The Peerless Master Chapter 82 - Cheating

So, let's get started! Chen Feng easily grabbed a bottle of Maotai with a look, opened the cap, raised his head, and gulped down.

This… For him to drink like this... For a moment, even Huang Mao was stunned.

Is this bottle filled with water? How could he drink it like this?

No, it should be Maotai. We all saw him open the bottle

Everyone talked, and looked at Chen Feng with a little more admiration.

I suspect he cheated! Huang Mao cried suddenly, How can someone drink so much liquor like this? I ask for inspection!

When everyone heard this, they thought it was right. Here is the Xiao family. This man is now Xiao Lin's boyfriend. It is difficult for the Xiao family to not play tricks.

Grunting, Chen Feng swallowed the Maotai in his mouth, and stretched out the bottle in front of him calmly and said, Sure, take it for inspection.

Now, it's everyone's turn to be surprised. Unexpectedly, the young man agreed to the test without hesitation.

Everyone looked at each other but no one came forward.

Boss Jin, aren't you very knowledgeable about wine, go check it out. Huang Mao looked around and suddenly pointed at a somewhat fat middle-aged man.

The person named boss Jin suddenly smiled bitterly and stepped out.

Boss, you are a master of wine tasting. Come and help me check it out. If anything is found out, I will be in your debt. Huang Mao said with a reminder, the meaning of which is clear to everyone present.

Despicable, you are cheating! Xiao Lin cried angrily.

Hum, how am I cheating? Anyone present can testify. Am I cheating? Huang Mao grinned, looking at the eyes of those around him, faintly threatening.

Eh. The people around are people whose background are not as powerful as Huang Mao's so they didn't dare to say anything and they could only look away.

However, although they did not dare to speak, someone did.

Boss Jin, don't do anything bad. Liu Hui said quietly, looking at boss Jin.

Boss Kim sweated coldly on his face, and greeted the eighteen generations of Huang Mao and Liu Hui's ancestors in his heart. Who did he offend that caused him to be in such a situation? No matter which side he offends, he will have a hard time in the future.

Well, alright. Boss Jin gritted his teeth. He felt as if he was a death row prisoner next in line to be sent to the guillotine.

Boss Jin, don't panic, just tell the truth. Chen Feng looked at Boss with kindness.

Well, okay, okay! Boss Jin nodded again and again, Chen Feng reminded him to tell the truth, even if he offends which side, he has a reason.

Suddenly, Mr. Jin was more grateful to see Chen Feng's wink.

Taking the wine bottle in the hands of Chen Feng tremblingly, boss Jin's expression froze.

Hey, why is it so light? He tried to shake the bottle. Hey... hey... For a while, Boss Jin looked at Chen Feng with surprise and .. admiration.

This man is so fierce that he almost drunk the whole bottle of Maotai in one sip. You know, this is a Maotai and it has a burning sensation as you drink it.

However, shocked as he may be, the business is not to be forgotten.

Gently putting the tip of the mouth of the bottle to his nose and sniffing at it,, a mellow scent of Maotai rushed to his nose, letting Mr. Jin's face flash a look of enjoyment.

Then he fetched a wine glass, poured it into it, and sipped it.

Boss, how about it, is it fake maotai? Huang Mao hurriedly said. In the words, his deep suggestion was not concealed.

Well, this maotai is... Boss paused, but it dangled everyone's appetite: This is an authentic Maotai. There is no problem at all.

What? Are you mistaken? How could it be true? Huang Mao's face suddenly turned black, and he looked at Boss Jin with warning.

Well, it's true, it's real. As if Boss Jin didn't see Huang Mao's warning, his body was slightly leaned against Liu hui's position.

After offending Huang Mao, he had to find an umbrella quickly.

Hey, Boss Jin has checked it, and the Maotai is really okay. Liu Hui looked at boss Jin admiringly and laughed, Think about it, is the Xiao family the type that likes to play conspiracy? Liu Hui stared at Huang Mao slightly.

You... Huang Mao knew the meaning behind Liu Hui's words. He was actually accusing himself of conspiracy but he couldn't refute it. This refutation is tantamount to scolding the Xiao family for playing tricks.

Okay, since it has been checked, then the authenticity of the maotai is no problem. Huang Mao's eyes turned cold, However, just now, that bottle of Maotai, Boss Jin has helped you drink a lot so it is not fair so the bottle just now doesn't count, you have to reopen a bottle.

As soon as Huang Mao said this, everyone was shocked and felt that he was too shameless. Everyone saw Boss Jin tastes just a little bit of it but he is said to have drunk a lot.

Huang Mao, you are really shameless. Xiao Lin's eyes were full of contempt and she could not help but say. Liu Hui acted more directly and said nothing and only extended his right hand and raised his middle finger at Huang Mao.

How's it, brother, do you agree or not? It's okay if you don't agree, but you will lose one bottle when we get the results. Huang Mao didn't seem to see the scornful expression of the people around him and still has a smirk, and it made people have an urge to punch him.

Okay, I agree! Chen Feng still had no mood swings and nodded.

Chen Feng, you are crazy. Xiao Lin screamed in surprise and cursed, This is obviously what Huang Mao wants

With Chen Feng's consent, the Xiao family's servant brought over another bottle of Moutai a short time later.

So, can we start? Chen Feng looked at Huang Mao and said.

Come on. Huang Mao opened the bottle and poured it in a wine glass. He isn't able to gulp down the Maotai like Chen Feng.

When Chen Feng saw that Huang Mao had begun, he grabbed a bottle of Maotai, opened the seal and gulped it down.

Domineering! All the onlookers applauded secretly.



The sound of Chen Feng gulping down the Maotai was clear and crisp, twitching everyone's nerves.

This fool, drinking so fiercely, what are you doing? Xiao Lin squeezed her fist, her heart full of worry.