The Peerless Master Chapter 84 - Green Hat

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Just then, a loud humph came and made everyone's hearts tremble.

Who? Everyone looked back abruptly.

They saw a tall and thin young man coming in from the gate, his face was grim, and he was obviously extremely unhappy.

Huang Guodong! Liu Hui looked at the person and was startled.

Young Master Huang! Many people bowed their heads and said hello, full of praise. As the No. 1 heir of the Huang Group, his status is even higher than everyone present.

The Huang Group, even in the whole country, is ranked No. 1 in the ranks.

Humph, waste! Seeing Huang Mao's condition at the moment, Huang Guodong scolded resentfully.

Huh? Huang Mao opened his eyes, a flash of fear flashed in his blood-stained eyes, and his drunkenness was gone, Brother, why are you here?

He wanted to get up, but under the influence of alcohol, his body felt soft and weak.

If I didn't come, you would still be acting disgracefully here. Huang Guodong looked at Huang Mao resentfully with a face full of anger, Waste, you threw away our Huang family's face!

Brother, I... Huang Mao looked at Huang Guodong, and just wanted to say something but he didn't have the courage to speak. He is full of fear of his elder brother in his heart.

Humph, come here and drag this waste away! Huang Guodong said with disgust.

Wait! A light cry came suddenly, making the several guards suddenly pause.

What? Do you have an opinion? Huang Guodong looked at Chen Feng with an expression of anger.

I have no opinion about you dragging him away, but he hasn't fulfilled the bet As if Chen Feng had not seen Huang Guodong's anger, he still said coldly.

That is, since he was willing to gamble, he shouldn't be afraid of losing and he should honor his bet! Liu Hui looked at Chen Feng and Huang Guodong and said suddenly.

Liu Hui, you dare to talk to me like that? Huang Guodong gave a dismissive glance at Liu Hui, full of warnings: It seems you have forgotten about last time?

Liu Hui's eyes flashed a moment of fear and looked at Huang Guodong with alertness.

Although this matter had been sealed by his family for a long time, it was like a poisonous stab deep in his heart, making him sleepless.

Huang Guodong did not continue to pay attention, but looked at Chen Feng with interest and suddenly sneered, Oh? It seems that you are the little white face that Xiao Lin is keeping.

Huang Guodong, don't talk nonsense. When Xiao Lin heard that, she suddenly became angry and her little nose was wheezing and panting heavily, and it was really cute.

Are you angry since I scolded your little lover? Huang Guodong looked at Xiao Lin's appearance and a flash of lust appeared in his eyes.

You... Xiao Lin was angry. She pointed at Huang Guodong and was about to scold him but her hand was grabbed by Chen Feng.

What are you doing? This b*stard is scolding us. Xiao Lin frowned, looking at Chen Feng with a puzzled look.

After speaking, Chen Feng pulled Xiao Lin's body in one hand, holding Xiao Lin's slender body without hesitation and opened his mouth toward Xiao Lin's small mouth.

Huh? Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng's approaching mouth, and her heart moved, and she immediately understood what Chen Feng meant. Gritting her teeth, Xiao Lin's heart was fierce, her eyes closed, and Chen Feng kised her.

When their lips touched, both Chen Feng and Xiao Lin were shocked, and a strange feeling grew in their hearts.

The wonderful taste between their lips tasted lightly and their lips just separated with a slight touch. However, it is the moment that tells everything.

A strange ruddy surface appeared on Xiao Lin's face, making her look like a ripe apple, so attractive.

Bad guy... Xiao Lin gave Chen Feng a white eye, and whispered, but she was extremely cute.

Xiao Lin, his fiancee in name, did such a thing in public with another man. It made him feel uncomfortable and it felt as if he was wearing a green hat. [TN : Green Hat = C*cked]

Men don't like being cuckolded the most. Especially for people like Huang Guodong, they can go find another woman outside but their woman must not be touched by others.

Now, this Xiao Lin actually kissed other men in public, which made his anger completely burn.

No, no, Young Master Huang, how dare I irritate you? Chen Feng hurriedly waved and laughed, I just want to prove that Lin'er doesn't like you at all. So please be conscious and stop bothering my Lin'er.

Chen Feng's words immediately made Huang Guodong uncomfortable like eating shit. For him, his dignity as a man has been strongly trampled!

Boy, you are the first person to dare to speak to me like this. Huang Guodong's eyes looked like they could spit fire and a strong sense of killing intent permeated, causing the surrounding temperature to drop suddenly by a few degrees. For the first time, he was so eager to kill someone.

As if Chen Feng didn't feel Huang Guodong's killing intent at all, he rubbed his fingers and said, Young Master Huang, let's talk about the bet now. I'm not like Young Master Huang, you have a great career, but I am poor. No, I am in desperate need of money. After that, Chen Feng pretended to be pitiful.


Huang Guodong was about to explode. Ever since he started talking with Chen Feng, he found that his face was all gone. First, Xiao Lin has put a green hat on him and now, it is as if he had bet on something but he was in denial.

Humph, my Huang family can afford to lose a small bet. How much! Huang Guodong forcibly suppressed his monstrous anger and asked coldly.

Not much, not much, only 5 million, I believe it is a drizzle for Young Master Huang. Chen Feng looked at Huang Guodong with admiration.

Okay! Huang Guodong gruntly took out a check, and wrote on it, This is 5 million, take it!

Ha ha, Young Master Huang is really generous so I won't be disrespectful and refuse. As soon as Chen Feng reached out his hand, he easily caught the check.

When Huang Guodong saw this, there was a flash of light in his eyes!

Haha, you are all here. I was too busy to entertain everyone before I came. Suddenly, a healthy voice came in, sounding very happy.

Old guy, finally willing to come out? The corner of Chen Feng's mouth slightly raised, displaying a profound smile.