The Peerless Master Chapter 53 - Scam

It was an old man wearing a simple shirt, along with his white hair and shaky legs, it seemed as if he would fall at any time.

However, even with his shaking body, his old hands were extremely stable.

The old man grabbed the husband's left hand and pressed his two fingers on the pulse.

Well, it's a poisoning phenomenon. It only took a while for the old man to diagnose the symptoms of the husband, but doubt appeared in his eyes, But I don't know what poison is in him.

I said it was this black shop that poisoned him, return him back to me! Before the old man finished speaking, the middle-aged woman holding her husband was crying like crazy.

This uncle, I am the boss here. If you have time to talk, it is important to save people first. The restaurant owner hurried forward to persuade him. The two buyers who want to buy the restaurant are still here. If she continues to curse like this, he was afraid it wouldn't be sold.

You're a black-hearted boss, give him back! The middle-aged woman saw the boss earlier, immediately put down her man, and then tightly pulled the hotel owner's clothes, looking desperate.

Ma'am, I have something to say as well. The restaurant owner kept saying good words, trying to persuade the doctor.


The husband on the ground suddenly screamed, his body trembling madly, his head tilting and then there was no movement.

Look, my husband has been poisoned. How can you talk to me! Give me my man, give me my man! The middle-aged woman yelled insultingly and pulled the hotel owner's clothes.

Pop, pop, pop... The buttons of the hotel owner's shirt were ripped off and his black-haired chest was exposed.

Please ma'am, calm down, please... A businessman is most afraid of spreading such obscene things, he has to persevere.

Hehe-- Chen Feng laughed.

Xiao Lin frowned, and whispered, Do you have a conscience? Can't you see what's happening to the man, how can you laugh?

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow, patted Xiao Lin's shoulder with a smile, but did not speak.

Huh, an unsympathetic person. Xiao Lin shook her shoulder to move Chen Feng's hand and turned away in anger.

On the other side, the white-haired old man was anxious when he saw the man didn't make any sound. He hurriedly placed his hand between the man's neck and found that he could no longer feel the pulse.

The old man's brow frowned violently. It stands to reason that even if it is highly toxic, it can't be fatal so quickly. What kind of poison is this? He had never seen anything like it.

Thinking about it, the old man kept his hands and quickly took out a wooden box from the shoulder bag. After opening it, a few silvery bright lights appeared, it was a set of silver needles.

One was skillfully scooped out, and the old man carefully inserted it into the Zhongji acupoint.

However, after it was inserted, the man was still lying on the ground, motionless.(TN: No instant cure peeps)

The old man's eyes remained unchanged, a new silver needle was drawn from the box and it was carefully inserted into the man's Wangu acupoint. His movements were like flowing water without any stagnation.

Another needle pierced into a different acupoint, and the old man's complexion finally slumped. After three stitches, the man was still lying on the ground motionlessly, without any breath.

Seeing that it had no effect, the old man's right hand suddenly moved quickly, just like a sewing machine. All of the silver needles in the needle box were nailed to various points on the man's body.

However, the man was still lying on the ground motionless.

The old man touched the man's pulse again, and sighed helplessly: It seems that this person can't be saved?

What are you doing? The middle-aged woman who was pulling with the hotel owner finally found that her husband was covered with silver needles, a flash of confusion flashed in her eyes. She hurriedly let go of the hotel owner, ran to her husband, and pushed away the old man who wanted to take the needle.

Who asked you to mess up? The middle-aged woman shouted at the old man loudly, Why did you randomly try to heal him, what should I do if he isn't cured?

During the conversation, the woman had quickly pulled out the silver needles inserted in her husband and threw them randomly on the ground.

The old man opened his mouth but did not speak, and lowered his head to pack up the silver needle that was thrown on the ground.

This woman really doesn't know people's hearts. This old gentleman is obviously trying to save her husband. Xiao Lin angrily glared and wanted to step up for the old man.

Chen Feng grabbed Xiao Lin's little hand and stopped her.

Let me go! Xiao Lin seemed to be angry at Chen Feng's laughter, and muttered her mouth. However, a red flush appeared on her face.

She shook his hand off vigorously, but found that Chen Feng was holding it tightly, and couldn't shake it off.

Let go. Xiao Lin was ashamed and angry, whispering softly. She had never been pulled by a man before.(TN: Doubt)

However, Chen Feng smiled, as if he did not hear Xiao Lin's words, still holding her hand tightly.

Huh! Xiao Lin sighed in resentment, but didn't struggle any more, except that she had sweat in her hands, wet, and awkward.

Hubby, are you okay? The middle-aged woman gently lifted her husband's upper body and called low, as if the husband could hear her. Her hands were caressing inadvertently behind her husband's back, as if she was helping to organize the clothes behind her husband.

However, after a few seconds, this gentle stroke of the middle-aged woman suddenly became violent.

Hubby, don't scare me. The middle-aged woman's hand quickly stroked every place on the man's back, with terrified horror on his face, staring and shouting, What's wrong, please, wake up soon, wake up soon!

Calling her husband over and over again, the middle-aged woman's eyes were filled with despair, and she muttered to herself: Hubby, you're alright right? It's nothing serious right? Are you waking up soon? Please wake up.

However, her husband still lay motionless on the ground like a piece of lifeless wood.

-Woo- The middle-aged woman finally collapsed, and started crying up, grabbed the old man's clothes, and shouted, Why are you worrying about your affairs, why haven't you healed him yet?

The stern voice was mixed with thick sadness, which puzzled everyone around.

Hey, how can you be like this, this old gentleman obviously tried to save your husband didn't he? Xiao Lin's sense of justice finally broke out, dragging Chen Feng to the woman.

Save? If he did, my husband wouldn't be down here! The middle-aged woman's voice shouted, her hoarse voice was full of sadness.

Well he's not at fault, your husband is obviously dead, but you still blame the old gentleman. Xiao Lin also resigned, looking at the middle-aged woman's eyes, with a little anger in her sympathy.

Who said my husband was dead, he just took the medicine, and fainted. But after being stuck by this old man's needle, he's really dead. The middle-aged woman seemed to be overly sad, and she said it without thinking.

Oh- People around immediately understood that the two people had been doing a trick and wanted to blackmail some money from the restaurant. Who knows that the coincidence just happened to be destroyed by this old man, and also took his own life.

Oh, it turned out to be self-inflicted. The restaurant owner suddenly became angry, since the two were just slandering them.

Hubby... wake up soon. The middle-aged woman seemed to be tired of scolding, holding her husband's body helplessly, sitting weakly on the ground, sobbing.

Don't worry, just wait for the ambulance to come. Maybe he'll be rescued if he goes to the hospital. The old man had packed the needle box and said to the middle-aged woman with concern.

Okay, okay! The middle-aged woman was currently losing her mind, but still did as the old man had said. She picked up her husband and went out.

Wait, if you don't want your husband to see King Yama, put him down! Chen Feng's voice suddenly sounded.