The Peerless Master Chapter 65 - Healing

It didn't take long for Ru Lan to appear in front of Chen Feng again.

Ru Lan had changed her clothes, her outfit was very professional, which made her look more appealing. Those proud bulges in front of her chest supported her shirt, and from time to time, Chen Feng's eyes strayed...

Looking at Ru Lan's dress, Chen Feng suddenly thought of a word - uniform temptation.

Ru La was wearing professional clothes that exuded infinite appeal, which no man could stop.

What are you looking at? Seeing Chen Feng's bad eyes, Ru Lan's face turned red.

Hmm, you're so beautiful, I can't help it... Chen Feng told the truth.

Over the years, countless people have said so to her, and Ru Lan had long been numb. However, when Chen Feng said this, Ru Lan found out that she had some small pride in her heart.

Mr. Chen, let's talk business. Ru Lan saw that Chen Feng's gaze had been staying on her, so she shifted the topic.

Alright, let's talk business. Chen Feng cleared his mind sharply.

Is it because my Dao heart has regressed, or is the temptation of the charming body too strong, and attracted me unconsciously. Looking at Ru Lan, Chen Feng couldn't help but think about it.


Tiancheng Jewelry had its own jewelry appraisal agency. At this time, Chen Feng's whole bag of gold jewelry was sent to this institution.

Mr. Chen, it may take a while to get the identification. We might as well go to my office and sit down. Ru Lan stood at the entrance of the identification center and smiled at Chen Feng.

Okay! Chen Feng said with a mouthful, By the way, I will solve your troubles for you.

When Ru Lan heard Chen Feng, she felt joy in her heart. For many years she had been looking forward to solving this trouble.

Thank you so much, Mr. Chen. Ru Lan looked very excited, even her voice was trembling.

Returning to Ru Lan's office again, Chen Feng found that the original messy office had been cleaned up. Even the door that was kicked by him had been repaired. Several Tiancheng internal maintenance workers were doing the final modification.

When they saw Ru Lan coming back, these people called out respectfully and then backed away gently.

Mr. Chen, what are you going to do, and how can I cooperate with you? Ru Lan said calmly, but her heart was filled with worry.

Oh, you don't need to do anything, you will know the details later. Chen Feng smiled mysteriously, there was a hint of playfulness in the smile.

Okay, let's get started! Ru Lan urged.

Chen Feng answered, but did not immediately start, he turned to the door and closed it.


After closing the door, Chen Feng did not forget to lock it.

Okay, let's get started. Chen Feng turned his head and looked at Ru Lan, smiling with an evil charm.

Seeing Chen Feng's wicked smile, Ru Lan suddenly felt a bit of fear in her heart, she couldn't help but take a step back, and said vigilantly, What are you... what are you doing?

Chen Feng carefully looked at Ru Lan's peerless appearance and said gently, Come on, take off your clothes.

Take off, take off my clothes? Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng with doubt, and had a sense of caution on her face.

Yes, otherwise, how can I treat you? Chen Feng took it for granted.

I- I guess so... Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng and said weakly.

Chen Feng shook his head, full of seriousness.

That... Seeing Chen Feng, Ru Lan struggled internally.

It was a tough problem. Chen Feng could cure her body, but what if he got infatuated with her body, wouldn't she be in danger if she undressed? Besides, how can it be so easy for a woman to take off her clothes in front of a man?

Chen Feng didn't speak, he just looked at her quietly, waiting for her decision. If she persists, Chen Feng would not force it.

Your own path was your choice.

Finally, Ru Lan seemed to have made up her mind, gritted her teeth and said, Mr. Chen, I believe in you.

Having said that, she slowly unbuttoned the first button.

Ru Lan's movements were very slow. It seems that every movement had been well thought out.

However, Chen Feng did not urge since it was not easy for a woman to do this in front of a strange man.

Finally, the last button was off...

Chen Feng's eyes suddenly became a little bit hot, but at this moment he didn't have a trace of evil thoughts. In his heart, he was applauding the brave girl.

In Ru Lan's eyes, it felt like forever. With all the buttons off, her front was completely unguarded.

Chen Feng's eyes finally became indifferent, Ru Lan's charming body broke out silently, like a mature apple, and made him want to step forward and take a bite.

At this moment, he finally understood why this 'enchanting body&339; caused countless experts to fight. This boundless charm alone was enough to drive those expert crazy.

However, the important thing right now was to treat Ru Lan's body. Thinking of this, Chen Feng's brows were surprisingly solemn.

To Ru Lan's shock, Chen Feng's big hand suddenly covered her...


She didn't know how long it had been.

Her weak qi suddenly changed. She found that the air flow in her body became extremely smooth, forming a circulation in her body. With the rotation of this cycle, a magical energy hidden in the body suddenly burst out.

Chen Feng looked tiredly at Ru Lan, whose qi was rapidly changing, and finally smiled. He opened up the girl's blocked meridians, and her hidden blood vessels were finally aroused.

With her eyes closed, her qi was constantly changing, and an endless enchanting air coiled around her, exuding a faint fragrance.

Smelling this fragrance, Chen Feng suddenly found that an unknown evil fire had risen in his heart, and looked towards Ru Lan full of willingness to possess.

No, something is wrong At the critical moment, Chen Feng's mind cleared. Was it so easy to tempt a Dao heart that had been tempered over thousands of years?

After a while, Ru Lan's eyes suddenly opened, blooming boundlessly. For a moment, the enchanting air surrounding her body receded into her body.

Chen Feng looked at Ru Lan and nodded with satisfaction. At this moment, Ru Lan seems to be just a beautiful woman, and the charm of her body was no longer seen.

It seems that you can really control your charm now. Chen Feng grinned, his pale face full of joy.

Mr. Chen has worked hard. Ru Lan stood up gently from the sofa, her face still rosy after the treatment.

Ha ha. Chen Feng's gaze was once again attracted by Ru Lan's beauty.

Seeing this, Ru Lan did not even feel a little uncomfortable, instead she was a little happy. There was a hint of mischief in her eyes, and she smiled at Chen Feng while releasing her charm, Mr. Chen, am I beautiful?

Beautiful! Chen Feng's eyes were confused and answered unconsciously.

Hehehe... Ru Lan was full of pride and smiled.

You... Little girl, I saved you, but you were thinking of charming me, know your manners. Chen Feng was furious, he flew towards Ru Lan.

Bad guy, let me go. Ru Lan's little hand gently touched Chen Feng's chest, begging for help.

Begging for mercy now? It's too late!

TN: Mr. Feng is now Mr. Chen :V