The Peerless Master Chapter 72 - Snake

F*ck, it's still moving! Situ Qiang looked at the headless body, full of surprise.

At this time, a mutation has occurred!

The headless body was suddenly standing up again.

Hell, this guy can stand even when he has no head. Situ Qiang opened his mouth and was speechless.

Strange... take a step back. Chen Feng's face was solemn.

Everyone knew it was strange. This was no longer something they could control, so they silently backed away, and looked nervously at Chen Feng.


They saw a huge snake head drilled out from the headless body.

F*cking hell. In the distance, Everyone was stunned. They had never seen such a bizarre event, not to mention the fact that it was now being staged in front of them.

The snake opened its eyes, an endless scorching sensation swept over them.

Uh, Why is it suddenly so hot? Situ Yunfei wiped away the unstoppable sweat on his forehead.


The snake spitted out an imprint towards Chen Feng.

On the snake's imprint, a stream of red flames would burst out from time to time. Each time the flame flashed, the temperature would increase.

Chen Feng stared at the snake's head, it was the size of a human head and an inexplicable light flashed in his eyes.


This time, Situ Qiang and others were even more surprised. After the snake's head violently twisted, the old man's corpse dried and turned into a pile of flesh-colored ashes.

In the ashes, a large snake stood on the ground, glaring at Chen Feng angrily, with its neck stretched straight, as if it wanted to pounce at any time. They really didn't think how such a huge snake could be hidden in the old man's body.

From the moment the snake appeared, Chen Feng's eyes lit up. A deep craving filled his eyes.

It turned out to be the Earth Heart Fire Snake. I didn't expect this old man to have an Earth Heart Fire Snake inside him! Chen Feng's words were filled with ecstasy, Haha, I couldn't even find it for thousands of years and yet it's in front of me right now.

Chen Feng's laughter was very loud, and the deep desire and greed in his laughter were revealed unabashedly.


The snake looked at Chen Feng, who was full of joy, and suddenly felt a bit of awkwardness. It opened its mouth and revealed two sharp fangs, demonstrating towards Chen Feng.

Among the cultivation methods, there are some that cultivates the soul. The cultivator's body would be a vessel for young spirits, the cultivator then swallows the spirit into their body and feeds it with energy. In this way, although the essence of the body is being constantly consumed, due to the relationship between the vessel and spirit, cultivating becomes easier. However, there is a major drawback, cultivators who uses this method often have a shorter life span because of the energy consumption.

However, for greater power, many are willing to take the risk.

As long as I kill it and take away its heart, my alchemy can be improved by another level. Even if it's an immortal pill, I dare to make one! Chen Feng thought with joy, he was ready to kill the serpent.


Seeing that Chen Feng was coming closer, it was suddenly alerted, it hissed and was ready to attack at any time.

However, in the face of the serpent's hostility, Chen Feng was unperturbed, he approached the snake step by step, each step seemed eager and firm.

Finally, Chen Feng's move touched the snake's bottom line, like a sharp arrow, it shot straight at Chen Feng.

Hehe... if you were an adult, I would've turned around and run. But, you're obviously not an adult, and your ability isn't as great, why would I be afraid of you? Chen Feng calmly said, as if he didn't take the attack of this snake seriously at all.

In a blink of an eye, the big snake had shot in front of Chen Feng. Its sharp fangs had already opened, ready to kill as it came closer to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn't panic, his hands were like a pair of iron pliers. He grabbed the snake's neck around seven inches below the head and held it tightly.


It seemed to be in extreme pain. The snake's tail swayed violently, like a thick iron whip, slamming on Chen Feng's body.


The giant tail swept again, and immediately took away a piece of Chen Feng's flesh, causing bright red blood to splash on his clothes.

However, Chen Feng didn't even frown, his hands still wrapped around the snake's neck so that it couldn't escape.

Pap, pap, pap... The snake's stout tail beat every place of Chen Feng, his whole body was covered in blood.

Mr. Chen... The Situ family looked at Chen Feng with the same expression of horror but their hearts were full of admiration. This kind of will alone was not something they could compare.

They tried to come forward to help a few times, but they were stopped by Chen Feng's eyes. The strength of the snake was not something they could handle. They would probably die the second they got close, let alone trying to help him.


The snake sadly hissed. A red light faintly lit up in Chen Feng's hands, and in this light, the snake madly struggled.

The snake was screaming in pain, it no longer cared to beat Chen Feng, and directly roiled its body.


The pressure on Chen Feng's bones seemed particularly harsh at this moment. Under the tremendous strength of the giant snake, his bones were slowly broken.

However, under the intense pain, Chen Feng's face was still cold, and a red light in his hand formed and gradually became thick and substantive.

Ignite Chen Feng suddenly yelled, the red light in his hand glowed, giving off a dazzling light, blinding everyone's eyes.

Roar-- The snake snarled, it didn't even sound like a snake at all, the sound revealed that it was in extreme pain.(TN: How does a snake even sound likeā€¦)

The snake was trembling everywhere, its muscles violently tightening. It was desperately struggling, and Chen Feng's strength also increased by another fold.

Pak... Crack... The bones in Chen Feng's body finally couldn't bear the huge pressure and began to break.

Humph! Chen Feng snorted, and the red light in his hands raised to another level, Give in!


Countless hot flames burst out of the snake's body.