The Peerless Master Chapter 76 - Her Dao

Your Dao? Chen Feng looked at the blue fairy in amazement.

My Dao! The blue fairy said again, full of firmness: To help sentient beings is my Dao.

Chen Feng's eyes were a little dignified. At this moment, he was shocked by the Dao of the blue fairy.

Help sentient beings, rather than Tao, it is more appropriate to be called ambitions.

All sentient beings, are you sure? Chen Feng's eyes were deep and solemn.

Hearing Chen Feng's words, the blue fairy smiled and said, If you think something can't be done and not without trying, how do you know it can't be done?

The blue fairy's words are a bit ridiculous, but they are the most famous sayings.

Fairy has a great ambition. Chen Feng looked at the blue fairy with approval and hand said.

The blue fairy tone turned deep: It's just that this great ambition needs one person's help to complete it.

Who? Chen Feng was full of surprise, guessing who would have such a great ability to help her with her dao.

the blue fairy smiled softly, looked at Chen Feng softly, and opened her mouth slightly, You!

Me? Chen Feng shook his head suddenly: I am just a nobody, how could I help you fairy?

You say that you can't help but it's not you and I who have the final say. The blue fairy's eyes were deep, and she said quietly, It is only fate that has the final say.

Fate? Chen Feng groaned lowly, Why me?

Because you are the one the mirror can't reflect. The fingers of the blue fairy pointed at the simple mirror, The mirror of life reflects everything, but it couldn't reflect you.

Chen Feng smiled slightly. His two souls merged and became a new consciousness. Like a freshman, how could this mirror of life mirror the current Chen Feng?

Regardless of Chen Feng's attitude, the blue fairy still said to herself: Moreover, you are a good person.

Good person? Chen Feng stared wretchedly at the plumpness of the blue fairy, smiling wickedly: Are you sure I'm a good guy?

Are you not? Let's try it out. The blue fairy's eyes suddenly narrowed slyly, waved her hand gently, and a huge light curtain covered them in.

You... what are you going to do? Chen Feng said gazingly at the blue fairy who kept approaching himself.

Subconsciously, Chen Feng didn't feel the hostility of this blue fairy.

Trying to see if you are a good person. The blue fairy smiled lightly and walked towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng suddenly found that his body was unable to move.

While talking, the blue fairy has come to Chen Feng.

She looked at Chen Feng, her holy temperament gradually dissipated.

The blue fairy's little face was reddish, and her pink hands gently untied her belt.

Hey, hey, what are you doing? Chen Feng swallowed and said with a trembling, Don't do stupid things.

Stupid thing? the blue fairy's eyes were silky and she giggled, Then let us be silly once.


Chen Feng was very embarrassed. the blue fairy was like an enchanting witch and she tried every means to seduce him, until Chen Feng's anger erupted suddenly.

F*ck, how can I lose my first time like this, I have to take the initiative Suddenly, Chen Feng's emotion cleared up as he thought of this.


Suddenly, as if the sound of glass was shattered, Chen Feng suddenly found that the surrounding space was broken apart.

Fuck, it turned out to be a fantasy! Looking around, Chen Feng yelled.

The sky is still scorching and the sky is still full of people. They all stare blankly at the mirror of life, sometimes laughing and sometimes sad...

the blue fairy still smiled and stood quietly beside Chen Feng.

However, how is the blue fairy at this time? Her clothes were still intact, beautiful in appearance, and holy.

However, Chen Feng read a strange meaning in her eyes.

Her eyes were appreciative, and had a tint of shyness but most of all, she had a sly look..

In short, this look made Chen Feng extremely upset.

Fairy, what are you doing? Chen Feng said indignantly, and an anger was lingering among his eyebrows.

No matter who is being played like this, he will not be happy.

This is like a long interaction between couples. Just as the man was about to bring a gun into battle, the woman said that her great aunt came so she could only solve it by hand. This pain is unimaginable.

