The Peerless Master Chapter 67 - Captured

Come on! Ga Zi's eyes were flushed, he waved his fists, greeting the incoming underlings.


He punched fiercely, hit one on the stomach, sending the guy a meter or two, then twisted another.


The immense force made the man's arm bend momentarily.

Ahh!!!- He couldn't help but scream because of the huge pain, the machete in his hand fell.

Ga Zi immediately picked up a machete that had not yet landed. With a sharp stroke, he blocked an array of machetes.


However, dozens of people rushed up together punching him, several bruises appeared on his back.

The hot pain didn't scare him, instead it only aroused his bloodiness!

Huhh! He snorted, like a tiger, he hurled into the crowd with a fierce force.

Between the shadows of machetes, Ga Zi bravely shuttled through the crowd. Screams appeared wherever he went.

WOoo!!!!-- Who dares to come! Ga Zi screamed, the machete in his hand raised, his eyes were beaming, similar to a predator.

All of them retreated in panic, and looked at Ga Zi with vigilance.

This person was so cruel! Many of them were covered with deep cuts. There are even a few unlucky people who were already lying on the ground barely alive.

However, Ga Zi felt uncomfortable, his body was covered with scars, with his clothes being completely stained, which looked extremely embarrassing. But against his imposing momentum, it was more of a deterrent.

F*ck, put down the knife for me! Behind him, there was a murmur.

Ga Zi turned his head and looked stunned. He saw a man with a smug look proudly holding Lan Lan with a knife to her neck. Isn't this lunatic the one who helped the little boss just now?

Boy, put down the knife, or her blood will shed. The man looked at Ga Zi as if holding a winning ticket.

Most of the diners around were couples. When they saw such a scene, they all expressed anger, but no one dared to do anything irrational.

What a joke, they were real triads, wouldn't fighting them only shorten your life?

Hahaha, Liu San, it seems you're still smart! The little boss finally calmed down.

Brother, I'm not as good as you. Liu San's face was full of flattery.

Hahaha, well said. You got a future kid. The little boss stood up and looked at Liu San with satisfaction. Immediately, his face became fierce, and stepped in front of Ga Zi, Aren't you still able to fight? Fight! Fight! Fight!

With that said, he threw a fist toward Ga Zi's stomach.

There was a look of pain on Ga Zi's face, but he didn't move, letting the fist hit his body.

Boy, it's pretty hard! The little boss let out a breath, rubbed his fists, and cursed.(TN: lmao)

Let that girl go or you'll pay! Ga Zi's voice was cold, as if he was offering them peace.

F*ck, you're stupid. The little boss slapped him, We'll let her go, but you'll be the price. After that, he grinned cruelly and shouted at his men, Brothers, remove his tendons and hamstrings Then, he looked at Lan Lan with lust, Oh my god, this Oolong must be helping me. I didn't think there would be such a beauty. Brothers take turns~

Your beast! Ga Zi's eyes burst with killing intent.

The f*ck you call me? The little boss winked at Liu San, he knew what to do, and the knife in his hand slid on Lan Lan's skin, causing a stream of blood to slowly flow down.

That's too much, how can you do this. Said a young woman who couldn't stand it.

The little boss fiercely glanced at her, Too much? You think we're wrong? In Hangzhou city, who dares to say that we are too much?

The woman wanted to say something, but the man next to her hurriedly pulled her behind him to stop her.

I'll go with you! Ga Zi's face was full of humiliation, but there was nothing he could do seeing the life of the one he loved was at stake.

At this moment he suddenly felt very weak. If his power was stronger, he could definitely save the woman he loves. He hated, hated himself for being too weak!

Haha, I'm counting on it. The little boss had a vicious face, Brothers, destroy him!

As he said that, a little chubby pulled a knife out of his pocket smirking. The knife's blade exuded a dazzling cold light, and you could see that it was extremely sharp at a glance.

Rest assured, I'm a professional, and I guarantee that she will break at the first cut, without needing the second. The man said with some pride.

Lan Lan silently watched from beginning to end, even when the blade cut through her neck, she did not frown. However, at this moment, when she saw that Ga Zi's life was in danger, she made up her mind.

Brother Ga Zi, run away. Lan Lan's eyes flashed a definite resolute, yelling, she twisted her neck against the knife...(TN: God dang psychopath)

Lan Lan! Ga Zi screamed, his heart aching.

Brother Ga Zi, run fast, run far, don't take revenge on me... Lan Lan's voice was getting lighter and lighter, it was almost inaudible in the end. The wound kept pouring red, it constantly stained her chest...

Ahh- Liu San was stunned by the sudden change, and the knife in his hand fell to the ground.


Lan Lan's body collapsed to the ground, her eyes were still open, she had a look of sadness and anger as she quietly stared at Ga Zi, her mouth was still slightly opened, as if saying, Ga Zi, run.

The blood, like a flood that opened its gate, rolled out and stained the ground beneath him.

Lan Lan! Ga Zi ran to Lanlan's side in a few steps, clutching her cold body tightly.

I'll take revenge on you! Ga Zi's eyes were red, and he slowly picked up a machete on the ground. He slowly stood up, his eyes frosty, I'll Kill you all!(TN: This about to get good ᕕ(❍ᴥ❍)ᕗ)