The Peerless Master Chapter 8 - Bet

In the blink of an eye, there is only Chen Feng alone in the room.

Sigh... What is wrong with this world Chen Feng murmured, but after a while, Chen Feng smiled ironically However, I am not Dan Zu anymore. I am just a migrant worker at the bottom of the society....

They just left... Well, its okay, they have given me time to do my own thing Chen Feng returned to his room and came out with a large bag of Chinese medicines.

Such a big bag but its only enough for me to make a dose of the Strengthening Soup. Chen Feng took the herbal medicines out of the bag and poured it into a pot.

Because there is no ceramic pot, Chen Feng can only use this pot to replace it. Although it will affect the efficacy of the drug, there is no better choice at the moment.

After a while, the whole pot was filled with herbs. After Chen Feng filled it up the water, he turned on the gas stove and ignored it.

This Strengthening Soup was created in Chen Feng's past life and is not suitable for the cultivators. It is a soup that enhances physical fitness specially developed for mortals.

Thousands of years ago, a plague occurred in a large area in the secular world. There were countless deaths and injuries and people were not happy. Later, even the cultivators had to intervene. However, this plague is like a worm that is dead but at the same time, not dead. The moment this plague has just been suppressed, it had spread out again and it was impossible to control. In the end, there is no way for even those great cultivators to stop it. They had to jointly seek the Dan Zu of the time, that is, Chen Feng's past life.

After Dan Zu understood the situation, he only gave those people a handwritten prescription. Because the herbs inside are very common things, they can be seen everywhere in the world so it didn't take long for this medicine to appear. When people at that time drank this Strengthening Soup, their physical fitness increased greatly and they soon became immune to the plague. Moreover, under the influence of Strengthening Soup, more and more people are suitable for cultivation in the secular world and the competition for cultivation resources became more and more powerful. Eventually, it has triggered an unprecedented powerful war, which was later sealed by named by future generations as the War of the Gods

However, with the passage of time, this Strengthening Soup has long been lost.

In just one hour, a refreshing aroma filled the whole room and just smelling it made Chen Feng feel refreshed. Chen Feng knew that this Strengthening Soup is done.

Once he arrived to the kitchen, Chen Feng poured out the soup from the pot slowly, not much, just a bowl.

Chen Feng picked up the bowl and disregarded the heat as he drank it directly. The best time to drink this Strengthening Soup is when it has just come out of the pot. At this time, the decoction has not lost its effect and the effect is best.

Ugh...! The hot soup went straight into his lungs along his throat. Chen Feng was sweating coldly and the hot burn in his throat made his face look bad. However, after a while, a warm current suddenly surged throughout Chen Feng's body and the pain of the burn had immediately disappeared.

F*ck Chen Feng slightly opened his eyes. He felt that the warmth in his body was getting hotter and hotter. In the end, as if his body was on fire, Chen Feng's skin was like a cooked prawn, red and shiny.

Humph! The blue veins on his forehead are exposed and because Chen Feng had a strong willpower, he only gritted his teeth. Otherwise, he would have screamed in pain.


Like a volcanic eruption, Chen Feng's body suddenly spurts a powerful airflow that ejects along each of his pores. Suddenly, an endless stench filled the entire kitchen.

This is the impurities energy in the body. The first step in strengthening the body is to eliminate the impurity in the body

In a person's life, because of the consumption of food, some impurities will be left inside the body. Over time, these impurities will make the body age and bring diseases.


Then, Chen Feng felt his belly rumble and he immediately rushed to the toilet

Suddenly, the smell of the bathroom became extremely foul.

After a while, Chen Feng walked out of the toilet with satisfaction. At this time, Chen Feng felt that his body was more relaxed than ever before. His skin that had been tanned has miraculously whitened.

Finally, I have eliminated all the impurities inside my body. The next step is to strengthen it Chen Feng murmured. At the next moment, he did not care if the ground was clean or not and he sat cross-legged


We are back! A female voice rang at the door. Then, the door was opened and two shadows came in.

Huh? What is that smell? It's so strange Suddenly, Lili exaggeratedly sniffed very hard

Yes, it's so sweet. Mu Wan'er's nose also had a slight movement and her face was full of questions.

Oh, welcome back! The kitchen door was pushed open and they saw Chen Feng wearing an apron. He smiled and took out the dish as walked out, Wait for a while, the food is almost ready.

The two ran to the table in surprise and looked at the dishes Chen Feng had prepared, which looked extremely delicious.

The Satyr, are you sure you made this yourself? Lili looked at Chen Feng with disbelief, as if she were looking at a lying child.

Mu Wan'er did not say anything but she was also looking at Chen Feng with a face full of doubts.

Yeah, is there a problem? Chen Feng asked in a puzzledly. The dishes he cooked should be extremely delicious and full of flavors. Is it not cooking for thousands of years, and the crafts are unfamiliar? Although he hasn't cooked for about a thousand years, could it be that he has gotten rusty?

Lili grabbed a long dragon carved from a whole carrot in the dish and looked at Chen Feng strangely, Did you carve this?

When Chen Feng heard her words, he looked at her and said: Yeah, what's wrong, is it not well made?

Lili's face was black. Pulling Chen Feng went to the kitchen and grabbed the carrot from the refrigerator and said doubtfully, Well... Carve it again for this Aunt to look

Chen Feng suddenly understood the reason why the two women were shocked and could not help but smile, If I carved it again, what's in it for me?

Lili didn't want to think about it. When she turned her eyes, she said directly, If you really carved it, we will be yours tonight! As soon as Lili finished speaking, Mu Wan'er yanked Lili's shirt and made a face at her. Lili looked at Mu Wan'er with a big grin and smiled, Don't worry, do you really think that he can carve this dragon?

But... look Mu Wan'er's eyes were wide open, pointing to Chen Feng and she stopped talking.

Look at what... Lili followed Mu Wan'er's hand and the words on her mouth suddenly stopped. Chen Feng was holding a fruit knife and was brushing on the carrot. As the skin continued to fall off, a sharp red dragon has already begun to take shape.

Oh, that's right, the weather is really good today. Looking at Chen Feng's hand holding an identical dragon, Lili hurriedly shifted the subject.

Chen Feng looked at her and couldn't help but tease her, Are you going back on your words?

Listening to Chen Feng's words, Lili looked as if she was provoked. She suddenly jumped up and pointed at Chen Feng's nose. She was a little jealous: Humph, as if this Aunt will bother lying to you, eat first! After she said that, she walked out of the kitchen.

Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng with some worries and then walked out of the kitchen with her head down.