Oh, you don't need to be angry. I did this in order to prove your integrity and hope that you will forgive me. Then, the blue fairy gave an apology. However, as soon as the conversation turned, the blue fairy looked at Chen Feng with a serious face, and opened her mouth slightly: It turns out that you are indeed an upright gentleman. Otherwise, you could not have broken the illusion. The blue fairy's face was reddish, showing an infinite beauty. [TN: Yea… upright gentleman, sure]

When the blue fairy said that, Chen Feng couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Since you wanted to push me down, I would have let you down if I didn't do the same. However, in this case, Chen Feng just thought about it, but dare not say it.

Now you're satisfied? Chen Feng stared at the blue fairy, full of wonder.

The blue fairy didn't answer immediately, but just looked at Chen Feng deeply, as if she wanted to keep Chen Feng in her heart.

Hey, fairy, why do you look at me like this? Chen Feng blushed and said weakly. No matter who it is, being stared at by such a beautiful and good-looking beauty, they will feel a bit weird.

It took a long time for the blue fairy to breathe a sigh of relief, and her face was a little red, with a strong shyness, and she seemed to be thinking about something in general. However, it was only an instant that this shy look was hidden by her.

The person who isn't affected by the mirror of life is the destined person. My purpose in this mortal world is to find the destined person. Only the destined person can help me to pursue my dao. The blue fairy said quietly, but revealed the ease, But now it seems that I can go back.

What? The person you are talking about is me? Chen Feng pointed to himself and stumbled. He wouldn't help this person who knew nothing about him. Besides, this woman just teased himself so much just now.

Thinking of the scene just now, Chen Feng felt itchy for a while.

The blue fairy nodded affirmatively, her voice full of longing, It's you!

Chen Feng muttered for a while: I am a practitioner who hasn't even reached the True Yuan Stage yet. How can I help you?

Hehe. The blue fairy is full of smiles, and seems to be able to see through Chen Feng, Why do you have to speak like this. You are someone with great opportunities. Although you are now inferior, you will be soaring in the future and go straight to the heavens.

F*ck, this blue fairy has completely settled me. For a while, Chen Feng was depressed, staring at the blue fairy and said angrily, Laozi is too busy with my own affairs and I have no time to take care of your stinking business! Then he gave a dismissive glance at the beautiful woman, What helping sentient beings? That doesn't matter to Laozi at all.

The blue fairy seemed to have expected Chen Feng's reaction long ago, and did not have any annoyed emotions. She just looked at Chen Feng quietly and said with deep meaning, You are a man of destiny, this is your fate.

My fate? Chen Feng raised his eyebrows: My Chen Feng's life is my own decision! Not to mention that I am not this destined person. Even if this is fate, I will fight against it While speaking, a powerful belief appeared on Chen Feng.

The blue fairy looked silently, her eyes were full of appreciation and... an unknown emotion.

No longer arguing with Chen Feng, she just waved her hand slightly, and a silver ring between her fingers lightened slightly.

Suddenly, the mirror in the middle of the square and the warriors who maintained order in the square disappeared.

It's convenient to have a storage ring. Looking at the blue fairy's move, Chen Feng sighed. His own storage ring, along with everything in it, had long since vanished into nothingness in the scourge.

Once he has time, he will be sure to find the materials and make himself a storage ring. Chen Feng thought secretly.

After doing this, The blue fairy smiled at Chen Feng with a smile: This little girl will have to say goodbye today, and I will see you again in the future.

After speaking, a cloud emerged at the feet of the blue fairy, and she took another deep look at Chen Feng and slowly rose to the sky.

Goodbye? Good, I hope to never see you again Chen Feng shouted toward the clouds.

Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he shouted towards the cloud that had risen into the air, Fairy, you are so beautiful, especially the little mole on your butt, it's too sexy!

As soon as the words fell, Chen Feng saw that steady rising cloud fluctuate violently.

Hahaha... Chen Feng laughed happily for a while. From the beginning to now, he has been teased by this woman. Now he can finally have some paybacks.

This bad guy! On the clouds, the blue fairy stomped her feet as her face blushed