The Peerless Master Chapter 66 - Ga Zi

‘Blue Valley' restaurant had always been sought after by many young men and women of Hangzhou city.

Every day, romantic events were performed there. Countless couples joined hands to go to the wedding hall.

The ‘Blue Valley' restaurant was very romantically decorated. Small bridges and flowing water, pavilions upon pavilions... everything in this huge restaurant was like a paradise.

The most important thing was that the food here wasn't expensive, and even ordinary college students could afford it, so it was often overcrowded.

Chen Feng looked at Ru Lan who was sitting opposite of him with a smile, and asked gently, Why did you bring us here?

Ru Lan's face was slightly red, and shyly said, Actually, I have heard of this place a long time ago, but no one has been able to go with me. At this moment, Ru Lan was like an ordinary girl, without any experience.

No, you're so beautiful, why wouldn't anyone come with you? Chen Feng was surprised.(TN: When you've reach maximum mc power: No Brain)

Ru Lan was a little stunned,she looked at Chen Feng and said, You are the first man to eat with me alone. Then, Ru Lan took a sip of red wine, and said mockingly, All of the previous ones were seduced by my charm, they only thought of how to get me to bed. How would I dare to come alone with a man?

Chen Feng had a hint of enlightenment in his eyes. Looking at Ru Lan's sorrowful expression, he suddenly laughed, You're not afraid that I'm also holding you to the same expectation?

Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng seriously and smiled sweetly, You are different from them.

Chen Feng touched his nose and smiled bitterly. Different? I didn't eat you at such a good opportunity just now, I feel embarrassed.

Ru Lan seems to have penetrated Chen Feng's heart and said seriously, This is actually the reason why I am willing to come here with you. If, just now, you didn't listen to my plea and really ate me, I will never see you again in my life.

Ha ha. Chen Feng said with a small smile, I'm not much different, but I have also won your favor. He said as he looked over Ru Lan's body, his eyes glowing, To be honest, just now I really want to eat you!

Ru Lan's face was flushed, she did not dare to look at Chen Feng's eyes, and lowered her head while fiddling with her hands. At this moment, she was clearly a pure beautiful girl. Where was the charming one just now?

Just then,Bang-, and noises came from the door.

Chen Feng lifted his eyebrows and only saw a crowd at the gate, it was lively.

F*ck, I see who dares to come in! A domineering shout sounded throughout the restaurant. A burly man stood alone at the door. Vaguely, Chen Feng saw a crowd outside the door.(TN: peeps trying to enter the restaurant)

You sit here, I'll see what's going on. Chen Feng's eyes flashed, he stood up and walked toward the door.

Chen Feng, be careful! Ru Lan warned him.

At the door, a tall and burly man stood at the door, with a posture of one in charge.

This ‘Blue Valley' is my territory, and you all leave me alone! The man spoke unceremoniously, and a strong domineering aura on his body surged out, making people bewildered.

Outside the door, dozens of people gathered, one by one holding a machete or a stick with a fierce look.

A little boss looked at the burly man, sneered and shouted, This place used to be the property of the Lord of the Oolong Gang, but yesterday the Oolong Gang was destroyed by our leader, even the Lord of the Gang died. From now on, this place belongs to us.

Then he raised the machete, Boy, hurry it up and leave now, and also break your leg. But if you insist on staying, I'll break all your limbs.

F*ck your mother's sh*t! The burly man said resentfully, Your leader. All of you are shameless. This place is private property. Is that something you think you can get?

I am staying here today. If any of you pass me, then my name wouldn't be Ga Zi! The burly man raised his fists and was prestigious.

This burly man was none other than Ga Zi, Chen Feng's good brother.

Ga Zi, let's give it to them. Don't fight! Behind him, a 20-year-old woman nervously pulled Ga Zi's clothes, her face full of anxiety, My mom and mad were both killed, and now you're the only one I can rely on. You must be alright!

Ga Zi turned his head resolutely, looking at the young girl, and a ray of tenderness appeared on his face, Lan Lan, don't be afraid. This restaurant is your mother's hard work. As long as I'm here, it'll be alright. hei pulled the girl aside. Then, he stood up like a mountain, keeping the door impenetrable.

F*ck, then you can die little naive boy! The little boss immediately scolded, waving his machete, and rushed towards Ga Zi.

Seeing that their boss was moving, the other dozens of lunatics grabbed their weapons and rushed towards the door.

Come on! Ga Zi roared like a beast, and the muscles on his hands suddenly rose and became harder.

Hoo-- The little boss had rushed in first, with coldness in his eyes, and the machete in his hand fell towards Ga Zi.

Humph! Ga Zi snorted scornfully. He readied his fist and slammed it toward the little boss.

Hoooo-- The fist penetrated the air, it even caused a whistling sound, and fiercely landed on the little boss' stomach


The little boss' eyes widened, his body abruptly flew a dozen of steps before stopping, he immediately barfed.

Ga Zi's punch had nearly destroyed his stomach!


The little boss could no longer hold his machete, and fell straight to the ground. His whole body, like a prawn, curled and layed on the ground, unable to get up

F*ck, what are you waiting for? Kill him! The little boss lying on the ground screamed.

Kill, take revenge on Big Brother! A clever one hurriedly shouted. The other members rushed with red eyes. As for him, he hurried to the boss and helped him up.

Ga Zi looked coldly at the rushing crowd, the corners of his eyes were full of pride. It's only been a few days since he cultivated the Overlord Holy Body. Although he had been assisted by a strong medicinal soup, his progress was limited. In the face of these dozens of people, there was a lot of pressure.

However, Ga Zi didn't back down, he clenched his fist and shouted, Come on! Let's see who will win!

His eyes were full of perseverance!