The Peerless Master Chapter 6 - Home Sharing Begins

Turning left and turning right, Chen Feng entered a residential street with fewer pedestrians.

Stopping, Chen Feng turned around and shouted at a few people in the distance: Ok, don't hide, come out.

These few people have been following him here since the incident with the bag thief. If they had no purpose, Chen Feng will not believe it. This is obviously not a coincidence.

As soon as his voice fell, a few men walked out from a corner not far away, headed by the bag thief

Boy, you surprisingly discovered us. The bag thief took a few steps and said, However, do you think you can handle us brothers?. The bag thief said as he threw a punch towards Chen Feng

Chen Feng looked at him and sighed: I have already given you a chance but you still come knocking on my door. Chen Feng's hand movement is not slow at and before the bag thief can even approach him, he already twisted the bag thief's hand and knocked him down

Ahh The thief's wrist suddenly became bloody and miserable. He dragged his red and swollen right hand and shouted in pain, F*ck, kill him!

The accomplices immediately ran towards Chen Feng after hearing the bag thief's words.

Chen Feng's eyes were full of coldness as he kicked the bag thief's stomach while he was on the ground towards his several accomplices. The accomplices were only weak mortals who could barely fight. In the face of Chen Feng, a powerful old monster with a vast amount of combat experiences, how could they be an opponent for him?

Chen Feng's actions are very simple. Each move appears to be simple, unusual, and easy to do. Within seconds, these accomplices are tumbling on the ground. This time, Chen Feng didn't show mercy and chose to start with the weak joints. Although it is not a killing move, it caused these people to suffer, making them extremely miserable and mournful.

When he finished, Chen Feng went to the side of the horrified bag thief and said softly, I have given you a chance, why didn't you know how to cherish it? Then, Chen Feng reached out and pressed on the bag thief's acupuncture points on his hands.

The bag thief had originally thought that he had to suffer some more but who knew that after the man pressed on his hands, he did not feel anything?

No feeling? The bag thief suddenly became startled. He tried hard to raise his hands, only to find that no matter how hard he tried, his hands were like soft noodles on his body. I can't control my hands

Big brother, spare me! The bag thief cried in tears. Without his hands, how can he survive in the city

Chen Feng looked at the bag thief and indifferently said, Your hands will naturally recover after half a month. However, if I see you doing evil again, it won't be that simple anymore.

I promise, I promise it won't happen again The bag thief's face was full of fear and his head was like a chicken as he continuously nodded.


Huh? Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed and walked to the wall of a residential building, his face full of joy.

When he looked up, he was greeted with a rental information board: For rent, there is a single 20-square-meter room for rent and the monthly rent is 300 Yuan. (Note, this rental is a shared rental house, the water and electricity bill is split between the roommates) Interested parties can go directly to room 502 for consultation

Seeing this, Chen Feng was a little confused. Generally, renting a house is always by phone. Which owner would directly ask people to go upstairs to consult? At first, Chen Feng thought it was a scam. However, Chen Feng also rarely encountered a place that is affordable for him so he decided to go and see for himself.

This neighborhood belongs to the lower class society. The corridors appear to be were dark but Chen Feng didn't mind and quickly went to room 502.

Ding Dong!

Chen Feng rang the doorbell.

How come you're back so soon, didn't you bring your key? There was a beautiful female voice inside. Then, the door suddenly opened.


Chen Feng looked at the scenery in front of him and couldn't help but gulp. The sound of him gulping seemed so awkward in this quiet corridor.

Opening the door is a beautiful woman, to be exact, a beautiful woman who has just bathed. She is simply surrounded by a thin bath towel and stood in front of Chen Feng.

Looking at the beauty of the bath in front of him, Chen Feng suddenly felt his mouth had become a bit dry.

In Chen Feng's past life, all he cared for his cultivating and pursuing the Dao so where would he find the time to experience the matters of men and women. When he saw the scenery in front of him, the tip of his nose became hot and two red lines flowed down

Ah! Rogue! The beauty who opened the door suddenly reacted, shoute, and then suddenly slammed the door.

Chen Feng's hands were fast and he held onto the door and said loudly, Beauty, don't get me wrong, I'm coming here to rent a house! However, when talking, Chen Feng's eyes were unconsciously looking at the woman's body

You, what are you doing? When the beauty saw Chen Feng holding the door, she couldn't help but step back a few steps and her hands held the towel tighter.

Chen Feng touched his nose and felt that it was not good to stare at the beauty like this but he was reluctant to take his eyes off her as he said, That, I really came here to rent a house.

The beauty looked at Chen Feng in a panic and when she was just to say something. There was a sudden rush of footsteps in the quiet corridor and in the next moment, a woman wearing a sportswear appeared at the corner of the corridor with her hair simply tied in a ponytail, looking very capable.

Wan'er, are you okay? The woman stepped over a dozen stairs in a few steps and got in front of Chen Feng. With her face full of anger, she said loudly, Rogue, what are you doing!

Lili. The beautiful woman in the towel, called Wan'er nervously pulled the woman's clothes.

Oh, that, I really came to rent a house. Chen Feng said with some guilty conscience.

Rent a house, do you rent a house like this! Lili said. This Aunt will give you some color to look today. As she said that, she immediately threw a punch at Chen Feng. [TN: Before you say anything about how Lili is being a b*tch or something, think about it from her perspective. Chen Feng clearly looks like the criminal here]

Hey, hey, hey. If you have something to say, say it. Don't be so violent. Chen Feng knew that he was in the wrong, so he could only move his body to the side and escaped the punch while hurriedly waving his hand

Seeing that Chen Feng had easily escaped from her punch, Lili was a little surprised but the strong anger made her unable to hear the words of Chen Feng and she once again punched towards Chen Feng.

Xing Yi Quan! As he dodged Lili's punches. Chen Feng's eyes flashed as a stream of memories appeared in his mind [TN: Xing Yi Quan - A martial art style]

Your surname is Li? Chen Feng looked at Lili who was attacking again and suddenly asked.

Lili hesitated a little, then she turned angry, Well, it seems that you are really prepared. You even inquired this Aunt's name. Lili said as she kicked towards Chen Feng's crotch

This foot is a big killing technique in Xing Yi Quan. The most important thing is to strike the enemy. It is conceivable that if Chen Feng is kicked by this foot, his ending would be extremely miserable

Chen Feng suddenly let out a weird smile as he also kicked out with the exact same move. Chen Feng used the same move but it was invisible and unintentional and before Lili reacted, the two feet collided.




Lili's body involuntarily stepped back a few steps and in a blink of an eye, she retreated to the stairs. Suddenly, one of her feet stepped on the air and her body suddenly lost its balance.

Not good! Chen Feng yelled out and hurriedly stepped forward, holding Lili. However, the force of gravity is merciless and caused them to fall down.

In a hurry, Chen Feng held onto Lili and protected her as much as possible.




After rolling down a dozen stairs, the two who were huddled together crashed into the wall at the corner.


The powerful impact made the current Chen Feng suffer from severe pain. His body is too bad as of right now and he can't afford this kind of toss.

Rogue, let me go! An angry voice came from Chen Feng's arms.

Chen Feng gently released his hand and some innocently said, That, if I said I didn't mean to, would you believe it?

However, it was Lili's fire-spitting eyes that greeted him.