The Peerless Master Chapter 75 - Blue Fairy

Chen Feng played with the jade, he was full of smiles.

Unexpectedly, this jade not only stored a spirit, but it also had an amazing capacity.

Using this jade, in conjunction with my fire, I can even make a quasi divine treasure. Chen Feng smiled confidently.

Weapons used by cultivators are called divine weapons. According to the power of divine weapons, cultivators divided them into three grades, which are divine tools, magical instruments, and spiritual instruments, each of which is divided into nine levels.

Quasi divine weapons refers to items that have not yet reached the grade of the divine weapon, but are close to the power of the lowest divine weapon.

Lao Zhao, let's go and see. They are going to do that magical thing again! A passerby ran fast and shouted at a street vendor not far away.

That magical thing? The man known as Lao Zhao froze, and then it seemed as if he suddenly thought of something and his face was full of surprises. He hurriedly packed the contents of the stall into his backpack, unable to even take the stool, picked up the backpack and chased the passer-bys away.

Chen Feng was a little surprised. What is so attractive?

Curious, Chen Feng followed the flow of people and came to a small square.

The small square at this time was already overcrowded. People are pushing each other and no one is willing to back down as they kept trying to get to the front for a better view.

Chen Feng is tall and can just see everything on the square.

There, he saw a small platform and an object was placed on it. The object is about the size of a door panel and is covered with a red cloth.

Brother, what are so many people watching here? A new passer-by was confused about what was happening and humbly asked the person next to him who was pushing hard.

The passerby who is working hard to get in had no time to answer this question and he immediately squeezed in.

However, it seems that everyone has the same idea as this person, and no one wants to back down and they were pushing hard to get in.

When a new passerby saw such a scene, his eyes suddenly flashed, There must be something good there. Then, he also joined the crowd.

Strangely, despite it being so crowded, no one entered within three or four meters of the platform. It's like a restricted area, so everyone can't get close.

With how sharp Chen Feng's eyes were, he could see at a glance that at the very end of the crowd, a group of people and horses formed a circle, blocking the crowd from entering.

With such a large number of people, even a True Qi martial artist cannot resist for a long time. However, these people are like wooden stakes deeply nailed to the ground, no matter how crowded it was, they didn't move.

A bunch of experts. As soon as Chen Feng's eyes were fixed at them, he instantly judged the strength of these people. They were at the peak of True Qi.

These martial artists at the peak of the True Qi stage have even acted as a guard to maintain order! The force behind these people must be huge.

Suddenly, a gentle and touching female voice suddenly appeared. The female voice is silent, but it can be clearly heard in everyone's ears.

With the appearance of the voice, a woman in a white dress slowly entered the platform.

Chen Feng was a little surprised. He didn't realize when the woman in the white dress appeared. He just felt that she appeared so naturally, as if she should have been here.

Everywhere the white dressed woman passed, everyone stopped shoving and consciously gave way.

The blue fairy is here. It is unknown who shouted first but everyone cheered afterwards.

The Blue Fairy stepped down gently and slowly walked to the red cloth and pressed her hands toward the sky.

Suddenly, the original cheers suddenly stopped. Everyone looked at the blue fairy quietly, their eyes full of sincerity.

Everyone, people can only achieve positive results if their hearts are good. If they are evil, they will erroneously mislead others and it will result in evil. The excitement subsided as the blue fairy spoke.

Chen Feng saw that with the voice of this fairy falling down, an extremely holy and pure atmosphere enveloped the entire small square, as if everything in the square was controlled by her.

Realm? Chen Feng's eyes flashed, his eyes stared at the Fairy Fairy, This woman's cultivation is at least at the True Yuan Stage. But why do such characters appear here?

It seemed that the blue fairy felt Chen Feng's stares and she smiled intentionally or unintentionally in the direction where Chen Feng was.

Chen Feng was a little surprised, but he didn't panic, just watching the next move of blue Fairy indifferently.

Good and evil come to an end, everyone, look at these. The blue fairy smiled slightly and gently pulled on the red cloth wrapped around the mysterious object.


The red cloth came down.

At this time, Chen Feng saw what the object under the red cloth is.

It looked like a mirror, a simple mirror. The huge mirror is made out of an unknown material, it looks extremely smooth. Vaguely, light kept flashing on the mirror's surface.

Look at this mirror, it will dig out all the good and evil in your heart. Here, you can see the true side of yourself. The blue fairy's voice is very soft but her voice contained the temptation of the devil.

Hearing this voice, Chen Feng's eyes gradually blurred, and he began to look involuntarily into the mirror...


Suddenly there was a buzzing sound in the mirror and Chen Feng suddenly woke up!

So powerful, she can control people's thoughts without them knowing. Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He looked at the blue fairy with a face full of vigilance.

At the same time, the blue fairy frowned and looked at Chen Feng puzzledly. However, the incomprehensibility in her eyes disappeared immediately. She fixedly looked at Chen Feng, her eyes were full of radiance, and she had an ambiguous smile.

Feeling the blue fairy's eyes, Chen Feng frowned. The blue fairy's eyes made him extremely uncomfortable.


A soft weeping sound sounded beside Chen Feng. Chen Feng turned around and saw a well-dressed middle-aged man staring at the mirror with tears, eyes full of remorse.

Wife, I shouldn't have been looking for a woman behind your back. Please don't think of suicide... The cry of this man grew louder, as if his backlog of emotions had burst out.


A young girl laughed and looked at the mirror, full of joy...


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Strange A voice appeared beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was startled, and saw a beautiful woman in a white dress gently standing next to him, with a smile on her face, This mirror is called the mirror of life, and it can reflect the deepest good and evil in people's heart. What they see now is what they care most.

After a pause, the blue fairy's face was full of sorrow, and she continued, If they can clearly see their good and evil, it can help them to some degree.

Chen Feng's heart calmed down in an instant, and he returned to his usual calmness again, This fairy, why are you doing this?

The blue fairy looked at Chen Feng, smiled sweetly, and her voice was like a spring breeze, For my Dao!