The Peerless Master Chapter 58 - Receiving Bullets

Well, now that we're alone, you can come out. Chen Feng called out.


Sounds of footsteps echoed from the dark, a few people wearing security clothing slowly came out.

Their eyes were very fierce, and a touch of murderous aura radiated from them.

Obviously, all of them killed before.

To put it bluntly, they were the security guards of the Phoenix Hotel and some are rogue thugs.

As a large hotel such as Phoenix Hotel, it will be more or less invaded by local forces, and these thugs were the ones who will come forward to deal with these issues.

However, this kind of thing has rarely happened due to the scale of the Phoenix Hotel now. Therefore, these people are often sent by the boss to do some inhuman things, such as killing people!

Chen Feng stared deep into the darkness thoughtfully, and a sneer suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Several security guards played with their machete as they got closer and closer, as if Chen Feng is prey waiting to get chopped.

Soon, the two sides were already face to face.

Chen Feng remained still, not even blinking his eyelids. Even if there were hundreds or thousands of people like these security guards, they may not hurt him.

Boy, we'll give you a chance. Kneel down, beg, and call me Grandpa a few times, then I will spare you a life. A security guard said arrogantly. Generally, as long as they act dommeering, the prey will definitely turn soft.

Looking sarcastically at these ignorant security guards, Chen Feng extended a middle finger at them.

F*ck, dare to despise us, brothers, hack him! A security guard shouted angrily, before waving his machete.


This security guard was obviously also a martial artist, his full strength made whistling sounds.

Facing the knife, Chen Feng didn't care about it, just frowned, and stretched his right hand.

Like juggling, the machete appeared steadily in Chen Feng's hands.

The security guard waving his weapon was startled, his eyes wide and puzzled, but a silver light rushed towards him.

Then, a burst of blood appeared, and the security guard shook his shoulder in pain. He hurriedly tried to touch his right hand, but felt nothing, except for some warm, greasy liquids on his left hand.

Turning his head, he saw that his right arm was flying in the air, and fell not too far away.

Ah- A huge pain swept through him, he covered the wound while rolling and shouting like a loon.

At this time, the other security guards had also arrived in front of Chen Feng.

Sigh- Chen Feng sighed softly, but his expression was extremely cold.

Lights flashed and a shower of blood bloomed!

Ding-Dong-Dang...(TN: Gonna keep it cuz it sounds funny, if u want it changed, just email or comment. :D)

The sound of a machete falling to the ground resounded, but some were mixed with a dull sound. It was the sound of flesh and metal hitting.

In just a few seconds, the fierce fighting came to an abrupt end, and everyone covered their hands with a miserable look. How could they have ever imagined a person could be so strong, they were defeated in seconds.

Chen Feng looked at the weeping security guards indifferently, without any guilt in his heart.

If you were an ordinary person, you would have been crying for a long time now, maybe you wouldn't even have the chance to cry. Breaking each of their right arms was already showing mercy.

Ignoring these security guards, Chen Feng turned his head again, and shouted toward the dark again, If you don't come out, I'll just go.

Without looking, Chen Feng really walked towards the other side of the parking lot.

Stop! A loud shout came, and a middle-aged man rushed out, in a few flashes, he was near Chen Feng.

Oh, another martial artist. Chen Feng said with a smile, I wonder if you're able to make me stay.

Boy, you have ruined our security for no reason. Why do this? Hu Zha was full of righteousness, with a strong threat in his speech.

Haha... that's a nice joke, you've watched for such a long time, why didn't you come out to stop it? Now these people are hurt, you decided to come out. How should I say this, aren't you shameless? Chen Feng's words momentarily stopped the man's shameless act.

Boy, don't talk nonsense, grandpa is here today, don't think you can leave. Hu Zha suddenly became angry and in a flash, He used Poison Dragon Drill to struck Chen Feng's chest, the violent energy howling towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was too lazy to move, so he faced it head on with a smile. He pointed his finger, and didn't even use a bit of strength, but that finger produced a shocking effect.(TN: Is it only me who wonders when cultivators do their thing, it just pokes right through the girl and into a planet killing millions somehow?...)

The Poison Dragon Drill that was lightning fast stagnated in the air for a while before being broken by Chen Feng's finger, and the huge energy was completely dissipated.


Blood spew from the man's mouth, he staggered and finally fell on a car.

Wiping off the blood from his mouth, Hu Zha yelled, Boy, you forced me to do this. He then reached into his pocket.

In a blink of an eye, a light illuminated in his hand.

Any normal person would recognize this, it was a gun! A pistol to be exact.(TN: ...mental...)


With Hu Zha's swearing, a loud gunshot appeared.

Boy, let's see if you're not dead yet? Hu Zha smiled cruelly, looking at Chen Feng full of wickedness.

However, his eyes suddenly froze. As if he saw something incredible, his mind stopped processing.

Oh, almost got me, haha... Chen Feng stood in front of the muzzle with a sarcastic smile.

Chen Feng's two fingers were up and there was a bullet between them! The bullet still had smoke coming off it, apparently it was just fired.

In other words, the man caught the pistol bullet with two fingers!

Are you even a human? Hu Zha looked at Chen Feng with horror, his feet began to tremble involuntarily.

He was scared.

Not to mention the impact force of the pistol's bullets, the ultra-high temperature of bullets at the moment of its firing was simply not something the flesh and blood could withstand.

Tick- Chen Feng loosened with two fingers, and the bullet fell straight to the ground. With a grin, he continued, What else do you got?

You... you... Hu Zha suddenly shivered, his whole body felt cold and couldn't speak.

You, also leave an arm. Chen Feng's words were without a trace of emotion.

Another arm flew with a light flash.

Tell your master, don't mess with me, or there won't be a next time.

With that, Chen Feng disappeared into the light of the parking lot.