The Peerless Master Chapter 88 - Lili In Danger

Translator Note: Changing Li Li to Lili, easier to write her name this way and that's how I read it anyways

Secretary, Hao Tianlong is inside. As of right now, the armed Police Force and the two special agents have entered. A grain storage warehouse in the southern suburbs was already surrounded by the police. The intense searchlights, like little suns, illuminated all the shadows here, and even a mouse could not escape the eyes of the surrounding police.

Notify the sniper that when he sees Hao Tianlong and his accomplices, he is to be killed on the spot! Situ Qiang had a somber face and his brows were full of dignity.

Yes! The police officer responded immediately, hurried into the command car and conveyed the order.

Unexpectedly, this abnormal killer turned out to be Hao Tianlong. Director Situ sighed slightly. As the director of public security in Hangzhou City, he must know both the black and white of the city. This Hao Tianlong also has frequent contacts with him.

How about Hao Tianlong's strength? An old man on the side asked cautiously. This man is Situ Qiang's father, Mr. Situ.

I don't know. Situ Qiang groaned, his eyes were extremely deep, Being able to become the leader of the three underground forces of Hangzhou, his strength must be extremely powerful, but I don't know how strong he is.

Bang, bang, bang...

The gunfire continued indefinitely, without any pause, apparently, the exchange of fire inside was fierce.

Reporting to the command, we had a firefight with some of the enemy's armed forces, and now we have wiped out the enemy! A young voice came from the walkie-talkie, and there was a faint sound of pride in the voice.

Okay, continue to search, you must capture Hao Tianlong, if he resists, kill him on the spot! Situ Qiang's tone was cold. As a director of the public security bureau, combating crime is his job. At this time, those so-called friendships went down the drain.

Yes! The officer cried earnestly over the intercom.

However, at this moment, Situ Qiang's walkie-talkie suddenly heard a soothing sound, and then, the screams of terror came.

After a while, there was no more sound on the intercom.

However, there was no more sound on the intercom.

Qiang Er, things are not so simple. I didn't expect the other party to have such a master. We lost contact with the group of armed police forces in such a short time. It is a bad sign. Mr. Situ's expression was very serious: Let me go in and take a look. With my strength, I might be able to help a little bit.

Situ Qiang struggled for a while and finally sighed helplessly, Father, be careful.

Okay! Mr. Situ nodded, and then his body flickered, and he shot towards the grain depot.

There was a bloody atmosphere in the grain depot, and there were several rapid gunshots from time to time.

Mr. Situ carefully ran inward and was stunned by the scene in front of him.

The minced meat was spread on the ground, and the thick blood was all over the ground, making Mr. Situ feel like he was in hell and couldn't help but shiver.

How cruel! Mr. Situ spit fire in his eyes, full of anger. Such behavior has touched his bottom line and made him kill!




Not far ahead, there was another sound of gunfire.

Run, as long as you run out of the granary, you will be safe! Police Captain Xu Shan growled, and the pistol in his hand kept firing at the person behind him.

However, facing the bullet, the man merely waved a sword in this hand.




All bullets are blocked by this sword and none of them can break through that person's defense line!


The pistol was out of bullets.

Lili, Wang Xiang, take special agent Zhang and special agent Li and run away! Xu Shan threw away the empty gun in his hand and said to Lili who is in front of him, After I break for you, Remember, run away!

More than a dozen police officer s, after just such a short time, only these few people are left. There are also dozens of armed police officers but they were all annihilated.

All this is because of the devil in front of him. As long as the butcher knife in his hand touches someone, their body will be turned into minced meat!

He's a devil, the devil! Xu Shan shouted madly in his heart.

A knife was drawn from his waist, and it kept buzzing. This is Xu Shan's weapon and his final weapon! Relying on his knife skill, Xu Shan has few rivals in the police force.

However, the knife he relied on at the moment was so weak when facing this man.

An ant-like creature! The man smiled mockingly, and the sword in his hand cut across the knife.


A red line suddenly appeared on Xu Shan's forehead, and then blood ran down from the red line, and his whole body fell apart like a collapsed block, turning into a pool of minced meat.

Captain! Lili and the team member named Wang Qiang both groaned, but they kept running in the direction of the gate.

Humph, can you still run? Upon hearing this voice, Lili and Wang Qiang's footsteps stopped suddenly.

They saw that the devil-like man had suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking their only way.

Hao Tianlong, you, a beast-like thing, the law will definitely punish you! Lili yelled, her eyes full of indignation.

Unexpectedly, there are beauties like you in the police. Gaga, I haven't played with a police woman in a while. Hao Tianlong's face was full of smirks. Looking at Lili appearance, a tent formed below his waist.

This old lady would rather die! Lili's face was fierce as she watched Hao Tianlong come closer..

Oh, yeah, go ahead and die, I like playing with dead people the most, and I like to divide dead people into pieces, don't you think it's very exciting? Hao Tianlong laughed, and his ugly face was even more contorted.

Ah, I will fight it out with you! Wang Qiang on the side finally couldn't bear the boundless fear, and threw down the unconscious Li Feng on his back and raised his head and roared toward Hao Tianlong.

Seeking death! Hao Tianlong sneered and his sword flashed.

Bang-- Another pile of ground meat fell to the ground.

Gaga, it's your turn now. Hao Tianlong grinned cruelly, Rest assured, I won't break down your body immediately, I will only do this when I have played enough. Between talking, the sword in Tianlong's hand pierced straight into Lili's waist and abdomen.

Faced with this swift blade, Lili's heart was full of bitterness: This time, I am really going to die...