The Peerless Master Chapter 78 - Boyfriend

Mr. Chen, you're here? An old man with gray hair came quickly, his steps full of health.

It's Steward Xu. Everyone widened his eyes and looked at the old man.

Steward Xu. Everyone present laughed and said hello to Steward Xu.

Steward Xu is an old man of the Xiao family. When he was young, he followed Mr. Xiao and is both his servant and brother.

Because he has been with Mr. Xiao all year round, Steward Xu has benefited a lot. He already has his own industry and has become a big rich man in Hangzhou city. However, these properties were taken care of by his children, while he himself remained in the Xiao family and became a steward.

But even though he was just a steward, these celebrities in the city of Hangzhou City all respected him respectfully.

Facing the greetings from everyone, steward Xu didn't bother to look at them at all and walked straight to Chen Feng.

Mr. Chen, you are here, Master has been waiting for you for a long time. Steward Xu's voice seemed very respectful.

Mr. Chen Feng once met steward Xu. After the last time he helped the old man heal his old injury, the old man also introduced Steward Xu to himself. It can be seen how special steward Xu is in the mind of Mr. Xiao.

Chen... Mr. Chen? The crowd burst into an uproar. Everyone looked at Chen Feng in surprise and opened their mouths.

Who is this Mr. Chen, causing steward Xu to be so respectful? For a moment, the crowd whispered.

How can a person whom steward Xu respects be a thief? Everyone's gaze at the middle-aged couple suddenly had some glee.

The middle-aged couple was stunned as they looked at Chen Feng and steward Xu.

The background of steward Xu, as people in the business field, they naturally know.

It seems that they have messed with an extraordinary person

Mr. Chen, what troubles do you seem to have? Steward Xu looked at the people around him and whispered, Want me to help you handle it?

Hehe. Chen Feng chuckled indifferently, it's just some puppies, just ignore them.

Then, Chen Feng looked at the servant and said with a smile, Now, can I go in?

With a bitter smile, the servant bent down respectfully and gestured: Sir, please come in!

With a laugh, Chen Feng took the lead and before steward Xu followed, he stared at the crowd for a bit.


Mr. Chen, the old man is entertaining the guests. I'll let him know you're here. Steward Xu whispered to Chen Feng and handed him a glass of red wine.

No, I'm fine here, let Me. Xiao finish his own business first. Chen Feng leaned on the sofa in the lobby, took a sip of red wine and said pleasantly.

Well, if Mr. Chen needs anything, please be sure to call for me. Mr. Xu left after saying so. As a steward of the Xiao family, he has a lot of things to do today.

Well, it tastes good. Chen Feng shook the dark red liquid in the wine glass, and praised it as he drank it.

As Chen Feng was enjoying himself, he heard someone talking near him.

Humph, a migrant worker can come in. The security force of this Xiao family is just so so. A voice full of disdain sounded not far from Chen Feng.

Chen Feng opened his eyes and saw that not far from himself, a group of people were pointing at him.

It can be seen that this group of people is centered around a handsome young man and everyone who is standing beside this man had a flattering look on their face.

Yeah, when you look at this person, you know that he must have come to cheat and drink. You can see how he drank, as if he hadn't drank it in eight lives. A bald fat man beside him echoed, full of contempt.

Yeah, compared to Liu Gongzi, this man is just a toad next to a swan. The other one was not to be outdone, and said loudly.

What toad next to a swan. Does this person deserve to be compared with Brother Liu? The other person is even better. Obviously, his bootlicking skills has been fully mastered.

Hmm! Liu Gongzi nodded his head full of happiness, looked at the people around him with satisfaction, and said proudly, You're right, staying here with such people makes me uncomfortable. I must mention it to Mr. Xiao so he can kick this person out.

Yes, that's right.

Boring guy. Naturally Chen Feng wouldn't bother with these people. He got up from the sofa and turned to leave..

Stop! Chen Feng's move caused brother Liu to be angered.

Abominable, dare to ignore me! brother Liu thought with resentment. As the young master of the Liu Family, he has been pampered and honored all year round. Someone always greets him when he goes out and someone would help him to take off his shoes when he enters the house.

However, Chen Feng ignored him and walked to the wine cabinet by himself and grabbed a bottle of red wine. The corks flew with a flick of his finger. A glass full of red wine was poured into his glass, and Chen Feng opened his mouth lightly.

Well, this bottle tastes better. It has an endless aftertaste! Chen Feng said, and he drank it with one gulp.

Dan Zu was a wine lover, which is a well-known thing in the cultivation world. Although it is different now, the habit of loving good wine has been preserved.

Hello, he is talking to you, are you deaf? A man went up to Chen Feng and pointed in the direction of Liu Gong while cursing at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked up and looked at the man, Are you talking about me?

That's right, Laozi is talking to you! The man raised his eyebrow and pointed at Chen Feng's nose and yelled, Who let you in?

No ivory will be spewed from a dog's mouth! Chen Feng's face was straightened, and he gently pointed at the man, Let your cheap mouth stop for a few days.

Ah... ah... The man panicked and shouted with his throat, only to find that he couldn't make a sound at all.

He could not help looking at brother Liu behind him.

How dare you hurt someone! brother Liu was angry and shouted.

Suddenly, people nearby were attracted. Several burly bodyguards stared at each other and walked calmly.

What happened? A pleasant female voice came.

It's Miss Xiao, she's here. The crowd on the sidelines suddenly made way for Miss Xiao to come in.

Xiao Lin, you're here. brother Liu saw the person and a handsome smile suddenly appeared on his face and his body immediately put on a pose that he thought was extremely handsome.

Annoying! Xiao Lin snorted softly, passed brother Liu and continued to walk.

'F*ck, you little bitch, sooner or later you will surrender to your Majesty!'

He has been chasing Xiao Lin for several months, but he has never gotten Xiao Lin's good looks all along.

Chen Feng, where have you been these past few days! Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng and complained.

Xiao Lin! Who is he? brother Liu couldn't help asking Xiao Lin when she saw that Xiao Lin was talking to Chen Feng.

He? Xiao Lin's eyes flashed narrowly and she suddenly held Chen Feng's arm. She then said sweetly, He is my boyfriend!