The Peerless Master Chapter 73 - Refine


Countless hot flames burst out of the snake's body.

These flames seemed to have spirituality. Under the guidance of the red light, they rushed towards Chen Feng's arm.

Rooaar-- The snake snarled in pain, its long fangs spewing venom aimlessly. The venom shot to the ground, it was as concentrated as sulfuric acid, and dissolved a large hole in the ground.

Gulp--. Situ swallowed heavily. I'm afraid we'll die from a touch.

However, Chen Feng's position made it impossible to be hit. So the venom couldn't contaminate his body at all.

Seeing that its venom wasn't working, the snake became more anxious, its huge body tightened again, squeezing Chen Feng's body even harder.

Krrrc--... The fracture of bones became more and more frequent. Even if Chen Feng was firmer in his will, his face was still getting paler.

No, I finally encountered an Earth Heart Fire Snake. How can I give up easily? Chen Feng thought and clenched his teeth, he decided to hold it in.

The Earth Heart Fire Snake was an extremely rare spirit. These snakes are born inside volcanoes and bear the Geopsychic Fire Seed in their bodies, so they can control fire naturally.

Geopsychic Fire is an unusually advanced type of flame, which is most suitable for alchemy. It is produced deep in the center of the earth, which makes it extremely difficult to collect. However, Earth Heart Fire Snakes born under the deep layer of volcanoes possess the Geopsychic Fire Seed.

Dan Zu, his former self, was naturally enthusiastic about this spiritual fire, he had launched a lot of manpower and resources to find news of the Earth Heart Fire Snake.

However, it was extremely rare, it wasn't known until the news of Dan Zu failing to find it.

This ‘Ignition' is used to collect the Geopsychic Fire Seed from the Earth Heart Fire Snake. Unfortunately, he didn't have the opportunity to use it.(TN: Snake has a spot for him to use the ignition(red light), and only some fire snakes got it.)

Unexpectedly, in this secular world, not only did Chen Feng find the Earth Heart Fire Snake, but also the spot for the ‘Ignition'.

Under the red light of his ‘Ignition', it constantly attracted the flames.

However, whenever the flames were about to touch the red light, there was always a huge force in the snake's body that pulled back the Geopsychic Fire that was about to be collected by Chen Feng.

In the stalemate, Chen Feng's face became more and more pale, his injuries gradually blurred his mind.

At this moment, he could only confront the serpent by his firm determination.

However, the snake's situation was also not too optimistic. It's body was constantly breaking down.

In this contest, whoever persisted to the end was the winner.

Finally, the first ray of flame on the snake was finally attracted by the red light, and merged into Chen Feng's body through his arms.

At this time, the serpent had no more power, and could no longer compete with Chen Feng for the Geopsychic Fire Seed.

Just at this moment, the red light in Chen Feng's hands lit up again, and all the flames from the snake suddenly rushed towards the red light in Chen Feng's hands.

The serpent unwillingly watched as its flames got absorbed, its eyes full of despair. Of course, it didn't want to see Chen Feng plundered its flames, but it was powerless.

Hoo-- Just a moment later, all the flames on the snake entered Chen Feng's body through the red light.

After losing its flame, the big snake hung down like a sad soggy noodle, and its huge tail weakly fell to the ground, finally losing its vitality.(TN: lol)

Chen Feng took in a deep breath and released his hands.

Bang-- The giant snake smashed to the ground, splashing down on the ashes.

Aha, you've won, you've won. Situ Yunfei cried with joy. What could be more enjoyable than living through a disaster.

Mr. Chen, are you okay? Mr. Situ looked at Chen Feng's injury with concern, he was very grateful. If it weren't for Chen Feng, his whole family might have been dead.

Unfortunately, this maid... Looking at the dead maid's dead body, Mr. Situ's eyes were full of sadness.

Un, I'm fine, Mr. Situ doesn't have to worry. Chen Feng waved his hands with a smile. Suddenly, his eyes changed, his face was full of excitement.

Suppressing his excitement, Chen Feng eagerly asked, Mr. Situ, please prepare a quiet room for me. I will be secluding for a few days!

Alright, let's go to my office. With that, Mr. Situ took Chen Feng to his office.


Mr. Situ's office was very spacious. After several explanations, Chen Feng closed the door.

I'm gonna have to completely refine this spiritual fire seed for it be of use. Chen Feng planned with his legs crossed on the ground.

Closing his eyes,he was immediately immersed in refining. With his experience, Chen Feng had no difficulty refining the seed.

There was no time to cultivate, Chen Feng just sat there for three days refining.

Outside the office door.

Dad, grandpa, it's been three days. Why isn't Brother Chen showing up yet? Is there an accident? Situ Yunfei looked at the closed door anxiously.

Don't worry, Mr. Chen explained to me from the beginning. This seclusion will take a while. Perhaps Mr. Chen's injury is serious, and needs to recuperate for a longer time. Mr. Situ groaned, he was also a bit worried.

Alright, stop talking nonsense, Mr. Chen has great powers, what can happen? Situ Qiang said calmly.


The sound of the door lock being twisted opened attracted the trio's attention.

Squeak-- The door slowly opened, they saw a handsome young man walking out with a smile. It was Chen Feng, he had successfully refined the seed.(TN: Remember, he took away the snake's fire seed, not the fire itself, but the fire comes with the seed.)

At this time, Chen Feng was full of energy, showing a strong self-confidence.

Thank you for the last few days, Chen Feng said gratefully. As he was refining the seed, he had given up a trace of mind, so he didn't know what was happening outside. Naturally, this father and son duo were guarding the door everyday.

Mr. Chen must be joking, it should be my Situ family who is thankful. Mr. Situ said with conviction, Chen Feng's fierceness made him respect Chen Feng even more.

Situ Yunfei on the other hand was screaming ‘Brother Chen' as if nothing was happening.

Mr. Chen, your injuries... Mr. Situ suddenly remembered that Chen Feng had suffered a serious injury three days ago and was about to take care of it, but where was it?

Under Chen Feng's unbreakable clothes, there was only his smooth skin without any scar.

Oh, it's done healing. Chen Feng said with a smile, shocking the Situ family. So many wounds, in just three days? But with some thinking, everyone was relieved.

After chatting with the crowd for a while, Chen Feng stood up and said, I have disturb Mr. Situ these days. I still have some things to do, I'll be leaving. Just as he was about to leave.

Wait! Situ Yunfei suddenly shouted.

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What's wrong? Chen Feng turned his head and gave Situ Yunfei a questioning look.

Brother Chen, you're clothes... Situ Yunfei pointed embarrassingly.

When Chen Feng looked down, his face suddenly turned red. It turned out that in the battle with the snake, his own clothes were almost gone. At this moment, his underside was waving in the wind. A gust of wind blew, and Chen Feng felt chilly.(TN: lol no common sense…)