The Peerless Master Chapter 62 - Let Go!

Tiancheng Jewelry is the largest jewellery exchange in Hangzhou. The total jewelry transaction here accounts for almost 50% of the total jewelry transaction in Hangzhou.

In short, when it comes to Tiancheng Jewelry, everyone knew about them. Its success is not only bring an overwhelming advertising effect, but also a reputation for decades.

The Tiancheng Building is the headquarters of Tiancheng Jewelry. It was a 26-story tall building with extravagant decorations.

Entering the lobby on the first floor, a receptionist in a suit greeted.

Excuse me sir, how can I help you? The receptionist was a little beauty, her voice was sweet.

Uh, I'm looking for someone. Chen Feng said toward the beautiful receptionist.

Looking for someone? Sir, who are you looking for, do you know which department they are in? The receptionist was very polite and obviously received vocational training.

I'm looking for Ru Lan. Chen Feng didn't know Ru Lan's specific department, so he decided to say Ru Lan's name.

Ru Lan? Sir, there are thousands of employees in this Tiancheng Building. We can't find this person without knowing their department. The receptionist looked at Chen Feng with a bitter smile.

Xiao Fang, what are you doing? A shout came from behind, Come and see my bottle of perfume. My husband brought it back from France for me, it's really good.

The beautiful receptionist felt a little helpless. However, she didn't pay attention to the shouts behind her, and just looked at Chen Feng with a smile, Sir, think about it, did the friend you were looking for tell you which department they belongs to?

This... I really don't know. Chen Feng shook his head with a bitter smile. He only knew that Ru Lan's status in Tiancheng Jewelry was very high, but he didn't know the specific situation.

That... The receptionist smiled embarrassedly: Sir, I'm sorry, but if you can't provide specific information, I can't find your friend. Afterall, we have many employees, and I don't know all of them.

After a pause, she said, Sir, there is a rest area. You can take a rest there and think about your friend's situation. The beautiful receptionist politely pointed to several sofas in the lobby.

Xiao Fang, I'm talking to you. Did you not hear me? The voice was getting closer and closer, and soon, a lady appeared.

She looked at Chen Feng's shabby clothes, her eyes full of contempt. She pouted her lips and said in a dissatisfied tone, Xiao Fang, why are you wasting time with this poor egg? Come with me and see the perfume my husband brought me from France.

The woman ignored Chen Feng and pulled the receptionist away.

Sister Wang, this gentleman is here to find someone. We are receptionists. We should help him. Xiao Fang said seriously.

Hehehe, Xiao Fang, you are stupid. Sister Wang looked at Xiao Fang speechlessly and said, The key to doing our job is to be bright. Those who are rich and powerful are the subject of the reception, as for him, hehe. Sister Wang smiled mockingly, looking at Chen Feng's with contempt.

Sister Wang, please respect this gentleman. Xiao Fang said earnestly, Shouldn't we welcome everyone with warm hospitality?

Xiao Fang, I'm doing this for you. Sister Wang's voice got a little bit heavy, You are very enthusiastic to everyone, what if you get exhausted and can't do your job?

Xiao Fang looked at Sister Wang and said stubbornly, Sister Wang, don't say that. Since I'm the receptionist now, I will welcome everyone warmly.

Come on, I'm just suggesting. Sister Wang gave Xiao Fang a weird look, then gazed at Chen Feng while quietly muttering, A country guy, shameless.

She turned around and left.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps came, and a long-haired girl ran over asking Chen Feng, Excuse me, are you Mr. Chen?

Feng Chen nodded.

That's great, Ms. Ru has told us. If you came, just go to her office. With a sigh of relief, the girl with long hair said, Ms. Ru is in the office with a client. Their talk should be about over. Should I take you there now?

Ms. Ru? Sister Wang exclaimed after seeing this, and immediately, her face was full of regrets.

Mhm, let's go. Chen Feng nodded and asked to lead the way, after which, he turned around and smiled at Xiao Fang. But looking at sister Wang, Chen Feng's eyes were full of playfulness and teasing.

Staring at Chen Feng's back, Xiao Fang suddenly felt she was lucky. Fortunately, she did not judge him based on his clothes, otherwise she would only attract a bad impression from Ms. Ru.

As for that Sister Wang, she had a dark complexion. If Chen Feng speaks a few bad words about her, her job might as well be gone.


In Ru Lan's office, a man and a woman sat across from each other on the sofa.

Lan'er, if you agree, I promise to be devoted to only you. Said a young man with yellow hair as he greedily looked at Ru Lan's body.

Chao Shao, I'm sorry. Currently I just want to run the company well, so that Tiancheng can stand on its feet in all parts of the country. Ru Lan avoided Chao Shao's eyes, with some disgust in her eyes.

She has experienced this so much and she didn't know how many men she has rejected.

All of this is because of the charm inside her that she couldn't hide.

I can guarantee that as long as you promise to marry me, I can make your Tiancheng have a certain popularity in China. Chao Shao said confidently, With my background in the Chao family, doing this is easy.

Ha ha. Ru Lan laughed with a self-deprecating smile, Chao Shao, do you think that I would sell my body for benefits?

After a pause, Ru Lan's look changed. Her whole face was serious and firm. Chao Shao, please leave.

Ru Lan's mood was a little excited, and the charming state on her body radiated again involuntarily.

When Chao Shao saw it, his eyes could no longer contain his lust.

So beautiful, so beautiful. I have to get you. You can only be my, Chen Ruocheng's woman. Chao Shao's heart burst into an evil thought. This evil thought came out of the doctor, like an evil fire, and instantly made Chao Shao's body dry.

Looking at Ru Lan's beautiful posture, he suddenly snarled, You are mine, you are mine!

What are you doing!? Looking at Chao Shao's crazy look, Ru Lan's face changed drastically.

Chao Shao's intellect was finally completely defeated by his animalistic nature.

He roared heavily, and then pounced on Ru Lan like a tiger.

Ru Lan wanted to avoid him, but Chao Shao didn't give her this chance. His body accelerated again, and pinned Ru Lan to the ground.

Haha, you can't escape my palm today, no matter who you are. Chao Shao ripped off his shirt and said frantically.

Help, help! Ru Lan's mouth was blocked by Chao Shao's hand, she could only make a low whining sound.

It's no use calling, your body, I'll have it today. Chao Shao looked pleased, tearing half of her shirt.

Ru Lan's body was completely exposed, leaving only a pair of undergarments on the chest filled with bewildering temptation.

Hahaha, it's really white and tender. Let me have a taste. With that, Chao Shao slowly moved his mouth towards Ru Lan's chest.

No, don't... Ru Lan whimpered softly, the corners of her eyes dripped with tears. She was struggling hard, but in the face of Chao Shao, Ru Lan couldn't help herself, and could only cry in silence.

LET GO!!!(TN: Sounds more dramatic in caps)

The office door was suddenly knocked down, and a tall figure flashed in, yelling at Chao Shao.