The Peerless Master Chapter 85 - Xia Yinchong

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Old guy, finally willing to come out? The corner of Chen Feng's mouth slightly raised, displaying a profound smile.

As soon Huang Mao came in and made a big speech, Chen Feng felt a sudden outburst of Qi in a certain corner. Based on this Qi, Chen Feng immediately knew that Mr. Xiao must be in hiding, silently observing the situation.

Therefore, in accordance with the wishes of Mr. Xiao, Chen Feng cracked down on the HUang brothers fiercely. It was also a gift to Mr. Xiao.

Oh, why is it so lively here? Mr. Xiao's face was full of smiles, as if he hadn't seen the anger on Huang Guodong's face and he grinned: Well, isn't this Guodong, haha, why are you still standing? Come, lets sit

Grandpa Xiao, I'm here to say hello and it seems that some people want to cause trouble. Huang Guodong suppressed his anger and squinted at Chen Feng, who was checking the cheque. His voice was a little unpleasant.

Following Huang Guodong's vision, Mr. Xiao cried out in surprise, Ah, isn't this Mr. Chen, why didn't you tell me you were here.

Just now in secret, Mr. Xiao has taken a close look at the actions of Chen Feng and his granddaughter Xiao Lin. At this time, looking at Chen Feng and his granddaughter, Mr. Xiao's eyes are full of joy.

However, he did not dare to explode now, because Mr. Xiao stood with a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man is lean and unusual, but looks energetic. Although he doesn't look muscular, his stature made him look powerful.

Uncle. Xiao Lin went joyfully into the middle-aged man's arms and exclaimed coquettishly.

Haha, Xiaolin, we haven't seen each other for three years. Xiao Lin has become even more beautiful again. The middle-aged man patted Xiao Lin's head and looked at Chen Feng with a smile on his face, Xiao Lin.. Why haven't you introduced this young man to me yet?

Xiao Lin's face turned red, but she blinked her eyes and disdainfully said, He, he's a big hooligan. Why introduce him?

Speaking of it, Xiao Lin seemed to think of something and her face was red again, pointing at Chen Feng full of threats and saying, Big bad guy, look carefully, this is my uncle. See how he will teach you a lesson.

Nephew, Mr. Chen is the person I told you about Mr. Xiao reminded his nephew in a timely manner.

What, he is the one who cured you, Mr. Chen? The middle-aged man was astounded and looked around at this Chen Feng. He couldn't help sighing, I didn't think Mr. Chen to be so young but so capable.

Oh, thank you for the praise. Chen Feng said indifferently, not humble at all.

In the eyes of the middle-aged man, there was a flash of light. He held his fist at Chen Feng and performed the etiquette of a martial artist, I, Xia Yinchong, have seen brother Chen.

Hehe, I, Chen Feng, have seen Brother Yin. Chen Feng held his fist indifferently. The practice of etiquette for martial artists and cultivators are not much different.

I am ashamed. Brother Chen, this is the first time we met today but I didn't prepare any good gifts. I can only give you this token as a greeting gift for now. After that, Yin Chong took a token out of his pocket and handed it to Chen Feng.

With this token, Brother Chen can always seek help from my Wudang. My Wudang will definitely help you. There is a strong pride in Yin Chong's words.

Hey, uncle. Why are you giving it to this bad guy Xiao Lin shook Yin Chongs hand coquettishly.

Ha ha. Yin Chong smiled, Xiao Lin seems to be anxious because I am taking away her alone time with brother Chen

Uncle…. Xiao Linqiao blushed shyly.

Yin Chon, one of the four gentlemen in Wudang. I am fortunate to be able to see you today. Suddenly, Huang Guodong, who had been ignored, shouted loudly.

Oh? You are the boy of the Huang family. It seems you have some talent. Yin Chong looked at Huang Guodong with a smile on his face, However, Xiao Lin doesn't like you so don't waste your time

Huang Guodong's heart was extremely angry but his face was the same as usual, Mister Yin's words, how can Guodong dare to disobey. However, this marriage was proposed by Xiao'ers father, how can we disobey his last wish?

Last wish? So what! It doesn't matter if my brother is dead, even if he is still alive, Laozi will ruin this marriage! Yin Chong looked impatient: Go back and tell this to your father. If there is any problem, let him come to me directly.

Since mister Yin says so, I will naturally tell my father your original words. Huang Guodong's face was also a little unsightly. After all, he just received a green hat and moreover, this marriage contract was going to be destroyed.

Strongly suppressing the anger in his heart, he waved his hand, and immediately one came forward holding a red brocade box.

Huang Guodong held it and put it on the table, and said to Mr. Xiao, This is the millennium snow ginseng that my father ordered me to send to Mr. Xiao for his birthday. After a pause, Huang Guodong said gloomily, Something happened so I must leave for today. Then, he stared at Chen Feng fiercely, and walked toward the door without looking back.

Anyway, it was an unpleasant situation and he didn't need to care about being rude.

However, Mr. Xiao's face became serious, reminding Chen Feng, Mr. Chen, this Huang Guodong is a man who holds grudges and is not weak in strength. Today, after losing face, you will have to be careful of his revenge.

Chen Feng smiled indifferently and did not speak. If Huang Guodong dares to take revenge, he must let him know why the flowers are so red.

Hahaha. Don't mention these unpleasant things. If he dares to come, I will help Brother Chen to teach him well. Yin Chong smiled: Come, time is almost up, Brother Chen, let's drink.

Uncle, he drank so much just now. Why are you still making him drink! Xiao Lin reminded in a hurry.

Haha, you already know how to care about your boyfriend? Yin Chong looked at Xiao Lin strangely, full of jokes.

Xiao Lin blushed to the neck, stomped her feet, and turned to run inside.