The Peerless Master Chapter 61 - Invitation

Mr. Chen, you are finally here. Dean Li hurriedly stood up and smiled at Chen Feng.

It turns out that you're Chen Feng, ugly as a dog... Professor Zhang sneered, Didn't your mother teach you anything? Making us wait for so long?

Chen Feng looked at the man with cold eyes.

President Li, there are so many guests today. Except for people, why is there a dog that's barking? Chen Feng looked at President Li with a smile, It even bites when it sees someone, I really don't know what his mother taught him.

Dean Li laughed inside. Chen Feng really wasn't willing to suffer.

Looking at Professor Zhang's expression of anger, Dean Li was full of joy. However, as an old man, he naturally didn't express his emotions.

Cough-, cough-. He coughed a few times to relieve the smile in his heart. Dean Li introduced Chen Feng to the old man, This is Vice President Liu of the Chinese Medical Association and this is Professor Zhang, a member of the association, he's also an honorary professor at Beijing University.

Chen Feng chuckled at the old man and said, Old man, I didn't expect us to meet again after just one night.

The old man seemed a little excited, holding Chen Feng's hand tightly, and said, It turns out that you're Mr. Chen. No wonder the prescription was so effective.

Vice President Liu, do you know each other? Dean Li was slightly dumbfounded and couldn't help asking.

Vice President Liu is a medical expert, even in China. He did not expect such a person would praise Chen Feng so much.

Isn't he just a little wild doctor? What's so great. Maybe he doesn't even have the qualification to practice medicine. After seeing a few people chatting enthusiastically, Professor Zhang was left alone and felt upset.(TN: what a baby)

He became an honorary professor at Beijing University at a young age, with a transcendent status. ‘I am a dazzling figure everywhere I go, when I was so coldly treated,' He thought and placed all the blame on Chen Feng.

Shut up, Mr. Chen has superb medical skills, there's no doubt. Vice President Liu could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He didn't know who Mr. Chen was at the time, but now that he knows it was Chen Feng who made the prescription, naturally he could not tolerate Professor Zhang's nonsense.

As a result of Vice President Liu's scolding, Professor Zhang's face became worse, his eyes filled with resentment toward Chen Feng. Taking a deep look at Chen Feng, he left the Dean's office without looking back.

Huuh... Vice President Liu's face was extremely ugly, his own subordinate did not even give him any face. How could he see people in the future?

Dean Li was indeed a smooth man, and immediately changed the subject when he saw the situation going south Vice President Liu, what brings you to Hangzhou?

When it comes to business, Vice President Liu immediately became serious.

Turning around, Vice President Liu took out a delicate letter from the briefcase on the sofa, and handed it to Chen Feng.

This is an invitation letter from our medical association. Please accept it. Vice President Liu said sincerely.

An invitation? Chen Feng took the letter with some doubt.

Is there any benefit in joining your medical association? Chen Feng asked curiously.

Of course there are benefits, not only do you receive a lot of income, but also enjoy the internal channels of the association and buy many medicinal materials that are not on the market. Vice President Liu continued, But when the association needs you, You can't stand idly by.

Oh? Chen Feng's eyes lit up, and the second benefit was exactly what he needed. Recently, he found that it was very difficult for ordinary pharmacies to buy the medicinal materials he needs, and some precious medicinal materials weren't even sold in these pharmacies at all.

‘When I reach the Ning Yuan Stage, I can condense true fire and start alchemy. By then, I won't have the materials required. Joining the medical association will bring me great convenience.' Chen Feng immediately made up his mind, and agreed.

As for the last responsibility, Chen Feng didn't care. Taking people's money and disaster relief for others is a matter of righteousness.

I accept your invitation. Chen Feng looked at Vice President Liu with a smile.

That's great. With you around., our medical association will definitely take off again. Vice President Liu laughed and held Chen Feng's hand tightly.

Oh, that's right. Vice President Liu suddenly thought of something, and then took out a bulging envelope from the briefcase and handed it to Chen Feng with a smile, This is a meeting gift, please accept.

Chen Feng nodded and took the envelope unceremoniously.

Sir, why don't we have lunch together at noon today? Vice President Liu suggested.

Chen Feng wanted to agree, but suddenly remembered something, shook his head and smiled, I'm sorry, but I have something to do this afternoon.

Chen Feng had promised Ru Lan they would eat together at noon, as well as selling his golds.

That's a pity. I don't know when Mr. Chen is free. Let me know when you're free, we'll have one by then. Vice President Liu said with regret.

Uh, then, I can make it by tonight. Chen Feng also wanted to improve his relationship with Vice President Liu. After all, it seems that his status in the medical association was not low. It would be a great convenience for him to gather medical materials in the future.

I am the landlord here. How can I allow Vice President Liu to entertain. I will arrange the event this evening and everyone will come. Dean Li laughed.

Okay, it's settled then. Vice President Liu grinned, the atmosphere seemed very harmonious.

Outside the door, Professor Zhang heard all the chatters and laughters, his eyes had a vicious glint.

Hmph, Liu Linshan, offending me for a little boy who just entered the association, just you wait... Professor Zhang cursed in his heart, turned and left.(TN: I thought this kid left ages ago. :V)