The Peerless Master Chapter 83 - Winning Or Losing

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The sound of gulping sounded from time to time.

Huang Mao drank Maotai in the cup in one breath.

With a full glass of Maotai under his belly, Huang Mao's face exudes a touch of warmth, but there are no signs of drunkenness.

For a long time, he was known for being able to drink. After many battles, no one in Hangzhou city dared to compete with him.

How can there be someone who can drink Maotai more quickly than me? Besides, how many bottles of this Maotai can you drink? Huang Mao thought proudly and began to drink. His confidence was back.

Huh? Huang Mao looked at Chen Feng suddenly.

Huang Mao saw Chen Feng looking at him with a smile and he was holding an empty bottle with the mouth of the bottle facing down, and no drop of Maotai was dripping.

So fast? Huang Mao suddenly felt it was unbelievable. How can you be so fast, are you cheating? Then, Huang Mao looked intently at the people around him.

However, seeing the look of everyone's face, Huang Mao's heart suddenly clenched a bit.

I'm done with one bottle, how about you? Then, Chen Feng still shook the empty bottle in his hand and motioned to Huang Mao, I have one bottle, you have one, is it fair?

Hurry pu, let's open up another bottle! Chen Feng said flatly, but there was an irresistible pressure on Huang Mao.

Hum, just drink faster, I don't believe you can keep going so fast. Huang Mao swallowed the Maotai frantically, thinking to himself.

After drinking one bottle, the second bottle will be picked up immediately. Even after drinking a full bottle, Huang Mao did not even have a hint of redness.

Boy, I've finished drinking too, now it's too late to admit defeat. Don't get too drunk to the point you won't be able to even recognize your mother. Huang Mao looked at Chen Feng coldly as he said.


While Huang Mao was talking, Chen Feng opened another bottle of Maotai.

The second bottle, I will continue, you can do whatever. Chen Feng was very calm but extremely intimidating, causing Huang Mao to be slightly stifled.

Okay, since you are going to drink like that, I'll do the same Huang Mao felt angry and also raised another bottle of Maotai that had been opened to his mouth, and gulped it down like Chen Feng.

Drinkers must know that in fact, even gulping down from a bottle is not as fast as drinking in a wine glass. The bottle mouth is small and it will only pour out a fixed amount at a time.

Now, Huang Mao has encountered such a problem.



He continued to gulp the Maotai but found that he couldn't drink anymore. Anxious under his heart, he squinted and found that Chen Feng was already shaking the empty bottle at him.

-Cough, Cough-

Huang Mao was in shock and forgot the Maotai bottle in his mouth and accidentally drank some Maotai without paying attention, causing him to cough violently.

However, Huang Mao felt uncomfortable when he saw Chen Feng's eyes staring at him. What is that look, scorn?

Huang Mao stifled the cough, bit the mouth of the bottle, and groaned again.

Aftering finishing the bottle, Huang Mao finally calmed down and looked at Chen Feng without any sign of weakness.

He was just stunned just now, but his limits are far more than that.

Huh, as if I'm afraid of you! Huang Mao was unwilling to show weakness and hurried to keep up.


It's the seventh bottle. Why haven't he won?

Yeah, Huang Shao's alcohol consumption has always been very good. I never thought that Miss Xiao's boyfriend would be so powerful.

Well, who do you say will win?

It must be Huang Shao. In drinking, Huang Shao has never lost anyone!


There was a lot of discussion around, and this Maotai Competition opened their eyes.

Huang Mao's condition today is absolutely excellent, because his resentment towards Chen Feng has given him a super-long play. Originally, his limit was six bottles of Maotai, but now that the seventh bottle is down, he can still stand by himself.

However, Huang Mao was not proud at all. Chen Feng also drank seven bottles of Maotai but he is still able to stand in front of him.

This b*stard is not human. These seven bottles are not beer, but the authentic Matai. Can it be that he is not affected at all after drinking seven bottles?

Looking at Chen Feng who smiled at him, Huang Mao had an impulse to admit defeat. There was no way. The opponent was too powerful.

Admit defeat? As if It would have been fine if Chen Feng had not said so but since he did, Huang Mao jumped up in anger. He pointed at Chen Feng and yelled, I'm afraid you can't last any longer, again!

While talking, Huang Mao grabbed a bottle of Maotai that had been opened and poured it into his mouth. As of today, this is the first time he drank before Chen Feng.

Ha ha. Looking at Huang Mao who's whole face is red, Chen Feng smiled helplessly, picked up a bottle and gulped it up.



Huang Mao swallowed the fragrant liquor and the Maotai kept leaking from his mouth, soaking his clothes, and flowing to the ground. At this time, he could not taste the Maotai at all. [TN: Just so you know, I don't drink so I really don't know much about alcohol so I had to search these things up.]

Are you done? Chen Feng asked, shaking his empty bottle.

A... Huang Mao yelled, but suddenly, his face turned pale, and he vomited while holding the table.

-Blarghhhhh- [TN: Sound for throwing up, searched it on google]

A sour smell of alcohol spread with his vomiting, making everyone frown.

Huh, it smells so bad! Xiao Lin said, covering her little nose.

Huang Mao, you lost! Liu Hui looked at Huang Mao who was vomiting and smiled.

However, the intense dizziness made Huang Mao's body no longer stable, and his foot was soft and fell to the ground.


A woman couldn't help but retched, and then more people retched.

Everyone was disgusted after seeing Huang Mao fall unconsciously on his vomit after he fell. What's even more outrageous is that his face was right in the center of the vomit.

I won't lose, let's do it again! Huang Mao didn't seem to know his condition at all and still lay on the ground. His mouth was closed and he rolled the pile of vomit on the ground a bit.



Just then, a loud humph came and made everyone's hearts tremble.