The Peerless Master Chapter 7 - The Distress of Living With Beautiful Women

In the living room, Chen Feng sat innocently. On the other end, there are two women sitting.

Wan'er blushed and shrank behind Lili and at this moment, she has changed her clothes. However, this large dress does not seem to be able to stop her seductive figure. The beautiful curve is still ubiquitous around her body, causing Chen Feng's mouth to dry up.

Lili was biting her teeth and looked at Chen Feng with a look of anger. The embarrassment caused by being hugged by Chen Feng's just made her unable to calm down. Since Chen Feng entered the door, she never gave him a good look, as if she was using her eyes to swallow Chen Feng alive. However, her appearance, in the eyes of Chen Feng, is a bit cute.

Chen Feng did not know why he was so impassionate about women in his previous life but why did he get such feelings after he arrived at this body? However, Chen Feng will not hinder the development of this kind of emotion.

That, I really came here to rent a house. Chen Feng touched his nose and broke the silence that had lasted for a long time.

When she heard this topic, Wan'er's face suddenly became red, then she looked at Chen Feng and shook her head. No, you also saw it. There are two women living here. It is inconvenient for a man to live here with us.

Oh, since this is the case, then I will look elsewhere. Chen Feng saw that it would indeed be inconvenient for him so he stood up and was about to leave.

Wait a minute. Just then, Lili, who was originally angry suddenly stood up, Wait a while, I will discuss it with Wan'er. Then, she pulled the puzzled Wan'er into a room

Chen Feng is a bit puzzled. Why is Lili, who had just wanted to eat him alive suddenly changed her attitude and allowed him to stay? A bad feeling grew in his heart.

However, since there is an opportunity to rent, Chen Feng will naturally not refuse. After all, the money he has now is not enough for many places in the city. Picking up the remote control, Chen Feng turned on the living room TV and watched the drama inside, without any awareness that he was a guest

In a short while, Chen Feng was immersed in the old-fashioned plot on TV and watched with joy

After more than half an hour, Lili's door suddenly opened and the two beautiful women walked out hand in hand, looking at Chen Feng with a smirk.

Smelly rogue, are you sure you want to rent? Lili couldn't contain her smile as she said

Of course, why would I still be here if I didn't want to? Chen Feng was attracted to the plot on the TV and didn't bother looking back as he replied. A black line suddenly appeared on Lili's face, this abominable guy, who is the landlord?

Lili took the remote and turned off the TV said angrily said, Take this Aunt seriously

Chen Feng was stunned... this woman is so violent.

With one hand on her hips, her other hand grabbed a piece of paper in Wan'er's hand and stuffed it into Chen Feng's hand. Lili said loudly: If you want to rent a room, take a look through these conditions for your Aunt

Lili sat on the sofa opposite of Chen Feng, staring at Chen Feng with a sly look and had a smile that couldn't be covered.

Besides side, Wan'er's face blushing and lowered her head. She didn't dare to look at Chen Feng.

Uhh. Chen Feng took a look at the paper and suddenly jumped up and said to Lili, What kind of contract is this, I'm basically your housekeeper

The white paper was full of words.

Joint Leasing Contract:

Article 1: In order to protect Lili and Mu Wan'er property and personal privacy, Chen Feng is not allowed to enter or leave other rooms without the consent of Lili and Mu Wan'er's.

Article 2: During the period of joint leasing, Chen Feng must unconditionally obey any conditions of Lili and Mu Wan'er.

Article 3: During the period of joint leasing, Chen Feng must undertake cleaning duties as long as it does not violate the privacy of Lili and Mu Wan'er's.

Article 4: In order to prevent some unpleasantness. When Lili and Mu Xier takes a shower, Chen Feng had to stay in his bedroom, not taking a step outside at all.


Article 28: Chen Feng must ensure that he does not snore at night, so as not to affect Lili and Mu Wan'er's normal rest.

It is unknown how these two women came up with a total of 28 rules. Apart from the first one, the other ones made Chen Feng feel like he was in the wolf's den.

How is this a join leasing, I'm basically a free housekeeper Chen Feng unwillingly protested.


Lili covered her mouth and smiled, then stood up from the sofa, stepping on the coffee table and said domineeringly, You can choose not to agree, no one is forcing you to rent

Huu... Chen Feng's anger suddenly dissipated, holding the four red bills in his pocket, he sat weakly on the sofa and said, Well, you won!

So, what are you waiting for, memorize this contract down Lili raised her head and patted Chen Feng's shoulders aggressively. She said with a grin, Kid, work hard After that, she couldn't help but laugh, causing Chen Feng to not help but gnash his teeth


Rent 300 Yuan, plus 100 water, electricity and gas bills caused Chen Feng's pocket to become light again. With only a few dozen Yuan left in his pocket, Chen Feng dragged his luggage to his room.

The room was very clean and there was nothing miscellaneous. There is one meter wide bed and a nightstand next to it. On the table, a not so new table lamp was wiped clean.

Although the conditions are not very good, it is obviously more comfortable than when he was on the construction site.

Chen Feng cleaned the room again and a loud yell came from outside the door, Chen Feng, come out soon

Sigh... I bet there's nothing good that's going to happen Chen Feng sighed but still went out.

When Chen Feng came out, he saw Lili and Mu Wan'er in the living room and asked unenthusiastically Is something the matter?

Lili looked at Chen Feng with a smile, causing a bad feeling to emerge in Chen Feng's heart, What's the matter? Are you not satisfied with your room? Lili placed her hands on her hips and said, Today is a rare weekend, Wan'er and I want to go out shopping, I want you to make dinner before we come back, do you understand?

Why do I have to cook? The anger in Chen Feng's eyes burst out.

Why? It is clearly stated in the contract that you must listen to me and Wan'er, do you want to deny it? Lili squinted at Chen Feng and said.

Okay. Chen Feng immediately softened. The feeling of being under the fence was really bad

Hehe, I'm counting on you, big Satyr Lili walked out of the door while tiptoeing.

Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng apologetically. Immediately, she thought of something and her face turned red before hurriedly running out.