The Peerless Master Chapter 81 - Maotai Competition

Boy, do you dare to have a fair duel with me? Huang Mao said angrily.

Duel. This is a common way of dealing with grievances among these young masters.

Since the families of these young masters often have close business relationships, in order not to hurt the family's peace, they will not brazenly fight for their lives, so they started to use this duel habit.

Why does he have to fight with you! Xiao Lin suddenly became angry, this man was really annoying.

Sister-in-law, women shouldn't intervene in things between men. Huang Mao looked at Chen Feng with a smile and said coldly, Boy, don't hide behind a woman. If you are a man, come out and let's have a duel!

Chen Feng, don't be fooled, don't go! Xiao Lin reminded Chen Feng and held his arm.

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin with a smile. Suddenly, he was holding Xiao Lin's body again, leaning gently next to Xiao Lin's ears, and jokingly said, Oh my, you care so much for your boyfriend.

Chen Feng's breath blew on Xiao Lin's ears, causing it to itch and making Xiao Lin's body soft. If Chen Feng wasn't holding her, she might have fallen.

Bad guy, why do you need to make it worse at this time! Xiao Lin's face flushed, biting her lips, and cursing.

Look at how I will give him a lesson Chen Feng squeezed Xiao Lin's face and said softly.

Bad guy... Xiao Lin blushed to the neck. This bad guy is not her true boyfriend. Why did he do such an intimate action to her?

Okay, why not? Chen Feng stepped out slowly.

Hump, you still have a bit of backbone. Huang Mao saw Chen Feng accept his challenge and nodded with satisfaction. However, the next moment, his expression turned and he was proud of himself, This time, since I challenge you, then I have the right to choose what duel we do.

Brother, you have the right to reject the duel he proposed and then you can choose a different method. Liu Hui could not help but remind.

Hump, so much nonsense! Huang Mao glared at Liu Hui. This man has been fighting against him today. Sooner or later, he will find a way to rectify it.

Okay, you choose. Chen Feng said indifferently.

Don't worry, let's talk about the bet of the duel first. Huang Mao said coldly.

You choose! Chen Feng remained indifferent, as if he was not the one dueling.

Okay, that's what you said. Huang Mao's eyes flashed suddenly, full of conspiratorial taste, Betting small is boring and I don't think you can afford it if we go too big so it's better to set it at five million.


As soon as Huang Mao's words came out, the audience was shocked.

Is Huang Mo Joking? Five million is not a small number. Even if many of the people present are successful people in Hangzhou city, they can't come up with five million in a flash. The Huang family was indeed rich and wealthy, and he just took out five million. Now, that kid should be in trouble.

Huang Mao looked at Chen Feng full of contempt: Are you afraid. Dt you dare to bet? Don't worry, if you don't have five million, that's OK, I can let you owe it for ten or eight days.

Huang Shao is so kind. He treats a stranger with such tolerance. The people around him started to bootlick again.

Huang Mao was in high spirits after hearing the bootlicking.

Oh, five million, I can still afford it. Chen Feng smiled easily, took out a bank card from his pocket, and shook it in front of everyone.

The batch of gold jewellery was sold to Ru Lan's Tiancheng Jewelry, and Chen Feng's account suddenly increased by more than 8 million..


Everyone was shocked again. The onlookers couldn't believe it. The mediocre man in front of them really dared to agree, and took out a bank card. Although they don't know the exact number in the bank card, since this man dares to take it out, he will not be short of it.

Okay, since you dare to bet, don't blame me if you lose your five million. Huang Mao looked at Chen Feng with a vicious face, Let's do a drinking competition, do you agree?

Brother, don't promise, this Huang Mao's alcohol tolerance is very good, you can't outdrink him. Liu Hui hurriedly reminded and the way he said brother became more and more smooth.

Well. Chen Feng gave Liu Hui a grateful look. Chen Feng is like this. Whoever treats him is good to him, he will be good to him. Although Liu Hui also offended him at the beginning, at this moment, he is trying to help himself. Chen Feng naturally would not think that Liu Hui suddenly wanted to become friends but no matter what his purpose for helping is, Chen Feng was grateful.

Okay, I accept! Chen Feng's words surprised everyone. Everyone thought that after Liu Hui's reminder, Chen Feng would surely refuse, but no one would have thought that Chen Feng would agree to it without thinking.

This fool... Liu Hui looked at Chen Feng speechlessly.

Hahaha, you are really daring! Huang Mao was naturally very happy to see Chen Feng agree. When it comes to the amount of alcohol he can consume, he is very confident in it and he hasn't met anyone who can handle more alcohol than him. How can he not outdrink Chen Feng who is unknown?

The duel is established, and naturally someone gets what the duel needs. With the help of the servants of the Xiao family, it was not long before they were ready.

A row of clear Maotai was lined up straight on a long table, divided into two portions on each side, ten bottles on each side.

Are you afraid? Huang Mao looked arrogant. Under normal circumstances, his opponent will admit defeat at five bottles while he would usually finish all ten.

Hehe, that's not enough. Chen Feng's face was extremely serious, Get ten more bottles!


Everyone almost spat out their drinks. The moment Chen Feng spoke, he instantly shocked everyone. Brother, do you think it's mineral water? Matter of fact, can you even finish the ten original bottles? Let alone ten more.

What on earth does Chen Feng want to do? Xiao Lin stared blankly at Chen Feng, her palms clenching. It is unknown when but her palms were a bit sweaty.

Haha, you want to scare me? There is no way! Huang Mao said secretly, but his face was very agreeable, Good spirit, then bring in ten more bottles.

Before long, another 20 bottles of Maotai were placed on the long table. Suddenly, the number of bottles doubled.

This doubled Maotai.. The psychological pressure is not as simple as 1+1. Although Huang Mao is an amazing drinker and has good alcohol tolerance. He suddenly regretted agreeing to Chen Feng's request.

So, let's get started! Chen Feng easily grabbed a bottle of Maotai with a look, opened the cap, raised his head, and gulped down.

This… For him to drink like this... For a moment, even Huang Mao was stunned.