The Peerless Master Chapter 59 - Ghost

What, he's that strong? Huang Guodong leaped up.

Yes master, he actually caught the bullet. Hu Zha said on his knees, shaking, the pistol was also modified to be strong.

The dripping blood kept dripping from his broken shoulder, Hu Zha's face was pale from too much blood lost. However, he did not dare to do any hemostatic measures, but just knelt down on the ground in trembling, waiting for Huang Guodong's departure.

Waste. Huang Guodong was full of anger, kicked the woman next to him out of the bed, and pointed at Hu Zha and scolded him.(TN: Definition of spoiled without a brain)

After a long scolding, Huang Guodong's mood calmed down. He opened the bedside table, took out a jade bottle, poured out a black pill and threw it to the man Hu Zha.

This is a healing pill. Hurry up and heal yourself. I still have important things for you to do. Although his tone wasn't cold, he was definitely scheming.

Master Huang. Hu Zha hurriedly picked up the pill from the ground and swallowed it eagerly. Everyone was afraid of death, and he was no exception.

Leave. Huang Guodong waved.

Yes, Master. Hu Zha answered respectfully, and retreated carefully.

The woman who had been kicked out of bed by Huang Guodong got up again, and walked enchantedly over.


A quiet murmur of enjoyment, the fire in Huang Guodong's eyes blazed, and he turned on again...

After a while, the woman was lying on the bed like a dead dog, but Huang Guodong didn't seem satisfied and called a number, Send some virgins to me.


Chen Feng had returned to the hospital.

The entrance to the hospital was still guarded by soldiers. The quarantine alert has not completely dissipated, but under Chen Feng's prescription, there have been no more cases of corpse infection. In a few days, the influence of corpse poison will gradually fade away.

He found a hidden place, became invisible, and went inside.

Nearing the morgue, Chen Feng's brow frowned, Huh? What an intense atmosphere...

Although Ling Tingting had strong grievances, she did not have such a strong Yin. So, where exactly is this Yin coming from?

Quickly opening the morgue door, Chen Feng walked in.

Deep in the morgue, Ling Tingting was facing two blue and gray shadows.

These two shadows felt horrible and made people tremble at first glance.

Big brother ghost, I still have unfulfilled vengeance, please let me go. Ling Tingting looked stern and begged hard.

How bold, dare to talk to me about the conditions. The voice of the blue-gray figure was full of oppression, If you still want to reincarnate, you better come with me.

Brother ghost, I beg you, let me end my revenge, I will go to netherworld with you, and never stay in the sun again. Ling Tingting begged bitterly.

Brother, there seems to be a great grievance looking at her appearance, so let's just let her go. Another slightly younger ghost said with sympathy.

Second brother, you are a newly-developed ghost, and naturally you don't know the rules in this regard. The older ghost said seriously, Her staying here will harm the world. If we let her go, she will get stronger with her hatred, by then, it might end up affecting the world.

So it seems... The young ghost turned his head to look at Ling Tingting, and said with some embarrassment, Ling, you heard what brother said just now. It wasn't because I didn't want to wait for your revenge, but that's how it works, please go with us.

Ling Tingting's face was full of bitterness and unwillingness, but could not refute their words.

Although she has already learned some techniques, she can only use some blinding methods to scare people. She really wanted to fight back.

Brother Ghost, give me two more days, and when I get revenge, I will go to netherworld with you. Ling Tingting looked reluctant, making a final request.

Nonsense! The older ghost sent Yang's captive rope towards her, Today you have to report to the underworld, even if Da Luo immortal is here, he cannot save you.

Really? A figure appeared in front of the two ghosts in a flash.

Chen Feng. Ling Tingting suddenly saw hope, flew to Chen Feng's side, and looked at him with anticipation.

Please help me. If I don't get my revenge, I won't be willing. Ling Tingting said earnestly.

Rest assured, even if the judge arrives, I will keep you safe. Chen Feng's voice did not have any grandeur, but it convinced Ling Tingting.

What a big mouth! The older ghost said coldly, Since you can see us, you must be a cultivator, but why do you speak wildly?

I don't have the patience to wait for you and other little ghosts to comment, go back and tell Judge Cui that an old man on Qingyun Mountain invited him to see him."

Old man? You're just a little cultivator who hasn't even reached the Ning Yuan Stage, are you worthy of being the old man of Master Cui? The old ghost frowned and sarcastically said, but a strong momentum suddenly appeared in front of him.

The momentum transcended the Qi Gathering Stage and reached the realm of Ning Yuan.

Ah- Ling Tingting was rushed by this powerful momentum, she turned pale and shivered.

A second-class ghost dares to disrespect this deity? Hmph! Chen Feng's aura of someone who was once a heavenly emperor burst out. He suddenly released his Qi all around hm In front of the ghosts and slapped towards it.


Chen Feng's slap hit directly on the ghost's empty body and made a crisp sound.

The elder ghost was almost killed by the slap. He did not expect that this little cultivator could actually hurt him, and he had no chance to even dodge.

I've run into a stubble. He knew that although the person in front of him was only at the Qi Gathering Stage, Chen Feng's power was definitely beyond what he could handle. He felt absent minded from the slap, for a while, his heart was filled with regret, he thought of begging for mercy.

However, before he made up his mind, his companion gifted Chen Feng, The first-class ghost sent Long Feng to meet his predecessor. There were some mistakes in my companion's words, please forgive me.

Chen Feng looked at the young ghost and nodded. Although this man has been a ghost, he just pleaded for Ling Tingting, which shows that there is still a bit of human nature.

Alright, just go back and convey my words to Cui Wei. As for this yin, until she understands her resentment, only then will I let her go to netherworld.

I will report those words to Master Cui. Said, this young ghost sent Long Feng again to Chen Feng, Goodbye for now

After speaking, he pulled his companion who was still plunged into the ground and disappeared.