The Peerless Master Chapter 71 - Kill

Seeing the old man's determination, Chen Feng's brows frowned.

Magic Dan? Chen Feng said coldly.

Heh? The old man looked at Chen Feng in surprise, his expression was extremely rich, You even know what this is? His face full of wonder, It seems that you're also a person from the cultivation world.

Chen Feng didn't speak, he just stared at the old man with a cold eye.

This ‘Magic Dan' only appears in the cultivation world, it can greatly increase the strength of the user. According to different qualities, it is suitable for people with different cultivation.

However, this ‘Magic Dan' is also an extremely evil elixir. This elixir incorporates a trace of the creator's mental power. Once taken, the user's spiritual consciousness will be imprinted. In other words, the user will become a slave to the alchemist.

This ‘Magic Dan' is only available to the mysterious forces in the cultivation world. Therefore, this elixir has also become a major force in the cultivation world.

‘Unexpectedly, these mysterious forces have actually penetrated into the mortal world.' Chen Feng slightly frowned, ‘Is it impossible to stop their steps into the mortal world?'

Boy, now that you know what this ‘Magic Dan' can do, you should know not to mess with me. Kneel down and wait for me to kill you! The old man's face was full of pride and arrogance, it seems that Chen Feng was already a lamb to be slaughtered.

Ah, really as arrogant as the forces on that side. Chen Feng sighed, looking at the old man, full of pity, It's just a fake improvement to your strength, plus, you're no longer free, even worse than a dog.

When the old man heard this, as if a cat that got its tail stepped on, he angrily yelled at Chen Feng, Huh, boy, don't talk nonsense, see how you'll die today. His body suddenly moved, leaving a series of afterimages in place. The next moment, he appeared beside Chen Feng.

So fast, it's at least three to five times faster than before! Mr. Situ's eyes were frozen, he was worried.

At this point, Chen Feng finally lost his indifference. He was full of caution. In the face of the soaring old man, even if Chen Feng was very experienced in fighting, he had to be careful.

Fighting experience could not bridge the huge power gap.


The old man's right hand suddenly turned into a claw, his fingertips were covered with a layer of black ink, and a boundless stench radiated from his fingertips, making people nauseous. Under the skyrocketing strength, the old man's Sinister Slaw increased by more than one grade.

You're going down kid! The old man's hand flashed sharply, moving as fast as a laser, covering Chen Feng's head. It can be imagined that once caught by this claw, Chen Feng's head would explode like a watermelon.

However, in the face of the incoming claw, Chen Feng seemed to be stagnant, just standing still.

Mr. Chen, run away! Situ Qiang thought that Chen Feng was frightened, anxious, he opened his mouth and shouted.

Want to run? It's too late! The old man was very confident he could kill Chen Feng!


The black claw slashed across Chen Feng's body, tearing him in half.

Huh? The old man's eyes flickered. Although the claw landed, he didn't feel any contact. It seemed like he cut through air.

How is this possible! He was stunned as Chen Feng's body gradually dissipated, he couldn't help exclaiming.

Did he just hit an afterimage?

He considered the idea in his heart, and could no longer calm down.

A huge sense of crisis flashed from the bottom of his heart.

The old man suddenly felt a shock and hurriedly moved his body to one side.


A fluctuation of energy rubbed against his scalp, bringing with it drops of blood.

Taking advantage of this moment, the old man hurriedly turned and pulled away from Chen Feng, he looked at the man in front of him in fear.

What a pity. Chen Feng flicked his fingers and looked at the old man with blood on his face. If the opponent's response was a little slower, he could've definitely killed him.

However, Chen Feng's attack did not stop because of this.

Using a set of mysterious footwork, Chen Feng's figure disappeared again, left and right, up and down, making people confused.

What wonderful footwork! But against my mighty power, everything is useless!

The old man's body swelled, and a powerful force struck Chen Feng's figure in an instant.

The strong stinking wind brought by Sinister Claw made him look evil.

Where do you think you're going! The old man's eyes flashed. He had locked on Chen Feng's position, and casted a fatal blow.

You're just moving fast, as long as I find you, and with my current strength, I can let you see Yama with one move! The old man had absolute confidence in his power.


The old man's attack accurately locked onto Chen Feng's figure and once again tore through.

How can this be, again?! Watching his own attack hit the air again, the old man couldn't calm down anymore, his heart suddenly felt a little uneasy.

However, without waiting for him to think about anything, a huge sense of crisis struck again. A figure flickered under his feet, and a powerful attack seemed to come.

The old man jumped high into the air. He jumped more than ten meters high and wanted to avoid the attack under his feet.

However, there was nothing below, there wasn't any signs of an attack.

No, I've been fooled! He woke up with a shock, his heart could no longer be calm, he felt a powerful force over his head.

Fingering fingers! In the air, Chen Feng's cold voice was full of murderous intent. He is bound to get this blow.(TN: Hahaha)

Nooo!!! Looking at the finger that fell from the sky, the old man yelled, his qi crazily surged, he could still make a death blow.

Die!!! Chen Feng said, like a judgment between heaven and earth. His finger was hard on the top of the old man's head.

Ah! I'm not willing! The old man was full of madness, his body was constantly trembling in the air.


After a soft bang, a headless corpse slammed into the ground.

TN: Next sentence was a big spoiler, so it's deleted so you won't die from the cliffhanger. YW ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )