The Peerless Master Chapter 63 - Apologize

LET GO!!! The door was knocked down.

The shout immediately stopped Chao Shao's action.

F*ck, who is disturbing me. Chan Shao stood up and scolded the figure.

Ru Lan suddenly found that Chao Shao's violations had stopped, and she tried her best to break free, and raised her eyes to look at the person who rushed in.

Chen Feng... Ru Lan saw his tall figure, and her original flustered heart suddenly calmed down.

Taking advantage of Chao Shao's attention, she quickly ran behind Chen Feng. She grabbed his clothes and hid behind him pitifully. The two round bumps on the chest trembled, rubbing Chen Feng's back gently. (TN, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Despite her clothing, he could still feel its amazing softness and elasticity. Even if Chen Feng's mind was firm, he couldn't help but have stray thoughts.

‘What a charming body, even I can't resist its temptation. Chen Feng secretly said, but did not stop this ambiguity.

Kid, you sure are brave to break in. Chao Shao stubbornly said, Get out! Can't you see Ru Lan and I are busy?

Shameless! Ru Lan's face turned red. Obviously he was being blunt about his intentions.

Heh. Chen Feng chuckled, This gentleman, what thick skin you have. I bet even bullets wouldn't be able to penetrate your skin.

Chao Shao snorted, Kid, I'll give you another chance. Leave, lock that door, and don't let anyone in. After this is done, I'll arrange a place for you at the Chao's Company. The salary is ten times more than what you are earning in Tiancheng. Chao Shao's face was full of arrogance. In his opinion, as long as he said these conditions, the man in front of him would surely kiss his ass, and help him.

Chen Feng was shocked and looked at Chao Shao with amusement.

Without speaking, Chen Feng took off his shirt and put it on Ru Lan's body. This kind of temptation was a bit too thrilling, especially now, her red bra can't completely wrap those proud plumps at all, exposing the two semicircular tender meat, exuding infinite attraction, even Chen Feng had to admit how seductive they are.(TN, Immagine writing this)

Ru Lan gave a grateful glance as she hurriedly put on Chen Feng's shirt, she tightly held onto the buttons to prevent her chest from being exposed.

However, no matter how much she blocked it, she couldn't block everything. There were always some places looming out of the seams, causing Chen Feng to swallow hard.

Ahh- Really, a fairy indeed. Chen Feng secretly sighed. Her barely exposed breasts were a fatal temptation, leaving Chen Feng's mouth dry and a burning sensation on his lower abdomen formed.

Don't... don't look. Ru Lan's face flushed, her little hand slightly covering the exposed area, and said shamefully.

She also felt it was weird. Why was when she was seen by Chen Feng, she didn't feel disgusted?(TN, 乁( º ³ º )ㄏ I wonder what it could be?)

Kid, I'm talking to you! Seeing Chen Feng and Ru Lan talking, Chao Shao got annoyed and yelled. As the young master of the Chao Group, when did he receive such indifference?

Oh? It turns out that he's still barking. I wonder why this dog is still barking. Chen Feng looked at Chao Shao and said with a smile.

I've told you already! Chao Shao cursed angrily. However, the next moment, he suddenly reacted. Did this kid just call him a dog?

Within moments, Chao Shao was even more furious. His face scrunched up and scolded Chen Feng, You little swine with no mother nor a father, I'll kill you today! Chao Shao angrily ran toward Chen Feng.

Chao Shao was very fast and obviously has some strength. Looking at his body style, Chen Feng knew that this man had reached the point of condensing Qi, and furthermore, he was also a master of martial arts.

However, such strength is ludicrous in Chen Feng's eyes.

Who said I had no mother nor a father? Chen Feng was furious and went straight to slap him. Although Dan Zu's soul was fused with Chen Feng's soul, it didn't mean that he had no affection. On the contrary, Chen Feng now cherishes his feelings even more, and Chao Shao just touched his reverse scale.(TN: (╯⪧ᗝ⪦)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Regardless of his past life or this life, Chen Feng is a man of great affection.

Facing Chen Feng's slap, Chao Shao looked extremely disdainful. In his eyes, Chen Feng didn't have any momentum that an expert should have, he was just an ordinary person. He was about to release his anger, how can he fear the slap of an ordinary person.

With this in mind, Chao Shao's body skyrocketed again. He was determined to destroy this arrogant boy in one hit and let him know who he couldn't offend.

However, in the next moment, his eyes widened.

The man's simple slap seemed to turn into a giant wall. Chao Shao found that he couldn't escape at all

How can... Chao Shao's heart was so shocked that he could only watch as the slap came in contact with his face.


With a crisp sound, Chen Feng's slap steadily patted Chao Shao's face.(TN: It didn't hit hard if you're having trouble reading this like I did ;-;)


Chao Shao flew backwards and screamed.

So much power! Chao Shao got up in a panic, his shock was beyond words. This man was so powerful. With just a slap, he was already injured.

Hmph, I'll acknowledge that you're strong and since I don't really know you, so let's stop here and go our separate ways. Chao Shao was not a fool, and naturally understood he couldn't win. However, due to his arrogance, he still made sure to say some harsh words.

Huh? You want to leave like this? Chen Feng yelled at Chao Shao who was dying to leave.

What else do you want! Chao Shao's heart was full of anger.

You offended Miss Ru Lan, and you want to leave without apologizing? Chen Feng slowly walked towards Chao Shao, who was on guard.

Apologize? You want me to apologize? Chao Shao's angers soared, looking at Chen Feng full of viciousness, I have never been modest to others in my life!(TN, Christ, how spoiled can you be.)

If you don't apologize today, don't even think about leaving. Chen Feng smiled coldly and raised Chao Shao's neck with his hand. Apologize?