The Peerless Master Chapter 56 - Xiao Lin's Fiance

So, where are you going next? Chen Feng asked Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin looked at her watch, Hmm, it's almost 7 o'clock. I didn't think time passed so fast, I even missed dinner.

Chen Feng glanced, If you hadn't bargained with the boss for hours, maybe we would have finished dinner already. Of course he could only say this in his heart, dealing with Xiao Lin wasn't any less difficult than Lili.

Would you like me to take you back? Xiao Lin said eagerly.

Go back? Chen Feng hesitated for a while, and suddenly thought that Lili's mother was coming. These days, he seemed to have been swept out.

No, let's go to dinner. Chen Feng waved his hand generously, I'll treat you.

Really? Xiao Lin's eyes glowed, You're not afraid that I will eat you to poverty? She questioned.

Er. Looking at Xiao Lin's evil expression, Chen Feng trembled. However, as a man, how could he wince at a time like this, Chen Feng stood up, and with determination, spoke, What are you afraid of? I have money! Patting his backpack.

Why do you always carry this rustic backpack? Xiao Lin gave Chen Feng a funny look.

Chen Feng said inexplicably, Don't worry about it, but it's worth a lot.

Okay, since it's very valuable, then I'm not afraid to eat all your money. Xiao Lin slammed the accelerator and the car zoomed like a wild horse.


Phoenix Hotel, it was Chen Feng's second time coming here. But even so, he was once again shocked by the luxurious decoration here. Even in the realm of cultivation, such splendor is rare.(TN: ...Doubt)

Sir and miss, how are you? Do you have an appointment? A somewhat beautiful waitress greeted them, smiling professionally.

No. Chen Feng answered honestly.

I'm sorry. Our hotel is fully booked today. If you don't make a reservation, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit. The waiter said with a fake smile.

Wasn't there plenty in the past? Why is it suddenly full today? Xiao Lin's brows frowned. She had a bit of status in the city, it made her a bit unhappy.

No, I'm going in. Xiao Lin, who was upset, suddenly put her hips on her back and said indignantly.

Miss, I'm really sorry, it's really full today. The waiter smiled bitterly. Looking at this lady's dress, she was not an ordinary person. However, as a waiter, she had to consider the hotel's reputation.

Forget it, let's eat somewhere else. Chen Feng rejoiced, trying to pull Xiao Lin away. The meal here was not cheap. In case he didn't have enough money, is it possible to directly use gold jewelry to pay off the debt?

No, I really have to eat here today. Xiao Lin raised her fist and said with indignation.

I'm really sorry... The waiter wanted to continue to explain, but a male voice game over.

Isn't this Miss Xiao, why aren't you at a seat? A man with yellow hair walked over courageously, looking at Xiao Lin with a smile on his face, Well, it's probably because of this wild man here, no wonder you can't get a table.

The yellow-haired man glanced at Chen Feng from the top down and said with contempt, This handsome guy is so retro. I wonder where you work? stretching his hand in front of Chen Feng.

Oh, I work in the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chen Feng smiled and held the man's hand with a smile.

Oh, it's a little doctor. Huang Mao's eyes were full of disdain, his hands tightened a little.(TN: Terrible intro to name)

As for me, I've inherited my family business, should I give you a position for a better job? He offered without sincerity.

I'm not a doctor, I work at the mortuary. Uh, yeah, the kind of profession that moves corpses all day to make them beautiful. Chen Feng said and with a strange look, Also, I usually bathe the corpses with these hands your shaking.

Uh... After listening to Chen Feng, Huang Mao's palms profusely sweated. He jumped away like a rabbit and looked at Chen Feng with a grumpy look, Why didn't you say that sooner, that's disgusting. He took out a handkerchief and forcefully wiped his hand.

Hehe... Xiao Lin laughed at their interaction. She suddenly felt that this nasty Chen Feng also had a cute side.

Xiao Lin, you are my sister-in-law, how can you help an outsider? Huang Mao suddenly became angry and shouted at Xiao Lin.

Huang Mao, we know everything about you and your brother. Besides, when has there been a lack of women around you, why are you bothering me? Xiao Lin was angry when she remembered what kind of person her fiance was, a lustful man, she didn't know how many girls have been ruined.

Huang Mao's face was a bit ugly, looking at Xiao Lin full of anger, Don't you dare talk sh*t about my brother. Aren't you also bringing this wild man to dinner as well?

Chen Feng and I are not in that kind of relationship. Xiao Lin was a little angry, but a flush appeared on her face.

Before Huang Mao could retort, a tall young man came over.

The man was indescribably handsome, he wore a pink shirt, with skinny jeans and a pair of polished shoes.

Mao Mao, shut up. The young man's tone was a bit cold.

Brother, but look at her... Huang Maogang wanted to explain.

I said shut up. With a cold glance, Huang Mao's mouth stayed shut.

Looking at the well-behaved Huang Mao with satisfaction, the young man turned around, and changed into a smiley face, Lin Lin, since you're with a friend, just go in and eat. Today's meal is on me. The young man nodded to Chen Feng, then turned to the waiter and said, Go and arrange a box for Miss Xiao and her friend.

Okay, general manager. The waiter threw a wink at the youth secretly, and left.

The young man looked at the waiter's back, and a wicked fire was burning deep in the corners of his eyes.(TN: Bruh, f*uck you)

Huang Guodong, I know you're pretending to be nice, we're leaving. Xiao Lin frowned, shouting coquettishly. Then, she pulled Chen Feng and turned to leave. However, Chen Feng was nailed to the ground like a javelin. No matter how hard Xiao Lin pulled it, she couldn't pull him.

Hey, silly, hurry up, are you getting angry? Xiao Lin shouted at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng grinned, took Xiao Lin's little hand, and smiled brilliantly at Huang Guodong, Since Manager Huang is so polite, we'll be staying. With that, Chen Feng gave Xiao Lin a childish look, Xiao Lin, let's have a good meal.

Chen Feng walked towards the hotel with Xiao Lin who looked dull.

Looking at the two, a smile appeared on the corner of Huang Guodong's mouth, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.