The Peerless Master Chapter 54 - Take Off His Pants

Wait, if you don't want your husband to see King Yama, put him down! Chen Feng said lightly, the middle-aged woman stopped involuntarily in shock.

You... do you have a solution? The middle-aged woman asked eagerly towards Chen Feng.

Little brother, this is not the time to be joking. Maybe... maybe if he's sent to the hospital now, he will be rescued. The anxious old man kindly said.

If he's taken to the hospital, then he will definitely not be saved. Chen Feng said slowly, as if he was not anxious for this life at all.

The old man got angry, and his attitude became a little cold: This little brother, can he really be saved?

Yeah, if you can't save my man, stop it. Ah, he's about to die. The middle-aged woman's eyes were red with tears sliding off her face.

Bad guy, don't stop others from saving people. If he's sent to the hospital now, maybe he has time. Xiao Lin was also anxious, her face turned red.

Chen Feng smiled slightly and responded If my guess is right, your husband should have eaten a blue fruit when he fainted.

You... how do you know? The middle-aged woman was a little surprised. How could this man know such a secret? It was very secretive and was never discovered.

Don't ask me how I know, I now ask you, do you still have more of that blue fruit? Chen Feng said with eagerness in his tone, If you give me the remaining blue fruits, I will save your husband.

Are you serious?... The middle-aged woman's eyes were full of hope. After seeing Chen Feng nodded confidently, the middle-aged woman said nothing, and groped in her shoulder bag for a while. The next moment, she pulled out three turquoise blue round fruits.

The fruit was the size of a ping-pong ball, and the whole body was blue. Vaguely, there is a stream flowing in the pulp. If it weren't for the fruit constantly exuding a peculiar fragrance, people would've just thought it was a few beautiful pieces of art.

We found a total of six of these fruits, but we've used two to test the effect. In addition, we used one just now, so there are only three left. The middle-aged woman was afraid that Chen Feng would not believe her and carefully explained.

Chen Feng rolled his hand, and the three blue fruits miraculously reached his hands.

Ignoring the surprised eyes around him, Chen Feng carefully observed the three fruits.

It really is the Fruit of Forgetfulness. Chen Feng was happy in his heart, but his face was stoic, and placed the fruits away.

This Fruit of Forgetfulness is actually a medicinal material, which is very common in the realm of cultivation, and has many functions. This medicinal material has six fruits per plant, no more and no less. Therefore, people in the field of cultivation also call it ‘six yuan fruit'.

The fruit is extremely delicious. If you take it alone, you will ‘forget your worries and sleep.' This state is similar to a false death. At this time, the person's heartbeat stops and breathing is completely absent. However, its real purpose is for refining the Ning Yuan Pill.

The True Yuan Pill is a common pill in the cultivation world for cultivators to breakthroughs into the Ning Yuan Stage, it can greatly improve the success rate of breakthroughs.

With these three fruits, entering the Ning Yuan Stage is easy. Chen Feng secretly said.

This little brother, please help me quickly. The middle-aged woman clutched Chen Feng's clothes tightly, she feared he would run away after receiving the fruits.

Chen Feng looked at the middle-aged woman with a smile, and nodded gently at her.

Seeing Chen Feng's smile, the middle-aged woman didn't know where the confidence came from, but her anxiety suddenly calmed down a lot.

Chen Feng turned to the hotel owner and said, Bring me for one of the strongest Erguotou and one of the hottest chili sauces.(TN: Chinese White Liquor)

Although the boss was puzzled, he nodded and left to prepare.

Hey, bad guy, what are you doing? Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng in amazement, Is Erguotou and hot pepper sauce able to save this gentleman's life?

Chen Feng did not answer her, but just gave her a reassuring look.

Hum. Seeing Chen Feng answering her in a faceless manner, Xiao Lin snorted angrily. However, under such circumstances, Xiao Lin certainly would not add chaos to the situation. Although she was a bit childish at times, she does things with a general understanding.

Little brother, what are you going to do? The white-haired old man's face was a little somber. He had been practicing medicine for most of his life, he had never seen such a weird method. How could a doctor treat someone with chili sauce and Erguotou?

Chen Feng laughed inexplicably, Grandpa, just watch.

Out of respect, the old man did not continue to ask, but stood still, watching Chen Feng.

After a while, the hotel owner brought the items.

After receiving Erguotou and hot pepper sauce, Chen Feng opened the two bottles at once, and then poured the two bottles into a bowl he found on the table next to him.

The crispy Erguotou was mixed with spicy chili sauce, like a bowl of flame, exuding a burning heat.(TN: Christ, never try this at home.)

The scent caused some people to cover their noses, but even then, the unpleasant smell still got into their nose.


Finally someone couldn't help but sneeze.

This sneeze, like a fuse, instantly ignited all around.

Achoo!... Achoo!...

Suddenly, the sound of sneezing around kept ringing, it felt like people couldn't stop.

Strange, I can eat any spicy sauce, how can I be choked?

Yeah, I can even drink Erguotou with the highest degree...

For a while, people sneezed and talked in confusion.

Achoo... Xiao Lin was also in a fit, her eyes and nose flushing red, snots and tears falling, it was an embarrassing sight.

What the hell are you doing? Xiao Lin managed to calm down and asked, but then she was drowned in the endless spicy breath.

Although the Erguotou and chilli sauce were common products, after Chen Feng's concoction, it became several times more powerful, no wonder it had such an effect.

Chen Feng stared at it, and with a smile in his heart, a mystical spirit passed into Xiao Lin's body through his hands.

Suddenly, Xiao Lin found that the powerful smell lessened.

Don't think I'm only a little mad. Xiao Lin scolded resentfully, but she wasn't surprised by what happened. Her grandfather was such a master, and so were many people in their family, they had plenty of hidden masters.

He touched his nose embarrassingly, he didn't expect such an effect.

However, he ignored Xiao Lin, who was gnashing her teeth, and turned over to the uncomfortable middle-aged woman who covered her nose and said, Take off his pants.