The Peerless Master Chapter 68 - Ga Zi's Madness

I'll take revenge on you! Ga Zi's eyes were red, and he slowly picked up a machete on the ground. He slowly stood up, his eyes frosty, I'll Kill you all!

His eyes glazed and all thoughts of killing rushed to his head.

Damn, what evil. The little boss hesitated slightly, but seeing that he had more people, he decided, Kill him!

However, no one dared to take a step forward, everyone was deterred by Ga Zi's soaring murderous spirit.

F*ck, go get him! The little boss pushed one of his subordinates to go, he yelled and cursed, A bunch of chickens, all of you people are afraid of one person?

Ga Zi ignored their babbling and walked to the closest one. Without any mercy, he chopped down.

The chubby had long been prepared, his body quickly backed away, and he avoided the machete. However, this machete seemed to start the battle, and people finally moved.(TN: Chubby guy was holding Lan Lan hostage)

They flailed their arms around and rushed towards Ga Zi. They were also human, and naturally they wouldn't want to die.

Kill! Ga Zi's eyes were red. The machete in his hand swept across.


Several pieces of machetes were broken.

F*ck, is this man a monster? What strength! A guy couldn't help but exclaim, in the next moment however, his chest suddenly hurt.

He looked down, a large hole had been made in his chest, and blood was flowing down. He reluctantly looked at the silhouette of death, and weakly fell to the ground.

Kill!!! Ga Zi's machete was like Death's Sickle. Every swing took a bit of their life.

His body had been scarred for a long time. His back, chest, hands, legs, and even his face were covered with scratches. His left arm was even exposed with white bones. However, he didn't even bother about it. In his eyes, there was only one belief, kill! Kill all these people and take revenge for Lan Lan!


Ah, he's a devil! Finally, a foolish man suddenly dropped his knife and ran away crying.

As if a fuse was ignited, everyone else saw this, and the remaining courage in their hearts disappeared instantly. They threw away their weapons and joined the escaping army.

A bunch of waste, what are you running for? The little boss cried hatefully.

However, nobody cared about him. Compared to their own life, he was not worth it.

Damn, a bunch of waste. The little boss also realized that it wasn't going well, and his heart had long been frightened by Ga Zi's methods. When he saw where the general situation had gone, he turned and ran away.

However, a burly figure had stopped in front of him, a gleam flashed, and a machete had been embedded in his chest.

Do you dare to kill me? I'm... help... The little boss stared at the bloody Ga Zi.

However, his passing vitality prevented him from opening his mouth, and death finally came. He fell softly to the ground, twitching, and quickly lost his breath.

Kill! Ga Zi didn't look at the dead little boss anymore, and turned to chase after the others.

If you want her to die, keep chasing. A faint voice suddenly blew into Ga Zi's ear.

His footsteps stopped, from his madness, he became sober and turned sharply.

Chen Feng! He widened his eyes and looked at Chen Feng with a pale face, his face was full of wonders, Why are you here?

Chen Feng didn't answer, he pointed to Lan Lan, Move her to a safe place or even I can't save her.

When Ga Zi heard this, he instantly rejoiced. He knew that Chen Feng would never talk big, if he said he could do it, he was completely able to.


The sound of a brake screeched, a white Audi off-road vehicle stopped in front of them not too far away.

Ru Lan leaned her head out and shouted, Get on, the police will come soon.

Chen Feng nodded, heading for the Audi. Ga Zi also picked up Lan Lan, who had long been unconscious, and stepped onto the Audi car without hesitation.


The sound of the motor roared violently, and the white Audi madly rushed away like a bull.


On top of the Panshan Mountain was a villa estate. It was luxurious, at this moment a man covered in blood was walking around anxiously, his eyes were constantly looking at the locked door.

In the room, Lan Lan was lying quietly on the bed, her face pale.

However, the wound on her neck had stopped bleeding, leaving only a deep mark. Lan Lan's life was pulled back from the dead with Chen Feng's miraculous medical skills.

Chen Feng, is Lan Lan okay? Ru Lan gently wiped the blood on Lan Lan's skin, asking with some uncertainty.

Well, she can't die. Chen Feng answered very simply, this was the confidence in his own medical skills, the confidence accumulated over the years.

Dan Zu's medical skills are the best in the world of cultivation!

But... Why isn't Lan Lan waking up? Ru Lan asked again, which had been going on for several hours. Lan Lan had recovered but showed no other improvement.

Chen Feng looked at Ru Lan strangely and smiled, Looks like you really care about this girl?

Ru Lan looked at Lan Lan with pity, and nodded, It's just sad, what a poor girl. Both her mom and dad are dead.

Yeah. Chen Feng also somewhat admired Lan Lan. In order to let Ga Zi escape, she did not even hesitate to take her own life.

She's just losing too much blood. I'm going to prescribe a prescription for blood replenishment, you can go get medical plants, and she should feel better in a few days. Chen Feng took a pen from the side and wrote the prescription.

Mhm, I'll get the maid to get them. After taking the prescription, Ru Lan opened the door and walked out.

As soon as the door was opened, a red figure came rushing in. If Ru Lan hadn't dodge quick enough, she would've been pushed down already.

Ga Zi came in, looking anxiously at Lan Lan who was quietly lying on the bed, Is she alright?

Chen Feng smiled, She's all right, but are you?

Me? Ga Zi slightly froze, and realized, Oh, this whole wound hurts me, heal me soon...