The Peerless Master Chapter 87 - Crisis

Today, Mr. Xiao is extremely happy, drinking one glass after another. In particular, Mr. Xiao also toasted a lot of wine in the hall outside, and soon became drunk.

Xian'er, Xiao Yun, father will definitely improve his strength and take revenge for you... Mr. Xiao was drunk, lying on the table and murmuring.

Looking at the old man who was drunk under the influence of alcohol, Yin Chong sighed, In recent years, Uncle Xiao has been troubled by Brother Xiao Xian and his wife, especially after he was injured overseas. Uncle Xiao was even more helpless.

However, now, Brother Chen has given uncle Xiao hope of revenge. Yin Chong sighed a little but with a little more joy.

Yeah, since Grandpa was injured, he rarely laughed. Xiao Lin was also drunk and hazy, looking at her Grandpa's eyes full of distressed, Big bad guy, thank you. Tonight, she also drank a lot at this time and Xiao Lin's little face was flushed, like a ripe apple, causing Chen Feng to take a desire to bite it.

Oh, I didn't think a savage girl like can sometimes say thank you. Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin and laughed.

However, Xiao Lin had already drunk a lot of alcohol at this time and she was only half awake. She got up to beat Chen Feng but her feet felt soft and wobbly, causing her to fall down.

Chen Feng was quick and his hands stretched out like lightning. He grabbed Xiao Lin's small hand and pulled Xiao Lin's body into his arms.

Hey, what do you want to do? Xiao Lin leaned gently against Chen Feng's arms, her face flushed, and she didn't know if it was because of alcohol or for other reasons.

Well, if it weren't for me, you would have fallen... Chen Feng didn't finish his words, but was surprised to find that Xiao Lin had already fallen asleep in his arms.

Chen Feng reluctantly looked at Xiao Lin, who was resting on his chest, and didn't know what to do.

Uh... this is not good. Chen Feng hesitated, I am a man...

It's ok. Didn't Xiao Lin say you were her boyfriend earlier? You sending her back to her room is not weird at all Yin Chong said, but his eyes looked at Chen Feng ambiguously, Brother Chen I have never been so optimistic about a person in my life. Xiao Lin is a good girl. You have to seize the opportunity.

Once he finished speaking, Yin Chong picked up Mr. Xiao, opened the door and went out. However, when he was outside, he turned to Chen Feng and smiled deeply, Don't bully Xiao Lin too much.

Uh. Chen Feng's face was speechless when he heard this.

Xiao Lin, at this moment was like a sleeping kitten, curled up in Chen Feng's arms, her long eyelashes trembled softly, and the soft snoring sound made her especially cute.

Outside of the room, Chen Feng saw the lively scene outside.

The hall of the Xiao Manor is very spacious and is filled with dozens of tables that's filled with food and wine. At this time, the people in the hall were drinking and chatting happily.

Steward Xu was walking between the tables and entertaining the guests diligently

Hey, Brother Chen. Situ Yunfei saw Chen Feng and hurried over.

Why are you alone? Chen Feng asked curiously as he looked at Situ Yunfei.

Chen Feng was speechless for a while. It seems that Huang Guodong's reputation is not good.

Brother Chen, it seems I'm getting in your way. Situ Yunfei glanced at Xiao Lin with a smile and chuckled, Brother Chen, Miss Xiao is a great beauty. I don't know how many brothers have tried to pursue her but failed. You have to seize the opportunity.

Once Situ Yunfei finished speaking, Situ Yunfei went back to the wine table to mingle with some friends before Chen Feng could speak.

Chen Feng was speechless, why did everyone want me to do something? Do I look like such a beast? [TN: Gonna italicize it when someone is speaking to themselves]

Xiao Lin's room is on the third floor, and Chen Feng has been there before so he naturally will not forget.

Upon entering the room, a fragrant scent rushed into Chen Feng's nose and it smelled very nice.

Xiao Lin was put gently on the bed and Chen Feng helped her take off her shoes. Seeing Xiao Lin sleep soundly, he didn't want to wake her up so he was as quiet as possible.

Thank you, big hooligan. Chen Feng, who was about to cover the blanket over Xiao Lin suddenly heard soft words.

Looking down, Chen Feng saw Xiao Lin squinting and looking at him.

Uh, you woke up? Chen Feng smiled, and gently covered Xiao Lin with the blanket.

.... For a while, Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin silently, In your eyes, am I that kind of person?

Xiao Lin thought for a while, then nodded with affirmation.

Okay, so aren't you afraid that I might eat you now? Chen Feng glanced over Xiao Lin's body and said with a sneer, You know, there's only me and you in this room. Chen Feng tried to scare Xiao Lin.

I have to say, Xiao Lin's figure is really exquisite. Despite being covered with a thin quilt, Chen Feng can still see the thrilling curve of her body.

Look, look, the original shape is revealed. Xiao Lin grinned, then raised her chest, and looked at Chen Feng slyly, Do you dare to eat me?

You dare me to? Chen Feng suddenly smiled evilly, I almost forgot that my role is your boyfriend as of right now, so let me do what a boyfriend should do.

While speaking, Chen Feng's head approached Xiao Lin gently.

Xiao Lin's eyes suddenly trembled and her breathing suddenly quickened. However, she remained still, just silently watching Chen Feng's hand keep approaching herself.

Hmm A soft groan sounded suddenly in this quiet room


Chen Feng's face was very poor and the gloom on his face was almost congealed, and his brow frowned fiercely.

What's wrong? Xiao Lin was confused when she saw that Chen Feng had stopped.

One of my police friends has an accident and is in a life threatening danger. I must go there immediately! Chen Feng's gloomy face showed a hint of guilt, but more anxious.

Friend? Is your police friend named Lili? Xiao Lin thoughtfully said as she looked at Chen Feng and asked gently. She already knew some basic situations of Chen Feng and naturally knew about Lili, a friend who shared an apartment with him.

Un. Chen Feng nodded solemnly.

Un! Chen Feng nodded, then walked to the window, and his body jumped into the night.

Hmm... Xiao Lin looked at the direction where Chen Feng disappeared, and seemed to be thinking something.

After a long time, she sighed, walked to her desk, and opened a drawer.

Inside is a simple tube. Below the hole, a curled bronze book lay there quietly.

Gently taking out the book, she saw the four golden words Tianjue Zhen Tu deeply imprinted on it and it looked extremely eye-catching. Vaguely, a powerful aura emanated from these few golden characters.

Xiao Lin's eyes were full of seriousness and she gently opened the Tian Ju Zhen Tu. This is the second time she has opened the book, and the first time was when she just got it.


Lili is in danger, speed up! Chen Feng dashed in the night. At this point, he could no longer bother to conceal his figure, and ran directly between the high-rise buildings, running towards the place he felt! [TN: Should I keep it as Lili or change it back to Lili. When I read her name, it sounds like Lili]

Just now, he felt a wave, which came from the talisman that he gave to Lili.

In the past, in order to prevent Lili from being hurt by the killer in the case, Chen Feng deliberately gave Lili a talisman for protection.

This means that Lili is in fatal danger!

Faster...! Chen Feng frantically used his Qi and looked like a ghost, rushing forward, leaving only a series of afterimages.