The Peerless Master Chapter 70 - You Forced Me

Facing the unavoidable finger, Situ Yunfei smiled bitterly.

It seems that I'm going to die here today. Situ Yunfei looked at the finger exuding power that made his heart tremble.

Yunfei! The father and son duo called out, but they couldn't help except watch as Yunfei fell into a death crisis.

The finger swept over with luxuriant light, tearing the air, and directly shooting Situ Yunfei's chest, the next moment, he would be penetrated!(TN: Hahaha)

Hum, bullying a junior, aren't you ashamed! A burst of infinitely murderous voice exploded in everyone's ears.(TN: Intentional)

The finger abruptly stopped!

Hmph, who?... The old man questioned, taking a few steps back while putting on a defensive posture. The man who suddenly appeared was very strong. The speed was beyond his, making him afraid.

Huh? Am I not dead? Situ Yunfei opened his eyes, and to his surprise, he was alive.

Why, do you really want to die? Chen Feng looked at Situ Yunfei with a smile.

Er, Brother Chen? Situ Yunfei saw Chen Feng, and immediately realized that he had been rescued, and said gratefully, Brother Chen, thank you for saving me.

Chen Feng grinned, I'm your elder brother, how could I not save you?

Mr. Chen, you have to be careful. This person is very strong and very evil. Mr. Situ reminded loudly and pointed to the maid.

At this moment, the maid was lying motionless on the groun d without any trace of emotion. Her whole body had been flattened, and she could really be considered skinny.(TN: lul)

Chen Feng nodded slightly, giving the father and son a reassuring look. Immediately, he slowly turned and looked at the old man.

The moment he turned around, Chen Feng's indifferent eyes had changed. His deep eyes were full of murderous sorrow, You dare to raise blood creatures to cultivate your evil power? Today I must kill you!

Hmm... The old man and old man looked at Chen Feng deeply, and suddenly smiled, I thought you were someone strong, but it turns out to be a little brat. Want to stop me?

After a pause, he seemed to remember something, and suddenly his murderous spirits boiled up again, They just called you Mr. Chen? My ‘Blood Sucking Centipede' was killed, are you responsible for its death?

Nodding his head, Chen Feng coldly responded, Everyone has to kill such evil creatures.

How brave, daring to kill my pet! The old man leaped violently, and a powerful, suffocating momentum exploded.

Under this momentum, even Mr. Situ was shaking.

Boy, it's your blessing to die in the hands of a martial artist in the True Yuan Stage. The old man was ready to kill, in the palm of his hand, a stream of invisible energy slowly flowed.

Mr. Situ was stunned, unexpectedly, this old man was so strong! Where did he offend such a character that he was even cursed upon.

As you know, once you've reached the True Yuan Stage, you can also be regarded as a master figure on the land of Huaxia. Such people were already qualified to open a sect.

Looking at the old man, Chen Feng sneered, and the killing in his eyes was even worse.

Even if he was only at the peak of qi gathering, with his thousands of years of experience, was it not enough to pick on a martial artist who has just entered the True Yuan Stage? Moreover, the biggest gap between the cultivation world and the martial world was - Foundation!(TN: I made that last one up ¯\_ ͡⎚ヮ ͡⎚_/¯)

Martial artists were born in the secular world, and most of their ‘cultivation' were just some superficial methods created by mortals. Many of these moves couldn't even compare with the introductory exercises in the cultivation world. This determines that the cultivators can go farther than the martial artist.

Boy, die! It was a life and death battle. The old man wouldn't allow any small tricks to appear.

Sinister Claw! The old man's palm turned into claws and grabbed Chen Feng's neck at lightning speed. Glittering between the claws, a stinky stench emanated from the claws making people dizzy.

Poison, hmm... Chen Feng knew what it was at a glance, he hurriedly turned sideways and passed the claw at a very fast speed.

Although Chen Feng could take on the enemy by himself, he was not arrogant enough to use his current stage to test a True Yuan Stage martial artist.

Haha! What fast response! The old man couldn't help but praise, but the murderous look on his face remained the same. He took a look at his left hand and grabbed Chen Feng's waist in a sneak attack.

Huh! Chen Feng hummed slightly, his body skyrocketed, and he immediately broke away from the range of this sneak attack.

The old man looked in amazement, and Chen Feng, who was still there, suddenly disappeared as if he wasn't there in the first place.

Are you looking for me? Behind him, Chen Feng's figure sounded solidified.

The old man turned back, full of panic, this kid's speed was so fast that he didn't even feel his presence.

Now, it's my turn! Chen Feng calmly said, he also extended a finger.

Fingering fingers! Chen Feng's fingers whistled and penetrated through the old man's poisonous claws.(TN: I'm gonna keep that for fun, but if any of you want it changed, email or comment)

The old man's hand cracked under Chen Feng's finger skill.(TN: Hahahaha)

Oh! A large transparent hole appeared in the center, and under the pressure, all of the bones in his palm were broken.

‘A very powerful finger technique that can directly increase the strength of the skill by tenfold! If I can get this technique, my status will definitely rise'. He thought as his eyes displayed a horrible greed.

Don't be complacent, I was just careless, you won't have such good luck anymore. The old man sneered in his heart. The other hand, swept towards Chen Feng's lower body .

F*ck, you want to cut off my grandchildren?! Chen Feng cursed, he slapped the hand away. The other finger was inserted into the old man.

Do you think that's going to work again? The old man saw this and felt proud for a while. The finger skill just now lets him know how powerful Chen Feng's techniques were, and naturally he would not take it .

Instead, he wanted to hide, but found that no matter how he hid, he could not escape the route of this finger.


The finger was inserted straight into the old man's chest.

Uh. The old man covered the bloody hole in his chest, his eyes full of unwillingness. He knew that he lost today, so he had to account for his life here.

You forced me to do this! Said the old man, I must kill you and drink your blood to relieve my hate!

The old man took out a pink pill from his arm and swallowed it.


A force ten times as fierce erupted from the old man.

Little thief, come here and die! The old man was full of madness, staring at Chen Feng full of resentment.