The Peerless Master Chapter 57 - Come Out

Hey, you're stupid, how could you agree to his invitation? Xiao Lin rebuked Chen Feng, she felt an unspeakable depression.

Didn't we come here to eat me to poverty? Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin, who was gritting her teeth, and jokingly said

It's because the price here is the most expensive in the city of Hangzhou. Xiao Lin's expression still resentful, However, Huang Guodong is very annoying. He is definitely planning something

Haha, your fiance is really unusual, he can become the general manager of this Phoenix Hotel at a young age. Chen Feng grinned, looking at Xiao Lin's eyes a bit more ambiguous.

Cut it out. Xiao Lin pouted her lips and said disdainfully, If you had his kind of support, you wouldn't be worse than him.

Chen Feng smiled slightly and said nothing. In his opinion, how could anyone who can become the general manager of the huge Phoenix Hotel be simple? Moreover, on Huang Guodong, he felt a hint of Qi. Although it wasn't strong, it was definitely the aura of a True Qi master.

As long as he doesn't mess with me, it's all good. But if he does... A thought flashed through Chen Feng's heart.

After a while, the two were led to a room by the waiter.

The rooms of the Phoenix Hotel are a bit more luxurious than the lobby. Under the illumination of huge crystal headlights, the whole room looks pearly and shiny.

It seems that Huang Guodong intentionally arranged this special booth for us. Xiao Lin was still a little angry.

Regardless of Xiao Lin's expression, Chen Feng sat down, closing his eyes with enjoyment, and said, What about him, since your fiance is willing to pay for us, what do we have to lose? With this, Chen Feng winked at the waiter and urged, Come on, get two of your most expensive dishes here. After a pause, Chen Feng continued with a look of anticipation, Also, take a few bottles of that Xo's wine, we're gonna have a taste.

Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng and suddenly blushed. Gosh, don't say I know this man.

Perhaps Huang Guodong had already ordered it. The waiter still had a professional smile on his face. After writing down Chen Feng's request, he left respectfully.

Can you not show the appearance of such a bum? Xiao Lin complained.

Chen Feng helplessly spread his hand. Eating famous dishes and drinking famous wines, it was Chen Feng's lifelong dream before fusing with this soul. Although his mentality was different now, this longing from the soul was still there.

After a while, the dishes came up one after another. It looked amazing, you could even see Chen Feng drooling over the seafood, bird's nest soup and shark fin soup.

Without caring for Xiao Lin's disdainful eyes, Chen Feng started eating.

Goodness, that's good. Chen Feng's vague voice came out from his mouth full of food, but his hand was already grabbing at the big lobster on the plate.

You won't die if you eat slowly, right? Really, you look like a starving ghost. Xiao Lin patted her forehead helplessly.

Chen Feng didn't have time to bother Xiao Lin. As the food on the table was consumed more and more, Chen Feng found that a deep thought in his heart had unconsciously unlocked. The original stagnation of the Taoist heart was a bit more complete.

Chen Feng had a clearer understanding of the way forward, Since this is the case, I will take care of these deep-seated thoughts and desires one by one.


Master, I have found that kid's profile. A middle-aged man with a scumbag face reported to Huang Guodong, who was naked.

Speak. Huang Guodong comfortably said. Next to him, an equally naked woman was gently massaging his shoulders for him.

Well. Hu Zha said, with his head down, dared not to look at the woman, His name is Chen Feng. He used to work at a construction site in Chengdong Development Zone, but he was hospitalized due to an incident. After leaving the hospital, he talked to his boss because of wage issues for the fall. Now he manages the morgue in the city hospital of Chinese medicine.

Hu Zha's information appears very detailed, listing most of Chen Feng's past.

It turns out he's only a small migrant worker, he dares to steal my woman? Simply seeking death. The corner of Huang Guodong's mouth turned cold, he proceeded to have his fun.(TN: Your coffin has been delivered good sir.)

The girl's scream seemed to ignite the flames in Huang Guodong's body, he grabbed her neck and pressed her under his arm.

The woman was pale and humiliated. But she didn't dare to have any resistance, closed her eyes, gently covered Huang Guodong's things, and moved.

Huang Guodong stretched his arms comfortably and smiled coldly at Hu Zha, Go, find a chance to kill him. Be clean and don't cause me trouble.

Yes. Hu Zha promised respectfully, bowed his head and backed to the doorway. From beginning to end, he didn't dare raise his head.

Chen Feng, let's see how you die! You dare to make a move on my woman? Huang Guodong looked cold. Immediately, he rolled up suddenly, pressing the woman to the ground and moving unscrupulously.(TN: Idk y author has so much description of this guy doing it...weirdo, I removed some.)


Ah, I'm full. Chen Feng patted his belly with satisfaction, watching Xiao Lin, Where are you going next?

I'll be going home. Go wherever you want to go. Xiao Lin waved her hand.

Well, I have nowhere to go these days? Chen Feng said weakly.

You have nowhere to go? Aren't you rich? There are hotels all over the street, why don't you find one? Xiao Lin opened her car and left.(TN: Oof)

-Woo- The BMW roared.

Hey... Chen Feng was about to shout, and the BMW quickly left.

This woman...Ahh... Chen Feng sighed with his head downcast.

He turned his head towards the dark, Okay, now that she is gone, you can come out.