The Peerless Master Chapter 86 - Chen Feng's Present

Uncle Xiao, this is a pillow case made in snow cicada silk. It can calm your mind and it would be very helpful to your cultivation. It's my gift for you. Yin Chong took out a thin pillow case from his bag and handed it to Mr. Xiao.

Ah Chong, this is so precious. Moreover, the effect of this pillow case is so amazing and it must be more useful to you. Uncle Xiao can never accept it. Mr. Xiao waved his hand quickly and refused.

Uncle Xiao, please accept this if you still think of me as your nephew. Yin Chong handed the pillow case to Mr. Xiao, and whispered, Brother Xiao Xian was very good to me, and Uncle Xiao is just like my father. If it wasn't for the sake of saving me, brother Xiao and sister-in-law wouldn't… As he said that, Yin Chong burst into tears and was extremely sad.

Mr. Xiao remembered the reason for the death of his son and daughter-in-law, and his face was full of grief. Xiao Lin was aside, her eyes were red, she didn't speak, she just clenched her little fist and looked extremely sad.

Now my brother and sister-in-law are deceased, I must fulfill their filial piety in their stead. Uncle Xiao must not refuse my gift. Yin Chong looked at Mr. Xiao with firm eyes.

Good boy, good boy. Mr. Xiao clenched Yin Chong's hand tightly and said nothing for a long time.

The atmosphere suddenly seemed sad, and everyone was immersed in the sadness, without speaking.

Mr. Xiao shook his hands again and again: Mr. Chen, I am still very grateful for what you've done. How can I accept your gift? Don't mention it again.

Chen Feng smiled, glanced at Xiao Lin, and smiled, Mr. Xiao, Xiao Lin and I are friends. You are Xiao Lin's grandfather, meaning you are also my elder. Today is your birthday so I cannot come empty-handed. Then, Chen Feng reached for his pocket and took out a green jade.

Xiao Lin couldn't help but blush when she heard what Chen Feng said.

This... Mr. Xiao stunned slightly, looking at the jade. He is well-informed and he immediately felt the difference between this jade and others.

What? Seeing the jade, Yin Chong was surprised and couldn't help saying, Brother Chen, can you show it to me?

Chen Feng passed the jade to Yin Chong without hesitation.

This, this is... Yin Chong held the jade and murmured to himself.

Uncle, isn't it just a jade? What's so amazing about it? Xiao Lin said puzzledly, The jade has a nice color, is it very expensive?

Mr. Xiao was also a little confused. Although he didn't say it out of courtesy, his eyes looking at Yin Chong were full of inquiries.

Uncle Xiao, you see it for yourself. Yin Chong smiled and passed the jade in his hand to Mr. Xiao.

Mr. Xiao took the jade.

Eh? As soon as he touched the jade, Mr. Xiao's eyes suddenly changed and became unbelievable. He looked at Chen Feng with a little more surprise.

However, Chen Feng just looked at Mr. Xiao with a faint smile and didn't reach out to grab.

Chen Feng didn't answer, but Xiao Lin, the little girl, took the jade, put it in her hand, weighed it, and couldn't help pouting, Grandpa, isn't this just an ordinary jade, is there something strange about this?

Little girl, you don't understand, quickly return it to Mr. Chen. Mr. Xiao looked serious and rebuked.

Mr. Xiao, I have already handed it to you so I won't take it back again. If you don't want it, just throw it away. Chen Feng was full of smiles, but in his words, he was irresistibly firm.

This ... Mr. Xiao was troubled.

At this time, Yin Chong hurriedly advised, Uncle Xiao, since it is the intention of Brother Chen, it is better to accept it.

Grandpa, isn't it just a jade, take it. Xiao Lin wrinkled her little nose, apparently wondering why her grandpa seemed so troubled.

Yin Chong explained solemnly: Xiao Lin, don't underestimate this jade. It might look inconspicuous but even ten of uncle's snow silk isn't able to match up to this.

Xiao Lin's heart was full of shock, No, uncle, this snow silk, it's a priceless item. Is this little jade so valuable?

It's not only valuable, it's priceless. Grandpa Xiao lamented, With this jade, Grandpa's goal of condensing True Yuan and entering the realm of a Grand Master is just around the corner and it can save ten years of hard work.

So amazing? Xiao Lin's eyes startled, and she turned to ecstasy: So, grandpa, take it as soon as possible.

Yes, Uncle Xiao, don't refuse the kindness of Brother Chen. Yin Chong also persuaded him.

Seeing this, Chen Feng was a bit stunned and he immediately helped Mr. Xiao Lao up and said, Mr. Xiao Lao has a long life. How can this be a great gift?

Hey, big hooligan. Xiao Lin suddenly thought of something and looked at Chen Feng with an unscrupulous look, How can you have such a precious thing?

As soon as her words came out, Mr. Xiao and Yin Chong were staring straight at Chen Feng, their faces full of curiosity.

Hehe, picked it up. Chen Feng chuckled, raised his glass and drank it.

Humph, only a ghost will believe you... Xiao Lin rolled her eyes and stopped talking.

Come, everyone, let's eat and drink... Mr. Xiao laughed with a grin. He was so excited that he couldn't calm down for a long time. This jade is the one that Chen Feng scoured on the antique streets that can store spirits. After Chen Feng went back, he inscribed a lot of formations in it.

Although a quasi divine weapon has not yet reached the level of divine weapon, it is already the supreme artifact in the mortal world. In particular, this jade is not an ordinary quasi divine weapon for fighting, but a quasi divine weapon to assist in cultivation, making its value increase dramatically.

Well, if the quality of the material is higher, I can make a divine weapon, and the effect can be improved several times. Chen Feng sighed in his heart.