword?

But at this time, the disadvantages of his low strength were also exposed. No matter how much Mr. Situ attacked, he could not shake Hao Tianlong even a little bit.

Gaga, you turned out to just be a mere mid True Qi. If you want to blame someone, blame your low strength, you can't protect others, and even you will be killed here. Hao Tianlong looked at Me. Situ mockingly.

He is at the ninth layer of True Qi while Mr. Situ is merely at the seventh layer. With such a gap, even with perception, the difference cannot be bridged.

Mr. Situ could only dodge Hao Tianlong's attack and he was short of breath. After all, he is old and his physical strength has declined.

Hao Tianlong attacked fiercely and abnormally. Gradually, Mr. Situ was somewhat having a difficult time fighting.

Die! Hao Tianlong seized a flaw and made a big move.

Die Hao Tianlong yelled and the three-foot sword was like a human eating beast as it rushed towards Mr. Situ.



The sound of tears rang out and Mr. Situ was covered with blood at this time.

Ahh Blood spurted out and Mr. Situ stood wobbly in place and it looked as if a gust of wind could knock him down.

Old man, wait for me to kill this little girl first, and the next one is you. Then, Hao Tianlong turned around and walked towards Lili. The sword in his hand emits a cold aura, causing people to shiver when they see it.

Little girl, die! Hao Tianlong waved the sword towards Lili's neck.

You are courting death! At the critical moment, a cold voice blew up in Hao Tianlong's ear.