The Peerless Master Chapter 80 - Change Of Liu Hui

Huang Mao, what are you doing here! Xiao Lin's face was full of lingering disgust.

Why can't I come? Huang Mao yelled at Xiao Lin in a weird voice, Sister-In-Law

Sister in law?

Huang Mao's title to Xiao Lin immediately caused surprise to the people around them. They never expected that Huang Mao would call Xiao Lin like this.

You... what are you talking about! Xiao Lin was full of resentment, pointing at Huang Mao and argued, When did I become your sister-in-law?

Yes, Huang Mao, medicine can be eaten indiscriminately, but you can't say anything indiscriminately. When did Xiao Lin become your sister-in-law? Liu Hui said coldly. Originally, he thought that as long as Chen Feng was forced away, he would be able to get Xiao Lin. Who knew that before he could deal with Chen Feng, someone else would pop up. Moreover, he immediately called Xiao Lin sister-in-law. How can Liu Hui stand this?

Squinting at Liu Hui, Huang Mao held his chest up and said aloud, Xiao Lin and my elder brother have had a marriage contract since childhood. All the members of the Xiao family have known about it. Why, Liu Hui, do you want to rob the woman of my elder brother? Huang Mao Looking at Liu Hui was full of warnings.

Your brother? Huang Guodong? Liu Hui's eyes flashed with fear, looking at Huang Mo with a face full of alertness.

Why, are you dissatisfied? Huang Mao seemed happy when he saw the look of alertness in Liu Hui's face.

Liu Hui struggled for a while, took a deep look at Huang Mao, and stopped talking. However, everyone could see the strong anger in this man's eyes.

Huang Mao, don't talk nonsense. When did I agree to marry into your Huang family? Xiao Lin said with anger in her face as she held her waist. Moreover, Huang Guodong is shameless. He wants me to marry him, wishful thinking! After saying so, Xiao Lin sighed in disgust, as if venting her anger.

Huang Mao was not angry at all, but was full of pride: At the time, it was your father who proposed this marriage contract and my Huang Family did not even force your father. Do you want your father to roll in his graves because you don't want to?

When she heard this, Xiao Lin was pale. Her father and Huang Guodong's father were close friends. When Xiao Lin was young, he made this agreement after being drunk and although he really didn't mean to, the Huang family took it seriously, and they have been seizing this agreement all these years. Especially when Xiao Lin was eighteen years old, after her father died in an accident, the Huang family went to the door to hurry with this marriage but in the end, it was delayed under the excuse of Xiao Lin not finishing school yet.

Mr. Xiao was originally opposed to this marriage, and the bad things of Huang Guodong are well known. It is unknown as to how many ignorant girls have been destroyed by him. However, Xiao Lin's father has made a promise, and naturally, it cannot be a betrayal. So things have been dragged to the present.

Nonsense, my father was drunk at the time! Xiao Lin argued loudly, a sorrow flashed on her face. Her father's death, even after many years, has made her sad.

Huang Mao didn't care about Xiao Lin's excuse and looked at Chen Feng with a scornful look, Boy, last time I met, I already warned you, I never thought you would dare stay with my sister-in-law. Do you want to refuse the toast you were offered?

Huang Mao, this is the Xiao family. Today is the birthday of Mr. Xiao, do you still want to cause trouble? Suddenly, Liu Hui, who had just given up under Huang Mao's words, suddenly exclaimed.

Suddenly, everyone present looked at Liu Hui in amazement and confusion. Liu Hui had just fought with Xiao Lin's a white-collar boyfriend so why did he suddenly change his mind and help his rival?

Even Xiao Lin looked at Liu Hui in perplexity, not knowing what to think.

Liu Hui, how brave you are, dare to muddle in my brother's affairs? Huang Mao glared at Liu Hui and cursed.

I naturally can't meddle in your brother's affairs. I can't interrupt who Xiao Lin is going to marry anyway. But now, at the Xiao family's banquet, if you dare to cause trouble, I have to help Mr. Xiao to control it. Liu Hui's words were full of confrontation. Although he doesn't want to mess with Huang Guodong but for someone like Huang Mao, he naturally isn't afraid.

What's more, he really likes Xiao Lin. Although he often thought about dominating Xiao Lin from time to time, that is due to his feeling of superiority that he has from childhood to now. If Xiao Lin is really forced to marry Huang Guodong, he would naturally be uncomfortable.

Thinking about this, Liu Hui also felt that Chen Feng was much more pleasing to the eyes. At least, he does not hate him as much anymore.

You... Huang Mao was so speechless. Just now, he was relying on his brother to make a name for himself and he was also borrowing the prestige of his elder brother Huang Guodong. However, it seems that the prestige of his elder brother is not enough. Causing trouble at Mr. Xiao's birthday party, isn't this foolish?

What do you mean causing trouble. Wasn't I just saying hello to this friend? Huang Mao's face changed but a sudden smile filled his face and he said to Chen Feng, Although this friend is humble, he looks really good, no wonder he can seduce a beautiful woman like my sister-in-law.

Chen Feng listened, just smiled slightly, and didn't care.

Huang Mao, what are you talking about? Xiao Lin was full of indignation, but saw Chen Feng still standing calmly beside him so she could not help but complain. Chen Feng, he said that to you, aren't you angry at all?

Chen Feng smiled lightly: If a crazy dog bites you, do you still bite it back?


After listening to Chen Feng's words, Xiao Lin's anger suddenly disappeared, and her small face was smirking happily, it was lovely.

You dare to call me a crazy dog? Bastard, you're trying to die! Huang Mao was angry, and rushed up with his arms up, bitterly insulting the man who insulted himself. Nothing is more important than face for rich young masters.

However, as soon as Huang Mao was about to rush up, a person blocked his way.

Liu Hui, do you dare to stop me? Huang Mao stared at Liu Hui who was standing in front of him, looking furious, You bastard, move, or I'll fight you together!

Humph! At the banquet of Mr. Xiao, if you dare to look for trouble. I will be the first one to stop it! Liu Hui looked at Chen Feng and was also a little surprised, and smiled slightly. As the saying goes, the enemy's enemy is a friend. Since Huang Guodong is going to grab his favorite person, he doesn't mind messing with Huang Mao. In terms of family background, he is no worse than Huang Mao!

When Huang Mao saw that, he knew that naturally he could not rush up stupidly. However, he still looked at Chen Feng fiercely, and said angrily, Boy, do you dare to have a fair duel with me?