The Peerless Master Chapter 60 - Gold Merit

Thank you for your help Ling Tingting saluted.

Since I promised you, I will naturally protect you. Chen Feng responded, no matter if he was a migrant worker in this life or Dan Zu in the previous, he was true to his words.

Ling Tingting looked a little worried and said a little embarrassingly, It's just the ghost is backed by immortals and if they check about your background, you might be hunted.

Do you think I lied to them? Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Ling Tingting looked timid and did not speak, but the disbelief in her expression had already shown her thoughts.

Not only Tingting, but anyone would not believe what Chen Feng said. Who was Cui Yun? He was the judge of netherworld, who's in charge of the book of life and death. It is said that he can decide life and death. Although Chen Feng is strong, he's still far from those characters. How could he know him?

Chen Feng grinned without explanation. He can't tell her that he merged with another soul.

After a few words of explanation, Chen Feng told Ling Tingting to go back.

It was night time, it looked a little eerie in the morgue. However, for Chen Feng, it was no different from other places.

Chen Feng spent his night meditating, the night passed with the summer sun rising wonderfully.

The hospital in the early morning seemed particularly lively, and people kept coming out of the hospital building with joy.

It was morning and many were notified that the quarantine was finally lifted. Heavily armed troops around the hospital evacuated to their camps, and traffic around them was restored.

Hahaha, finally I can go out.

Yeah, staying here for a few days was really uncomfortable.

Ah yes, it was really inconvenient to take showers. I would smell if I wasn't allowed to leave.

People talked a lot, and kept coming out of the hospital door. It didn't take long before the overcrowded hospital to suddenly become empty.

It seems that the corpse poison has been completely eliminated. Chen Feng smiled slightly, The government and the army are really efficient. In just three days, they completely controlled and eliminated all hidden dangers. Even if there are some omissions, with the prescription, it should not be transmitted again.

Between his thoughts, a faint golden light shone down from the sky, landing on Chen Feng's forehead.

Suddenly, an incomparable sense of comfort swept Chen Feng's senses, making him feel a little fluttery.

Merits merits, finally here. Chen Feng closed his eyes and actively catered to these merits.

Before long, Chen Feng felt like his soul was about to rise, as if sitting on clouds, it made him send out a burst.

The golden light gradually faded, and all the golden light was absorbed into his body.

Chen Feng was bathed in a layer of golden light, just like a golden Buddha.

Fortunately, there were no people around him at this time, otherwise, Chen Feng would certainly be worshipped as a reincarnation of the Buddha.

Before long, Chen Feng opened his eyes and the light dissipated.

This gold merit is truly amazing. Although it has no effect on cultivation, it has deepened my understanding of the Dao. Feng Chen was pleased, No wonder there were many great meritorious people in ancient times. This will be helpful for the day I rise.

Now that my understanding of the Dao has deepened a bit. Even in the face of a demon, I can probably handle it. Chen Feng smiled confidently.

It's just that this merit is golden, something that can't be sought. Chen Feng said in his heart as he left the morgue.


Mr. Chen, I finally found you.

After walking for a while, a sound of surprise came from behind.

He saw Vice President Wang running towards him in a hurry.

Mr. Chen, I just went to the morgue to find you, but found that you were not there. I've been going around the entire hospital to find you. Vice President Wang looked at Chen Feng, and before he could breathe, he pulled Chen Feng to the office building.

Vice President Wang, what happened? Chen Feng asked in wonder.

Since you donated the prescription, people from the National Medical Association came and indicated that they wanted to see you. The hospital was closed a few days ago and they couldn't get in. It was finally lifted this morning. They are currently waiting for you since this morning in the Dean's Office.

Oh? What are they here for? Chen Feng asked. He didn't seem to know anyone from the Medical Association. Why did they come to him suddenly?

I'm not sure. I'm only responsible for bringing you there. Vice President Wang was also a little confused, but he guessed, Maybe your prescription rescued so many people, and they came to reward you?

Chen Feng smiled, he didn't care about the reward. When he offered the prescription, it was because he didn't want to see the corpse poison spreading.

Only by doing good deeds without thinking about receiving any benefits can you qualify to recieve something like the golden merit.

Otherwise, with so many wealthy people in society giving public welfare, why don't you see merit and lights coming down? After all, they do it for fame and fortune.

In the Dean's office, Dean Li was warmly entertaining several well-dressed people.

Just a bit more everyone. I've asked Vice President Wang to look for Mr. Chen. I believe he will be here soon.

How arrogant, we've been waiting for an hour, and he hasn't even appeared yet. An aggressive voice seemed particularly harsh.

Professor Zhang, I'm really sorry. He doesn't pick up the phone. It must be something urgent. Forgive me. Dean Li accompanied with a smile but in his heart, he was unhappy.

If it wasn't for this professor Zhang, he wouldn't be so stressed.

Professor Zhang, why are you so impatient? An old voice rebuked.

Professor Zhang looked and saw that the oldest old man had spoken so quietly said, Vice President Liu, obviously this Chen Feng doesn't take us seriously. We have come thousands of miles from Beijing but he is making us wait so long(TN: Not sure if it's vice or just president, I'll change when the time comes.)

The old man calmly said, Professor Zhang, you should change your impatient temper. Maybe this Mr. Chen really has something urgent and couldn't come sooner.

The professor looked at the old man with dissatisfaction and said scornfully, He's only an unknown turkey who got a prescription, and he dared to make us wait? If it wasn't for the prescription being useful, I wouldn't even bother seeing him.

The old man looked at Professor Zhang with great dissatisfaction and just as he was about to criticize.

What arrogant words. If the members of your medical association are all like you, it would soon cease to exist. A cold voice came in from the door.(TN: (◣_◢))