The Peerless Master Chapter 74 - Who's Losing

Chen Feng left the Situ's family villa with a pair of denim shorts and a black vest as a gift.

Mr. Chen, let's meet again at my father's birthday party tonight. Mr. Situ bade farewell to Chen Feng.


Heh, I feel a little awkward since it's not my clothes. Chen Feng looked at the suit on his body and wondered, Although these are all famous brands, they're not as good as my old clothes.

Chen Feng took his iPhone and powered it up. The phone lit up with the sound of beautiful music.

Three days ago, in order to avoid being disturbed, Chen Feng turned off his phone.

As soon as he turned on the phone, notifications filled his screen. He thought for a while before becoming confused.

He thought it was a bit strange. Usually, barely anyone looked for him. How come there were so many in a few days?

Opening his message, he was relieved.

Of the more than ten messages, two were from Lili, which was nothing more than saying that her mother had arrived in Hangzhou, and asked him to not to go back for a few days, so as to not hit the muzzle, which will be difficult to explain.

Another one was sent by his apprentice, Su Fei, saying that there was an emergency transfer order and he had returned to Shanghai.

Huh? He saw a text message sent by Mu Wan'er, who was supposed to be on a business trip. Although she only asked about the situation at random, it also made Chen Feng's eyes slightly warm.

Looking down again, Chen Feng found that the rest of the messages were sent by Xiao Lin, the fickle girl.

Chen Feng, are you there?

Chen Feng, are you there?

Dead Chen Feng, give me a call if you are.


Rogue, tonight is my grandpa's birthday feast. If you don't come, I won't let you off!!! Behind was a series of exclamation marks, Chen Feng roughly counted, at least seventeen or eighteen. It can be seen how crazy Xiao Lin was then.

The last message was around 10 in the morning.

Oh, this girl... Chen Feng laughed lightly, suddenly thinking about the feeling when he was hitting Xiao Lin's butt, his heart suddenly felt hot.(TN: Gay sh*t right there)

Hey, what am I thinking! Chen Feng shook his head and removed the pictures in his head, Ever since I re-cultivated the ‘Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens', I even started to have a strong desire for women. Is this what I really want?(TN: Horny old man)

Forget it, let's not worry about it. As long as there's no mistake in the cultivation method, it'll be fine. Chen Feng thought, If I can't even believe in your own heart, then how can I know what is true, and what is false.

Thinking about this, Chen Feng suddenly became cheerful. With the understanding of these thoughts, his Dao also made some progress.

Chen Feng had originally planned to make some preparations for Mr. Xiao's party after he finished refining the seed. So after reading Xiao Lin's message, he decided to do it well.

I don't know what gifts to give. Chen Feng thought to himself, and soon had the answer.

He came to an antique street.

Heqian Street was an old street built along the river. At the other end of the old street was a row of buildings. According to the elderly here, these buildings were the youngest and have a history of nearly thirty years. The erosion had made many of the buildings on the verge of collapse.

However, the government later rebuilt these monumental buildings in order to protect them. Due to the simplicity of these buildings, Heqian Street gradually developed into a well-known antique street.

On the long antique street, those ancient buildings have long been transformed into shops.

Almost everyone who buys antiques in Hangzhou city will come to Heqian. Even under this scorching sun, there were still crowds walking about.

Some of them went in and out of stores, some were at the stalls on the side of the road, some were looking at certain objects with a magnifying glass, some were red faced and were arguing with the owners.

Chen Feng walked on this antique street, looking at the stalls and shops on the street from time to time, but after a while, he walked out with regret.

Chen Feng was looking for jade, which could be jade pendant, jade bracelet or something. However, the jade he was looking for was different from others.

Usually, when people choose jade, they usually look at the texture first, and then look at the color. However, when Chen Feng chooses jade, there is only one condition, it must have a spirit.

The so-called spirit refers to the fact that jade can hold qi. In the realm of cultivation, it is also called Chuling.

Brother, come and have a look. A street stall owner greeted Chen Feng.

Alright. Chen Feng nodded, walked towards the stall and looked through things.

There are a lot of ‘antiques' on this booth, including bronze ware, blue and white porcelain, and ancient jade money.

With a look, Chen Feng's eyes brightened.

Boss, how much is this? Chen Feng asked the boss, holding a piece of jade.

This jade had a mixed look, it was not transparent, looked chaotic, and was not attractive at all. Even people who didn't understand jade could see at a glance that the material used for this jade was very poor. In addition, there is no pattern on the body of this jade, and the jade maker who made this jade did not spend much thought.

This one? The boss looked at the jade in Chen Feng's hand, his eyes flashed with a burst of light, and he eagerly said, This handsome guy has great vision. This jade looks like this but it is a good piece of jade.

The boss looked at Chen Feng slyly and gave a slap, he said loudly, Since you're the first one to find it, I'll bear with it. I will sell it to you for 2000 yuan. After that, he did not forget to add, Cheap, right? You know, now any jade costs tens of thousands, I'm only selling it to you for 2,000, which is a great deal.

Well, okay, I'll take it. Chen Feng nodded, and simply pulled out a stack of money, counted 20 pieces and gave it to the boss.

Taking the money, the boss was full of ecstasy.

I made a lot of money. I got this jade for only 50 yuan and thought that I had lost some cash. Unexpectedly, this piece of jade was bought by some idiot for 2000 yuan.

The boss was enthusiastic, Handsome guy, look at other things. It was rare to have an idiot who didn't understand anything, how could he not take an opportunity like this?

However, Chen Feng shook his head and turned away.

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Oh, a fool. The boss looked at Chen Feng's back and laughed.

The corner of Chen Feng's mouth grinned, Who is the one who is suffering?

Chen Feng's face was full of mocking expressions.