The Peerless Master Chapter 69 - Revenge

Ga Zi and Lan Lan were left in Ru Lan's villa to rest. After all, Ga Zi killed people from the underworld. What's more, Lan Lan's wound was still in the healing stage and was practically immobile. So Ru Lan asked the two to stay in the villa.

It was dark, and Chen Feng left the villa after eating dinner.

Ru Lan originally wanted to drive him, but was rejected.

Panshan Villa District was located on a hill on the outskirts. Because the geology was mostly rock formations, it is called Panshan. It's also far from the city and has a beautiful scenery, it was made into a luxurious villa area.

The villa area was about a 20 minutes drive from the city. Although the cement road has been paved, few cars pass by.

Chen Feng shook his body, like lightning, only a residual image shuttled through the night. Even if an occasional car came in front of him, they would at most see a shadow.

It didn't take long for him to arrive at the city. When he got there, he didn't show himself. Instead, he walked by the busy street.

A bright music ringed from his pocket. Chen Feng stopped and took out his iPhone 6, which surprised many young people around.(TN: Imagine they turned their heads like dogs, immediate notice of a random iphone)

The iPhone 6 is known for its handsome appearance and powerful performance, a goal pursued by countless young people. However, due to its high price, even in this big city, many people couldn't afford it.(TN: _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_)

Chen Feng picked up the phone and only listened to the urgent voice over the phone, Brother Chen, it's me, Situ Yunfei...

Chen Feng's face instantly became cold.

Okay, I'm coming! Chen Feng hung up the phone. He looked around, noticing that no one noticed him, his body disappeared.(TN: Ninja)


Leaving only an after image, Chen Feng was already a 100 meters away.

In the Situ's household, Mr. Situ and Situ Qiang stared coldly at a lean old man. The old man was very strange. In such hot weather, he was covered in a huge black cloak. Only an old face was left bare. The gray old man on his face seemed to have been uncleaned for a long time, it was extremely cluttered.(TN: Mr. Situ is Mr. Situ from c15 who got cured, don't know why he don't got a proper name)

His excellency, who are you, and why did you hurt a member of our family? The family's head looked at the old man coldly, his heart filled with anger.

In front of him, a fat maid rolled to the ground, hissing in pain. There were bumps on her skin. Bulges were rolling on the skin, constantly moving, you could see that it was alive.


The old man sneered, he looked at the family head angrily and said with a gritted tooth, It doesn't matter who I am, tell me quickly, who killed my ‘Blood Sucking Centipede!' His voice was like a windbreaker. However, in conjunction with his gloomy appearance, Mr. Situ felt a chill.

Blood Sucking Centipede? Situ Qiang was suddenly alerted, Father, he's the wicked man who nearly killed you!

Situ Qiang was clear that the situation was dire.

Your excellency, why did you want to kill me? Mr. Situ looked at the old man with cold eyes, his face full of anger.

Although he had already retired, his high position over the years still makes his heart extremely proud. Naturally, he must seek justice for the enemies who almost killed him.

Hmm... The old man mockingly stared at him.

He suddenly pointed at the maid on the ground with a cruel grin.


The maid's eyes stared at a loss, her eyes filled with pain. She struggled even harder, and kept rolling on the ground, like a fish out of water, with her mouth wide open, but she couldn't breathe a breath of air.


In an instant, the bumps on her body boiled violently, blasting continuously, as if the balloons were blown up one after another.

A stream of red gas flew from these blasts, floating above the maid's body.

Fuuu--(TN: trying my best(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ))

The old man took a deep breath, and the red gas was immediately sucked into his nose.(TN: New meta)


The maid screamed desperately. In the surprised eyes of Mr. Situ, the maid's fat body gradually flattened, and finally, she became as thin as a wood.

The red gas continued to fly out from her body and entered the old man's nose...

The maid struggled more and more, she looked even more weak, while the old man's face looked refreshed, Mr. Situ angrily screamed, How bold, even killing innocents at will!

During the conversation, Mr. Situ's body flew out with great power, like a tiger descending from the mountain.

Looking at the oncoming man, the old man's face was full of smiles, he gave a scornful sigh, and gently extended a finger.

The old man's finger seemed to be very weak, but the collision caused a blast of wind to disperse.


Mr. Situ's face suddenly froze.

How is this possible! Mr. Situ opened his mouth and looked down, looking at the finger that had pinched his fist, full of shock.

You think garbage is worthy of me using my hand? The old man said scornfully, lifted his feet, and kicked towards Mr. Situ.

Facing this casual kick, Mr. Situ actually discovered that this kick had sealed all his retreats.


Mr. Situ crashed out heavily, lying on the ground embarrassed.

Father! Situ Qiang impatiently called to Mr. Situ.

Yi-- Mr. Situ's expression dropped, blood dripped from his mouth.

Tell me quickly, who killed my puppet, otherwise, all of you will be dead by today! The old man coldly looked at the father and son.

Hmph, I won't tell you even if I die! Situ Qiang cursed.

Grandpa! An urgent call came, and Situ Yunfei quickly ran in while holding a mobile phone in his hand.

Yunfei, run away, tell Mr. Chen to not come! Mr. Situ suddenly struggled and shouted at Situ Yunfei.(TN: smh)

Upon hearing this, Situ Yunfei suddenly felt weak in his heart and said that he was not good enough. He just wanted to turn around and run away.

Hey hey, presumably that Mr. Chen is the one who killed my ‘Blood Sucking Centipede', do you think I'll let you run away and let him escape? While talking, the old man pointed out and shot straight at Situ Yunfei's chest, Then go ahead and die!

The finger was filled with boundless might, making it hard to dodge.

Yunfei! The father and son cried in unison, but there was nothing they could do...