The Peerless Master Chapter 79 - Liu Hui

He is my boyfriend!

Xiao Lin's voice was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, making everyone stunned.

Boyfriend? This man turned out to be Miss Xiao's boyfriend? Everyone was staring with big eyes, full of disbelief.

What. Chen Feng almost spit out the wine in his mouth. He then whispered to Xiao Lin in reporach, Hey, what on earth are you talking about? Who is your boyfriend!

When Xiao Lin heard that, she gave Chen Feng a white-faced look, and said slyly, Well, no one else has the opportunity to be my boyfriend. Do you have any comments?

As she was talking, she held Chen Feng's arm tightly again, leaning her head gently on Chen Feng's shoulder, with a face full of happiness.

Feeling the softness of the two melons oppressed on his arm, Chen Feng smiled in disapproval.

This fool won't do anything!

How is it possible? I have been pursuing you for a few months and you haven't even given me a chance. This kid is a poor ghost at first sight, so why? brother Liu cried out in disbelief.

Yeah, yeah, why is this kid worthy of Miss Xiao?

Look at what he wears. It's so plain and it's so old. He must be a poor man.

I see, this man must be a little white-faced. I don't know what medicine he used to capture Miss Xiao's heart.

That is, that is...

People around pointed at Chen Feng, and there was a lot of discussion.

Hearing that people around him were helping him, brother Liu nodded with satisfaction and looked defiantly at Chen Feng who was next to Xiao Lin, Well, even though you have a handsome face, you have such poor acting skills. Do you really think you can deceive us?

While speaking, brother Liu looked at Xiao Lin with a playful look and smiled, Xiao Lin, you have to look for a better shield. How can you find such a poor looking man? Look, his clothes are not even worth a 100 yuan.

brother Liu's smile on his face looked like he had won the lottery.

Xiao Lin listened with a face full of disgust. She then reminded Chen Feng in a low voice and enjoyment, Now you know why I want you to play my boyfriend. This guy is like gum and is really hard to get rid of.

Hehe. Chen Feng smiled slightly and suddenly, a little ambiguous look appeared on his face.

Chen Feng then grabbed Xiao Lin's waist and let her lean tightly in his arms.

Hey... dead Chen Feng, what are you doing? Xiao Lin flushed, her brows full of anger and... shyness.

Don't you want me to play your boyfriend? Chen Feng smirked, Well, you have to do a full set...

As Chen Feng said, his eyes narrowed as he looked towards Xiao Lin's face.

Hey... don't... Xiao Lin was shocked, her hands resting on Chen Feng's chest, and she resisted.

However, how can these two weak hands resist Chen Feng's attack?

With a bang, Chen Feng's big mouth had been impressed on Xiao Lin's face.

Bad guy, what are you doing! Xiao Lin stomped angrily, trying to break away from Chen Feng's arms, but she couldn't get away anyway.

You said to make me pretend to be your boyfriend. Chen Feng grinned, Since we are doing a play, naturally I have to do a full set.

Bad guy, don't bully me any more! Xiao Lin flushed and was angry.

Hey... Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin with annoyance and smiled cheerfully.

The series of actions of Chen Feng and Xiao Lin are, to others, really ambiguous, like a playful relationship between couples, and the men present was grinding their teeth

However, Chen Feng's identity is that of Xiao Lin's boyfriend so it would be normal to do this.

Abominable, even in front of me, you dare to flirt with shamelessness brother Liu gritted his teeth, his eyes furious. If his eyes could kill people, Chen Feng would have been wounded and injured thousands of times.

However, brother Liu suddenly thought of something. When he turned his eyes towards Chen Feng, he laughed: It turned out that this brother is really Xiao Lin's boyfriend. It seems that I have offended you. Then, brother Liu walked up with a smile on his face and reached out his right hand, intending to shake hands with Chen Feng.

Chen Feng reached out his hands to brother Liu with a smile, without losing any manners.

Huh? brother Liu was startled. Although the man was dressed in humble clothes, when they shook hands, he felt that the aura around the man change.

Thinking of this, brother Liu couldn't help but be full of curiosity and said with a smile, My name is Liu Hui, the general manager of Liu's Weaving and the heir of the Liu Group. At this point, Liu Hui's eyes are full of pride, I wonder who this brother is?

Chen Feng looked up at Liu Hui, his face still smiling as he said, My name is Chen Feng, and now I am just a small office worker.

Oh, upi turned out to be a white-collar worker. Hearing Chen Feng's words, Liu Hui's face flashed a little contempt, and his tone faded a bit, You're lucky. You are able to approach Miss Xiao even though you are just a white-collar worker. I guess it's true that having a good face can get you many stuff In Liu Hui 's words, the kindness just now is gone, and the title of brother has become you, not to mention the implication in speech.

In Liu Hui's words, he scolded Chen Feng for being a gigolo.

Ha ha. As if Chen Feng didn't hear Liu Hui's implication, he still continued to smile. Looking at Xiao Lin who was looking at him in reproach, Chen Feng laughed, It's not me who wanted this. It's Miss Xiao who made me hug her. Moreover, she even volunteered

Chen Feng is telling the truth, but in the eyes of others, he seems to be showing off. It's like an ugly bastard pointing at his ex-girlfriend and saying this is my wife, which makes people have an impulse to run away. The most annoying is that he was still bragging about it. For a time, everyone had the urge to choke Chen Feng.


Chen Feng suddenly took a deep breath and felt a cramp in his waist. Looking down, Xiao Lin, with a black line on her face, clutched the soft meat around his waist and rotated it 360 degrees.

Hey, uh.... Chen Feng said with a smile.

Damn, b*tch! Chen Feng's words and Xiao Lin's actions made Liu Hui almost violent. He is a domineering person. Since seeing Xiao Lin, he has regarded her as his own pet. Now, seeing Xiao Lin and Chen Feng so close, he is extremely furious.

Do you, a mere white-collar worker deserve Miss Xiao? A yellow-haired man stepped out of the crowd and entered the field.

Huang Mao... Xiao Lin looked at the person who spoke with disgust.