The Peerless Master Chapter 77 - Devious Couple

"What, was I dreaming?"

One after another, some people woke up from the influence of the mirror of life, and they all looked at the middle of the square. There, they saw that it was empty.

"Well, the blue fairy is gone." Someone sighed with regret.

"Who is the blue fairy?" Some unknown people asked out loud. They just came here following the flow of people, without being able to figure out anything, they were fascinated by the mirror.

"That beautiful lady in a white dress just now. I don't know who she is. Everyone calls her that." The other said with some regret.

"Yeah..." A word from this man immediately resonated with all men.


The Xiao family is one of the richest in Hangzhou City, and has almost monopolized all the electrical business in the City.

Outside the Xiao family's manor, vehicles were parked.

BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Hummer, and even Lamborghini are everywhere here.

Walking here is like entering a world's top car show, so passers-by eyes were glued to the scene.

Outside the gate of the manor, a group of servants stood on both sides of the gate with a smile and stopped those without an invitation to enter.

A group of people in shirts and ties stood quietly behind the servants, and from time to time, they walked out of the house and helped park the cars of the guests.

Chen Feng was walking on the avenue outside the manor, watching the limousine parked on the side of the road all the way, full of appreciation.

"When I go to buy a car to play with, I'll definitely buy a car like this" Chen Feng looked at a Hummer in front of himself and said to himself.

It is said that men love cars, even Chen Feng is no exception. Hummer's domineering appearance gave Chen Feng an impulse to buy a car.

"Humph, a migrant worker also wants to buy a car?" A middle-aged couple got off from an Audi, heard Chen Feng's words, and immediately laughed.

At this time, Chen Feng had long put on his clothes. A pair of washed white jeans, a crumpled shirt, and a pair of old and somewhat peeling off-brand sneakers. It made Chen Feng look shabby and like a migrant worker.

However, Chen Feng does not care about this, and comfort is his goal. Moreover, he was originally a migrant worker. Even if he re-embarked on the road to cultivation, he still recognized his image as a migrant worker.

In his opinion, although the profession is not a very high paying one, migrant workers are also a respectable profession, because they also eat by their own hands.

Facing the irony of the middle-aged couple, Chen Feng just smiled slightly and ignored them.

"Humph, what the hell." The middle-aged woman glanced at Chen Feng with disdain.

"Come on, let's not be late." Her husband urged and pulled the woman towards the gate of Xiao Manor.

"Huh?" Chen Feng suddenly saw a wallet on the ground, and stepped forward to pick it up.

"It should have been lost by the couple just now." Chen Feng looked at the wallet, thinking to himself.

"Forget it, I'll just return it back to them." Chen Feng did not unzip the wallet and went to see what was inside. Just walked quickly to the gate of the manor and wanted to return the wallet.

Even if the other person scolds himself, but he can't turn a blind eye to this, can he?

However, when Chen Feng reached the door of the manor, the two had already entered. Chen Feng wanted to also enter, however, a servant stopped in front of Chen Feng.

"Sir, please show your invitation letter." The servant said politely.

"Invitation letter?" Chen Feng froze and touched his head. "What invitation letter?"

It looks like he has never received an invitation letter.

"Sir, you can't go in without an invitation letter." The servant said bluntly, his tone full of contempt.

In their opinion, Chen Feng, dressed so ordinary, must also be an ordinary person and is only here to try to strike a relationship with the rich.

"I didn't get an invitation letter, but it was your master who invited me personally." Chen Feng was very good-tempered and explained patiently.

Looking at Chen Feng speechlessly, the servant's voice was aggravated a bit, "I'm sorry sir, we can't let you in without an invitation letter, please don't cause trouble."

What a terrible lie. As if a person like this guy can know someone like the master...

The servant already glanced at the bodyguard standing quietly behind him.

The bodyguard twisted his head and shoulders demonstratively, and a "Crackle" sound was emitted from his body, and the bulging muscles on his arm supported his shirt.

"You don't believe me?" Chen Feng looked at the servant speechlessly. After all, this is the place of Mr. Xiao and he said that he was going to attend his birthday party but he seemed to be unable to enter the door.

At this moment, the two voices hurriedly came out from the inside. It was the middle-aged couple who despised Chen Feng.

They were looking around, as if looking for something on the ground.

"Husband, look" The middle-aged woman suddenly grabbed her husband and pointed at Chen Feng, "Isn't that the migrant worker just now? Look at the wallet in his hand, isn't it the one we lost?"

"Really!" The middle-aged man looked intently and immediately recognized his wallet.

Pulling his wife angrily to the door, the middle-aged man snatched the wallet in Chen Feng's hands, pointing at Chen Feng and yelling, "You thief, how dare you steal Laozi's wallet!"

Feng Chen was very speechless. He picked it up and wanted to return it to him, but he was also responsible for stealing his wallet?

At this point, even if Chen Feng is so good-tempered, he can't help getting angry.

Seeing the anger in Chen Feng's face, the middle-aged woman seemed to have been provoked and yelled at the top of her lungs, "Well, you thief, you stole something but you dare to put on a show. I will teach you a lesson today!" This middle-aged woman broke free of her husband's hand, and kicked at the foot of Chen Feng.

"What a poisonous woman!" Chen Feng was full of anger in his heart, but he wouldn't bother to fight back against this woman in general so he just dodged the woman's foot by retracting his legs.

However, because of this, the woman lost her footing and her body suddenly lost balance, causing her fat body to hit the concrete floor heavily.


The woman covered her buttocks and screamed, "Come on, this guy hit me!"

Chen Feng looked at the woman silently, unable to cry or laugh.

This woman is really superb, she obviously missed her kick and fall, but she still said that he had hit her.

The people around were stunned. Obviously they wanted to laugh but took care of the occasion.

"Shit, you stole my wallet, I want to call the police!" The husband lifted the woman, his face angrily and shouting.

"Sir, please leave. You are not welcomed here." The servants' faces were also chilled. Today is Mr. Xiao's birthday and he can't make a slight mistake.

As soon as the servant's voice came down, two bodyguards came out from behind. They planned to grab Chen Feng and drag him out.

Chen Feng looked at the two bodyguards coldly. As long as they dared to touch him, even if he had troubled Mr. Xiao's birthday party, he had to give them a lesson.

Chen Feng will never show mercy to those who bully him.

"Isn't it Mr. Chen?"

At this moment, an urgent voice came, and an old man with gray hair came quickly, his steps full of health.