The Peerless Master Chapter 55 - Rescue

What, take off his pants? The middle-aged woman looked at Chen Feng with some hesitation, she was at a loss.

Why the hesitation? Chen Feng asked with a look of urgency.

This, is it okay? The middle-aged woman's face was full of embarrassment. Her husband, even if he is dead, she couldn't just show it to others. Besides, there are so many people here.

Don't talk nonsense, take it off or it's too late. Chen Feng was impatient.

Okay... okay. The middle-aged woman gritted her teeth and finally made up her mind.

She lifts up her husband's coat, revealing the flat belly. Then, her finger touched her husband's belt like a swimming fish.

Click. The unconscious man's belt fell.

Good skill. Everyone looked strangely at the middle-aged woman, It seems she done it quite a few times.(TN: WTF)

The middle-aged woman's face was flushed, and while the surrounding discussions were whispered, they still passed into her ears.

Gritting her teeth, she dropped her husband's trousers to his knees, which exposed his parts.

It's so small, Many women started to cover their little mouths, and looked at the dark gray undies of the thin man. At this moment, they suddenly found that the husband they had been complaining about was so majestic, and that the man, along with the eyes looking at him, also had an inexplicable spring.(TN: LMFAO TF)

You're terrible. Xiao Lin flushed, her little hand twisted fiercely on the back of Chen Feng's hand, causing Chen Feng to take a breath.

This violent woman was the same as Lili. Chen Feng shook his hand, thinking in his heart.

In a blink of an eye, the woman completely dropped her husband's trousers. Slightly dumbfounded, once again she gritted her teeth, she was about to take off her husband's underwear.

Hey, what are you doing? Chen Feng suddenly stopped, What are you so anxious to do, there's a chance to go home.

After listening to Chen Feng's words, the middle-aged woman's face was red as a tomato. She lowered her head deeply, and begged, Little brother, please save my husband.

Chen Feng nodded, picked up the mixture of Erguotou and chili sauce, pulled a toothpick from the dining table, and walked to the man.

Lift his feet up, Chen Feng ordered.

The man was not heavy, and the middle-aged woman was eager to save her husband. With only his legs raised, he was almost about to stand upside down.

It's too high, put it down a bit. Chen Feng was a little speechless.

When the middle-aged woman adjusted her husband's posture, Chen Feng's face also became more serious.

Chen Feng adjusted the toothpick he had just taken, and then poke twice at the root of the man's thigh.

Suddenly, two Yin Hong blood continuously flowed out like the water of the gate.

Don't move! Looking at the woman who was in a hurry to wipe the blood, Chen Feng stopped her.

The woman's hand hung in the air, looking at Chen Feng with a puzzled look.

Chen Feng supported one leg with his hand, and the other hand picked up the ‘Chili Erguotou Mixture' and drenched it into the wound.

Strange things began to happen. After the ‘Chili Erguotou Mixture' met the blood of a man, it seemed to have a chemical reaction and started to bubble up.

With the generation of air bubbles, a strong fragrance swelled, and the scent that was originally in the air was dispersed. For a while, the house was full of its aroma

The white-haired old man's eyes sparkled, and realized that this youngster was not performing some random treatment, but using some high level medical technique.

Pop...Pop... Pop...

One bubble after another burst, the fragrance continuously released. The crowd was also involuntarily intoxicated in this boundless seductive fragrance. Women, in particular, have stretched every part of their bodies, making others envy.

It's so fragrant. Xiao Lin wrinkled her small nose and breathed in a big gasp. Her chest was pulsing together, waves were turbulent, causing some lascivious men to have eyes full of lust.(TN: Honestly confused)

The paled middle-aged man gradually regained a hint of redness, and his dry mouth moved and murmured, Water, I am thirsty.

Chen Feng's eyes brightened, he dropped the man's leg and instead raised his chin.

Suddenly, the man's closed jaw loosened and his mouth widened.

Without any hesitation, Chen Feng poured the remaining half of the bowl of Chili Erguotou Mixture into the mouth of the middle-aged man with his mouth wide open.

Guru... Guru The slight swallowing sound was infinitely magnified among the crowd's gaze.

For a moment, everyone swallowed hard, it was too ruthless. Even with just a sniff, they were constantly blowing their nose, but it must be very uncomfortable being forcefully fed like a guinea pig.

However, the middle-aged man seemed to have encountered delicious food, and swallowed it.

Hubby, wake up soon. The middle-aged woman called out softly, her concerns were clear.

Finally, half of the bowl of ‘Chili Erguotou Mixture' was all gone, and the man also hit a full stomach.

Opening his eyes slowly, he saw his wife who was full of concern at a glance, and couldn't help but held her hands, Ah, f*ck, I thought I was really dead this tim-.

His face turned green.

Hubby, what's wrong? The middle-aged woman burst into another cry.

Heavy-- Before he could talk, he pushed his wife away, then vomited while holding his stomach.

Holy, he just spitted out blue sh*t. Someone exclaimed in surprise. smells really fragrant. Another person found it unusual. The blue vomit was a constant emitting the previous fragrance. But, it was much more mellow and rich this time.

Chen Feng nodded with satisfaction. This ‘Fruit of Forgetfulness' paired well with spirits and peppers, which gave it the fragrance. In the field of self-cultivation, it was simple as long as you understand the phenomenon of pharmacology, young girls also like to use this spice into sachets and wear them on their bodies.(TN: The fruit is considered an advanced spice)

Ha, you really saved him. Xiao Lin seemed very happy, her previous grievances were also gone.

That's right, I'm a divine doctor. Chen Feng raised his head and said proudly.

Hey ~ Xiao Lin said with a light whisper, Say you might explode from all that nonesense, are you still breathing?(TN: raw sounds weird, not sure if it's a saying but...)

Sacred doctor, thank you for saving my husband's life. As if to cater to Chen Feng, the middle-aged woman pulled her husband to kneel on the ground.

Don't, we're just trading. You gave me the fruits, and I helped you save him, we're even. Chen Feng gave the man a strange glance, And, are you proud of wearing underwear in public?

When the man heard this, his face instantly turned red , his hands hurriedly covered his flat crotch.

Hahaha. Chen Feng laughed happily, and Xiao Lin, who was flushed, walked out of the restourant.

After a while, the white-haired old man returned from shock and hurriedly chased after them, but where were the figures of Chen Feng and Xiao Lin?